Stickman Readers' Submissions October 5th, 2003

Very First Trip To LOS

Very First Trip To LOS (The Truth)

I am a young Thai BG, I do not speak very good English but I will try my best to tell you my story, so here goes old boy, hang on in there because what I am about to tell you is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me Stick.

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My name is Som, I am 23 going 24 years old, I am of a slim build with long dark hair. I am a very handsome young lady, I know I am coz Farang pay lots of Baht to really give it to me, I have different men everyday sometimes more than one. On the particular night that I want to tell you about, I had 4 different men.

I was doing my usual gig on the pole when a man from Korea bar fined me for a short time, he was married and had to get back to his wife so it was just a wham bam thank you man and off he went. I was happy, quick baht for a quick buck, very short time indeed. I am back on the pole by 20:30 hrs (that’s 8:30pm for you Farangs).

I am bored out of my skull when Ton the DJ invites me into his booth, he tells me how much he wants me, how he wants to take care of me. I want him but I hesitate as I remember earlier in the evening I saw him messing around with Doe and she is no good, she is HIV, what if he slept with her, he may infect me. I tell him that I think he has Doe as his lady, No No he tells me, she is his cousin that is all, he helps her out and they have some fun. I believe him and we go to the room upstairs. I so much want Ton, he is everything, he is Thai he will know how to love me.

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Bastard he loses his hard=on half way through, I know he has been with someone else, it must have been that bitch Doe, oh shit he did not wear a condom when he was in me. Oh well not to worry I will take a couple of aspirin, that will get rid of any HIV in me. I go back to the bar and grind on the pole.

Look at the size of the Farang who has just walked in the door, he is huge, I have never seen a man so big, he is soaking wet it must be raining outside, maybe the rains have come early as it is only the 9th of May.

Shit he has signalled me to come over I will have to go to him this could be the last chance I get to make more money to replace the money Ton took from me tonight.

His name is Hans and he is from Germany, he asks me how much for long time, I tell him 2500 Baht, he asks how much for short time I tell him 1000 baht, he offers 1500 for short time but must go bare back I agree no problem I have taken the aspirin.

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He stinks, that was not rain it was sweat and he refused to shower, I am glad that he came in my pussy and not my mouth coz when he came near me I have never smelt anything so bad, he made Nam Pla smell like French perfume. The bastard threw me out when he had finished he did not even let me shower.

I arranged to meet my roommate Lin at the car park in Nana after the bars were closed, when I got there she was waiting for me as she did not manage to get customer for long time. As it turns out she never did any short time either. She is not as handsome as me but she is okay.

I am telling Lin about the sweaty German Hans when I see two Farang looking over at us, they are not stunners but they are better than Hans. They approach us and start talking to us, they sound like they do not know too much about the bar scene they are newbies, I love them I will add to my 1500 baht tonight. One of them talks a little Thai but I end up with the one who does not, however this is not a problem as I know his body language, he is gagging for it, poor bastard I will soon consume him and spit him out at the other end.

Just before we all split up I smell an awful stench, shit its Hans he is here, I look around but there is no one else around just us four then it hits me, its my pussy full of whatever Hans left there.

I grab Lin by the arm and ask her if she has any Pussy De- Musk Oil (Ancient Chinese herbal treatment) she passes me the bottle.

The Farang I am with (lets call him ‘A’) asks me what’s that, I tell him its Thai condoms, he say’s its okay he has his own, Thai condoms too small no good.

What is it with these Farangs, they get the impression that all Thai men have small penis, this is just not true, I find no matter colour or creed some have big some have small, Thai, Farang & Chinese same same big or small.

When we get back to ‘A’s hotel he wants us to shower together, now normally I would not with a newbie as I need to do the shy Thai girl act, that is the first stage in the consumption, he will think I am a good girl. Tonight however I have another reason I need to de musk my pussy, if he gets one whiff of this baby I will be out on my arse.

He has a bath whilst I nip in and have a quick shower, god I can smell Hans I quickly douse my pussy with the good old de-musk oils an hey presto no smell bad Hans is away, well his smell is anyway.

The bonus with de-musk oil is that not only does it deactivate bad smells but it lubes you up also so stupid Farangs think that you love them when they feel your wet pussy. Wouldn’t it be great if it actually cleaned you out also, still not to worry the aspirins will kick in soon and destroy anything Hans has left.

A is working my nipples now, I want to fake my orgasm now so that I can get some sleep but he is enjoying it, oh wait he is licking my stomach now that’s just a bit too close for comfort, I hope the de musk has fully kicked in.

Oh oh he is now licking my pussy. Good old de musk works again, ‘A’ loves it down there, I give a few shudders, he thinks I am cuming. Looks like de musk must also disguise the taste. I am glad it does coz even I could not swallow what Hans gave to me and I do it for a living. I will pop an aspirin into A’s drink before I leave and he will be okay, I mean I don’t want anything bad to happen to him whilst he still has some money.

I straddle across him, give him 5 strokes and he blows off, easy money thanks ‘A’.

When I get ready to leave in the morning I notice that A has white stuff flaking off of his moustache, he must have got up through the night and brushed his teeth and forgot to wipe off the excess toothpaste. Oh well I won’t bother with the aspirin then.

I think I will take the next few days off, I must call my old pal Brian who is a Trannie working the bar scene in Pattaya, he calls himself Wan now. He was definitely short changed at birth, he should have been a woman from day one, he is beautiful what a figure I swear you can’t tell he is a trannie, he should not have had to pay for the op. Remember what I was saying about penis’s being same all round well Brian, I mean Wan, was the exception to the rule he had the smallest penis ever. When he got a hardon it was no bigger than a large clit.

Turned out to be a godsend in the end coz when the surgeons operated on him to make him all woman they suggested leaving the penis which resembled a clit allowing him to gain full sexual gratification. Its amazing how they managed to tuck his small balls in there too, he says that it just makes him that bit tighter.

Wan say’s it’s the best thing she ever did as she always cums when a Farang goes down on her, she never has to fake. The only difference between her and a real woman is that she cannot have children, she could still father them just can’t carry them and she knows that she will never make a Farang man pregnant coz she always comes in their mouths and its impossible to get pregnant orally well so Wan says anyway.

Well that’s my story, I would like to tell you more but I have to go and make some money coz my mamma and buffalo are sick.

I hope that all you guys reading this out there realize that you are the only one who can read this text as it is a magic text just like my magic de musk pussy oil which just proves that I love you too much. If you want you can send me some money my darling, 30 thousand should do it I no work bar. Up to you.

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There're some warped folk out there.

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