Stickman Readers' Submissions October 23rd, 2003

The Big Surprise

So anyways, a good friend of mine asked me to go to Thailand for a vacation. Because I was so depressed! So I said What is in Thailand? He didn't tell me. So we bought our airline tickets and planned our trip.

It was July 97. We went to the airport to start this adventure. We took off, and finally on our way to Thailand. We had 12 hours to go to Narita, Japan. We had a 1 ½ lay over and 5 hours to we reached LOS.

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So we finally arrived in Bangkok. We got out of immigration and went to exchange money for the taxi fare and for going out that night. So we got our taxi and proceeded to our hotel. We got to our hotel. My eyes could not believe what I was seeing. They're girls coming out of this disco tech and smiling at us and grabbing our bags and following the bellboy and us to our rooms! I couldn't believe what my friend was getting me into so we then shaved and showered. We went to NEP. We went to this bar. My friend told me not to get attached to the first girl you see.

Well I didn't listen. I seen this beautiful girl, and when she got done dancing, she came over and we talked. She wanted me to buy her a drink. So I did. So we talked for a long time. My friend wanted to go to some more bars. But I wanted to stay there. So he left. Then she asked me if I wanted to pay bar. I said, What's that? She said, You pay me to go with you. I asked how much? She said 400 baht.

So we went back to the hotel. The people behind the desk seemed like I was doing something wrong. But it was probably me imagining that. So we went to my room. You probable know, and guess what, went on from there.

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So now it is 2003. I have been to Thailand now 24 times. I've been married to a Thai woman now for 5 years. It has been up and down. But mostly it has been very good. But this story came together last May. I was back with my wife to visit the in-laws. So I broke away and went by myself to NEP. I know a bar owner there. So we were sitting in his bar talking, and suddenly, I get a tap on my shoulder. I look over and I see this girl I was with 6 years ago. It was the girl from my first trip to Thailand. It was the one I was talking about in the story previously. I have not seen her from my previous trips.

It was 5:00pm now. She then pulled out a photo of a little girl. I look at it. I said, She is cute. It looks like it was Thai and Farang. I said, Is it yours? Yes she replied. It is yours too. I said What! My friend said let me see. I asked how old is she? She said 5 year old. She said I have baby 2541. I said, What does that mean My friend the bar owner figured it out. He said 1998. She then said let's go hospital and get checked. I then was sweating bullets. I asked my friend is she is serious or what. He looked at me and said, I think so. Then she said If you don't go, I will tell the police! I said,Where is your child staying now? She said Surin. She is living with my Ma and Pa.

I didn't know what to do. I was supposed to be meeting my wife at 7:00pm. It was 6:45 now! It was a 30-minute taxi ride. With traffic problem at that time of day probable 1 hour. I told her I would meet her at the entrance of NEP at 8:00pm. But I took off in a taxi and went back to meet my wife.

But to this day, my friend has sent me numerous e-mails asking me what I'm going to do? I think about it all the time. My friend said, It is a very easy test. They swab your mouth and hers and the child. So what should I do?

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Stickman says:

Wow… Not that I think you did the right thing, nor the wring thing, but it took balls to leg it out of there. I can understand why you did, though I bet this is haunting you and you want to know one way or the other. Whatever happens, good luck.

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