Stickman Readers' Submissions October 29th, 2003

My Journal

By Troglodyte

Been looking forward to Thailand for a long time. Read all the stuff from the degenerates and others on the internet, and boy am I ready. Unbelievably ready to bag some of those young lovelies, and corn hole the shit out of them.

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A boring flight from the good old US of A, but it was not too bad with two pretty classy ladies. One from down South was a real juicy broad, ripe for my stiff bishop. Could not get anywhere though, only pleasant conversation, because they got off in Japan. I could tell she was flooding her corn hole for me. She couldn’t help sneaking a peek at my bulging muscles and I could tell she was really sorry to leave me on the plane.

Good thing I have regular work outs in the gym, keeping my body in trim for any lovelies that come my way, and boy do they love it. I am getting plenty back home, and I don’t need to come to LOS. I’m OK thank you. Just coming to broaden my experience, not that I really need it. I can hear you having a quiet laugh. So you think I’m full of shit? Well send me your email address and I’ll send you a photo. Then you can laugh on the other side of your face when you see me.

Any way got to Bangkok, but it was pretty late. Wandered around, but nothing open so I have a chat to a guy that spoke English. great. He pointed me to a place called the Grace hotel. OK it was open, but what a dive. Full of punks and shit heads, and mostly Arabs and other races from Africa. Hmmm, can’t think why he sent me here. Couldn’t he tell I am a class act? These people are way beneath my level for fuck’s sake. Wait a minute though, there’s a classy little thing coming in and she gives me the eye. Same as usual, as soon as they see me their corn holes start to dribble. They can’t resist me. great to have talent. So I walk over to her with a shit eating grin on my face, and I asked her if she wanted to me. What a chat up line. It worked though. I knew it would. No problemo. The Troglodyte is here. Come and get me ladies.

We are just about to go to get the business done, and this white fag comes up to me, and he wants to shag me as well. What can I say? They just can’t resist me, black or white, women or men. Well I was thinking about how I could arrange things when my little dribbling corn hole came and dragged me away. What a place.

Got her back to the hotel room, and she started to tell me she wanted money to be shagged. What !!!! hell she doesn’t realise that she is about to be corn holed by the Troglodyte. The best. Anyway it, I thought OK maybe I would pay her a small amount, but she wanted 2,000 baht and wouldn’t budge.

Luckily I have a friend in Bangkok who is a teacher, and he has educated me about these ladies, and how much I should pay. I worship that guy, and I believe everything he says. If he says “Jump” I say “How high”. And it’s not a one way relationship either. He thinks the world of me too. He calls me a “top gun”, and I’ve seen him sneaking peeks at my body. And before you ask, I don’t know. All I know is he is married to a little Thai broad, although some fags do marry women don’t they? So I don’t know, but we get on great.

This broad wouldn’t budge from 2,000 baht. So I told her no way, and packed her off. Told her to go back to the Grace hotel and try her luck. She was shocked OK, and she had a little tear in her eye, but I wasn’t changing my mind. No way. Once the Troglodyte’s mind is made up it stays that way. bitch.

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Well what could I do then? Everywhere closed except that shit hole, the Grace hotel. Only one thing for it, give the bishop a good old chafing for free.

Next morning, left Bangkok, and went to Pattaya. My impression of Bangkok is that it’s a dirty smelly dump, and Pattaya is much nicer.

Well I was pretty tired. Didn’t get much sleep in the night, the bishop kept me up. Well went out the next night and found another cute little pussy. She came to me in a bar, and went straight for my crank. Trouble is he was fast asleep. I’d chafed him to sleep last night and the bastard would not wake up. Well anyway we tried out some alternative bedroom Olympics, and I gave her snapper a good going over. It tasted like my right index finger. A.

Following night I bagged a real cutie. She was a beauty. We talked some in the bar after she came on to me strong. Par for the course, right? When I’m around lock up your daughters. We started to talk money, but she said, no I only pay for the room. She wanted to me for free! Well that’s more like it. More what I am used to. Things are looking up. Well I fucked her every way I could think of and then some, and she didn’t do so bad herself. She had so many orgasms I lost count. And don’t tell me they fake them. I can tell when the bitch I am with is coming her cocoa. I corn holed the living garbage out of her all night, and in the morning before breakfast.

Well I know you people want to hear more, but this is getting a bit long winded. I’ll save my further journals for another submission. Hasta La Vista Baby, as my hero says. Noticed his muscles? Now there’s a man I admire. He can hardly speak English, but who cares, with a body like that who needs a brain.

Stickman says:

Believe it or not, some readers actually like this sort of shit….in the interests of retaining "site diversity", this has been published.

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