Stickman Readers' Submissions October 8th, 2003

Maybe It Is Possible

There is now one year that I read every week the Stickman report and the reader’s submission and I have never written myself because I am a French speaking and I am not an expert in English. But today I want to try to report my story with my Thai girl because it is not a bad story same many others that we can find in this file.

There is now one year that I turn back to Thailand after two travels in the past (there is 20 and 13 years). Why I turn back in Thailand? Because I just starting my divorce with my second wife and because after a long time without sex I need that (I am a man same every man, I respect my partner if she no want sex I can wait a certain time but I have a limit – 2 years). So honestly I go to LOS for sex!

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It is what I have do the first day and first night, I go to the Eden Club and …

The second day in the morning, I go for a coffee in a beer garden 300 meters after the Nana hotel. A lady serve me and come to set at my table and start to speak with me (I have learned after that she is a mamasan) and after a moment she asks me if I want to go with a lady from the bar; she explains me that I need for that to pay a barfine of 300 bath (for the days in the week but not for the WE). She asks me too how much I want to give for a long time and I say 2500 bath (I think it is honest because it is the price that you give for a girl from the Eden after 10 P.M.; price at this moment because now I think it is different).

She explains me too that not all the girls accept to go with customers and she shows me some of the girls. I do not know why but I see a little girl and directly I choose this lady. The mamasan is not really happy with my choice and she tells me that if I wait one hour many other girls will come etc…. But I want this girl, so she call her and Far comes to sit near me. Directly I have seen that she is a little afraid because I am a big man. The mamasan let us and we start to discus about her life. She explains to me that it is only one month that she is working in this beer garden and before she has worked in a Japanese restaurant during 4 years. She never go with a farang before if she goes with me that will be his first time and in the past she have had only one Thai boyfriend during 2 month. I can see that all that is true, I will have the proof later. So finally she accept to come with me because she needs money for his mother and for to return the money that she have borrow to a friend.

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So we stay together the rest of the day, and in the night, impossible for me to make love with her because she scares too much. The day after she thinks that I will finish with her because the night but I say no and I ask her to stay with me all the time of my holidays in Thailand. Why I have asked that? I cannot explain it is my feeling at this moment.

We stay 8 days together, we are going to Pattaya, she has never see before, and after three days I have propose her to stop working and to send her 20.000 baths every month but for that I ask her to go to live in his village near Surin with his family. I do say you that I have do wait 5 days for to have a sexual relation with her and a very bad relation but that is not the most important for me with her.

When we came back to LOS we go directly to the beer garden and she says to the boss that she stops working and she is very angry because the boss ask for the barfine 600 baths. And when I leave Thailand I give her 20.000 baths and she promises me to go to the village the day after and it is what she does.

I do explain you that for the moment I work in the Balkan area and I have a very very good salary 4 times my normal salary, and at this moment my idea is to take care about this little lady and to take her out of the bar scene before she has really started to work in.

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When I was came back in Europe, I have start to think all the time at her and I call her every 2 days; and so I have see that I was totally falling in love about her.

So 3 weeks after I turn back to Thailand for to stay one week with my little lady, we have see that we are falling in love together and we have real sexual relations where she takes his pleasure. And we have decided to make a traditional marriage in March, exactly I have asked her if she accepts and the answer will be yes.

After this week when I turn to Europe, she goes the same day to the village. So in March we have made the marriage, sure I have paid all, 30.000 bath for the party, 100.000 bath for the dowry and we have buy a land in the village for to build a house. Actually we have buy a second land near the first for to have a property of 15.000 m2 with a pool of 400 m2 but I am not totally stupid, sure it is at her name but we have made an official document that I have borrow the money (380.000 bath).

Finally I turn back to Thailand in July with my daughter for to stay 10 days and now my little lady will came to live with me in the Balkan in two days. Only one thing, all the time where I am not in Thailand she is in the village and I am very sure about that.

Sure there is only one year that we are together but I am very optimistic for the future.

Stickman says:

It is nice to hear a positive story. I hope that it gets better and better.

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