Stickman Readers' Submissions October 2nd, 2003

Live And Let Live

Well Dana has certainly stirred up some strong feelings with his Part 10 submission, but surely everybody knows by now that some people have their brain wired differently from the rest of the human race. In fact who knows what exactly is normal? I don’t know what goes on in your brain any more than you know what goes on in mine.

It is fully accepted now that homosexuals, for example, are born with whatever makes them the way they are. In ancient times “decent society” used to use many different methods to turn these “deviants” away from their tendencies, mostly by violence of one kind or another. But did they succeed? We know now that they did not, and could not. Oh yes the people on the receiving end always gave in and said they were “cured”, but so did those poor women who were tortured for being witches.

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To digress for a minute, I must tell you that I use the word “homosexual” deliberately. It is the correct English word for people who prefer their own sex. I hate the fact that they have stolen the word “gay” from the English language and turned it into something with a completely different meaning.

I give homosexuals as an example here, but apparently there are many different stages of sexual preference without being a full homosexual. Some people are called AC/DC because they like both women and men, and I suppose Dana comes into that category, but why treat him like a piece of shit because he is made that way? Perhaps you would like to beat the shit out of him to cure him? Surely everybody can see that, at the very least, it is foolish to think that can be achieved.

The reactions I see are those of heterosexuals (of which I am one), who think that these people are also heterosexuals, but are forcing themselves to try a sexual practice that is “deviant” in their minds. Cromagnon mentions “The Dark Side”!!!!! How can anybody still think in that way? An ancient way of thinking indeed, and Cromagnon seems quite appropriate. Actually I know full well that I will not convince many people with this article. I will not convince you to look at homosexuals etc. as people who have been made that way. But can’t you see that this is precisely the difference? You cannot see my argument because your brain works differently from mine. In the same way homosexuals etc. have different brains from you and me.

Maybe I have been on this planet a little longer than most who write in, so I have got used to hearing about many different types of sexual preferences. In days gone by I must admit to being revolted by the thought of what these people did to each other for their sexual gratification, but hey, I’ve grown up. I’m a big boy now, and if you are travelling to Thailand and having “fun” with the ladies you must be fairly grown up yourselves. So let me ask you a question. Who can honestly say he hasn’t fucked fair lady through the back door? I would guess not many.

So what is the difference? It can only be the way you perceive it, or the way your brain processes what you are attracted to. How many times have you seen a friend with a woman that doesn’t attract you in the least, and you think “I wouldn’t shag her with a ten foot pole”? Well it’s pretty much the same to say you wouldn’t shag a man. (If you are a guy of course) It’s what your brain tells you is attractive

Another thing, have you thought about how many guys like Dana there may be around Thailand? Have you seen how many katoeys are around the place? Not only in the bars like Obsession, but standing around outside Nana, or outside the Thermae parading up and down. Don’t we all know a friend who was fooled and took one back to his room? You all know how careful you have to be in case you happen to fancy a lady who turns out to have a dick. There are a hell of a lot of them about. How do you think they earn their money?

I think there must be a lot of guys like Dana. The only difference from Dana is that they don’t broadcast it. That seems to me to be a matter of guts, or balls, or however you describe it in your neck of the woods.

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And bear in mind that both people consent to this practice, and they are not doing it to children. Now there’s a case for total abhorrence however their brains are wired.

Now I love reading the submissions that I see on Stick’s site. Some good, some bad, some outrageous, but I love the diversity of it, and I would not want to think that anybody was stopped from writing in because of fear of being slated by other people’s reactions. I think you must enjoy them also Stick, because you did put Dana’s part 10 on the site. So I think you will agree that it would be sad to lose some submissions that would have given us enjoyment and food for thought.

By the way I really loved the Dino piece. Funniest thing I’ve read for a long time, but I think that sort of mockery is acceptable. It mentioned no names, and was good fun, and gave no explicit insults. The sort of thing you could not class as libel, I suppose.

It is good to know everybody’s feelings and likes and dislikes, and of course we can all send in our own thoughts. But can’t we treat everybody with respect? Say your piece, but there is no need to be insulting.

I rest my case.

Stickman says:

Truth be told, I do not read every piece that goes up as there just isn’t enough time in the day. I didn’t know that Dana had walked on the wild side until a couple of my friends asked me what I thought about it and questioned my sue of the word “wisdom”. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and to present their views, but they also have to expect that others won’t necessarily agree with them and that the further one deviates from the generally accepted norm, the more negative feedback one will get. If one truly believes in something and expresses that point, one should NOT get upset by negative feedback.

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