Stickman Readers' Submissions September 6th, 2003

You Gave Me The Clap

This one goes back…way back to 1973. I was stationed in Bangkok (US Army) and back then bar curfew at midnight. But, all, and I do mean all, the girls in Bangkok went to one of two places right after closing to look for their 100 baht lover for the night – Grace Hotel coffee shop or Thurmaes. The exchange rate was 20 baht -$1 US – so about 5 bucks.

Anyhow, I was in the Grace Hotel coffee shop checking out the action. My favorite place to hang out was at the back end of the coffee shop – where the bathrooms were. Right across the hallway from the coffee shop was a "disco" that opened at midnight and the hallway was the place to check out the talent from both the coffee shop and the disco.

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Not much was happening so I decided to "take a lap" around the coffee shop. I stopped at one table and started chatting to one of the young ladies. About two tables away a HUGE guy came up to a table of 4 girls and he looked absolutely pissed. This guy was about 6' 6" and weighed a good 250 pounds of solid muscle.

He grabbed one of the girls and got her to her feet. They obviously knew each but neither was happy to see the other.

The guy shouts at the top of his lungs "Bitch – you gave me the clap"

She responds – also very loud "No I didn't"

He says it again "Bitch – you gave me the clap"

Again she states "No, I didn't"

He then tries to get logical. "Bitch – you were the only one I have been with – so it had to be you. You gave me the clap"

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She calmly replied "No, I didn't give you the clap – You paid for it"

It caught him totally off guard and he turned and walked away and I couldn't stop laughing.

Stickman says:

Som nam na! (You deserved it, or in this case, he deserved it.)

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