Stickman Readers' Submissions September 29th, 2003

What Is The Thai Woman?

2 years and 7 trips to Thailand does not make one an expert on the Thai woman and her quirks and personality disorders. But after numerous readings of submissions to Stick's site one would be led to believe that they are indeed pictured more in a negative way than positive. I have not made up my mind regarding comparison with their western counterparts. I will describe them as best I could, complete with their background and how I met them and what they are doing now. Still western names will be substituted to protect their identities.

Anne hails from Nan! Told me she was 21 but her friends told me she is actually 19! We met while on my first trip at the hotel near MBK I stayed in. She is the receptionist assistant. She felt sorry for me when I fell ill from food poisoning and was in my room miserable. She came into my room and brought me medicine as I had a high fever. We became friends as I taught her English as best I could. Her boyfriend is a Thai man who happens to be the owner of the concierge service of the hotel. I kept in touch after coming home only to find out that she was beaten by her boyfriend when he found out about her coming to my room and fired! I rushed back to Thailand for trip #2 and a romantic relationship develops. I put her through English School for 2 semesters and headed back home. I get a call and now she wants me to buy her a mobile phone and I say lets talk about it when I get back to Thailand in 2 months. She says no and wants a cell phone NOW! I come back to Thailand for trip #3 to be greeted and told that she would like to be just friends as she has found a new boyfriend who bought her a cell phone. I don’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry! Her friends told me that her new teeruk is married and has two kids in the Philippines and promised to take her to America. But he is not even an American citizen! That was November 2001! Anne is now working at the Isetan Dept. Store at the World Trade Center. She finds it confusing that I stayed friends with her after how she treated me and visit her at her store to say hi and give her a little trinket from America as a present. She is still longing to find that man she tells me will whisk her away to America!

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I met Beth not more than an hour after Anne gave me the boot at the Oishi Restaurant at Siam Discovery Center. She is from Nakon Pathom and owns an import export business. Drives a nice car and asked if she could tour me around if I would teach her English! Only in Thailand I said to myself. Introduced to me her business and took me to Korea and introduced me to her family and even took me to a Thai wedding where I witnessed a dowry of 2 million baht offered to the spouse! Tells me she is 28 and a virgin! Her Thai boyfriend who she was supposed to marry got a rich Thai girl pregnant and subsequently married her as her father was very powerful! I took Beth to Bali and treated her with utmost respect and did not go all the way sexually with her as to keep her virginity. She claims to have never slept with a man and lied to her parents that she was going to Korea on business when she was actually in Bali with me. I found out that her father was a playboy and had many wives and one of them was a Filipino and had a daughter with her who was coming to Thailand. She didn’t speak Thai and Beth is the only one in the family who can speak a little English. After all sorts of misunderstandings with her family she had a nervous breakdown and confronts me and tells me to marry her! Where did that come from? Apparently her Mom feels that we know each other well enough that the next step is marriage. I guess that is a cultural difference for you! Beth now lost her business and is broke and lives in Nikon Pathom and we remain friends as I saw her on my last trip and she seems to be holding back tears when she is with me.

I met Carol outside the Thermae after I got back from Korea with Beth and she headed for Hong Kong. I was supposed to meet a friend there but could not find him. She is from Ubon and tells me she is 19. Asked me if she could be my friend if I do not find my friend. It’s 2:00am and after being celibate with Beth for 5 days I can sure use the other type of company. Carol lies to her mom telling her she works in a restaurant. She is a bad businesswoman as she does not have a cell phone. How you can make a living as a freelancer without a cell phone I do not know! She gave me her sister’s cell phone and when I called her all hell broke loose as her Aunt was in town and said there was a Farang man calling for Carol. Mom freaks out when she found out and took the first bus out of Ubon and headed for Bangkok! I said great I would like to meet her and brought my interpreter with me. BIG MISTAKE! You can guess what happened next! I was asked how much dowry I was giving and when we are going to get married! My interpreter tried the best she could to diffuse the situation and explain the misunderstanding. I bought carol her own cell phone afterwards and stayed friends with her. Unfortunately she lost her cell phone in the Taxi when she took her sister to emergency hospital so now it’s back to calling her sister. She still wants me to marry her but I told her it would be difficult as she will be interviewed by the embassy as to what she does for a living and if she cannot explain herself the only way we could do it is if she had a baby with me or we would have to have known each other at least 3 years. Next thing I know she tries to do it with me without a condom! No chance of that I say. Carol can now still be spotted at the Thermae!

Debby and I met at the bakery in Phuket that she managed. I was supposed to be with Carol but her mom forbids her from coming with me since we were not married. I can only giggle at the thought of what if mom found out her daughter actually works at the Thermae! Debby is 26 and after I asked her out for dinner with my interpreter she said okay but that if I was late she would go home! I asked her if she would like to see my condo and she agreed feeling it would be safe as I also had my American Blond platonic girlfriend with me. We were in Patong and I said I am staying at the JW Marriott over near the airport. Well the date became three nights straight as she asked her boss for days off and got it. When I got back to America she emails me and tells me of all her family problems and that mom and dad and brother are fighting. Then the story of her roommates makes a lot of money working as bar girls. Asked me if I would still like her if she worked as bar girl too so she can provide for her family. I found out her brother tried to kill her mom as he is broke as he is a compulsive gambler and owes a lot of dangerous people money. He stole her ATM card and took her money too. Debby asked me to marry her and wants to move to Bangkok with me and bring her Mom with her! Her father is an alcoholic womanizer and just comes and goes as he pleases. Did not even defend her when her brother beat her Mom. Debby feels she is the only one that can pull her family together. I got out of the situation and took off for Bangkok. But Debby buys herself a ticket and follows me a few days later. Unfortunately she figures out that she has more females to compete with in Bangkok and headed back to Phuket. I heard from her roommate who worries about her that she goes with as many customers as she can working in the go-go bar. I helped her with admirers who emailed her and finally one of them came to Phuket and married her and retired there. Debby is still annoyed at me as her husband she says is way too old (He is 60). She claims he smells funny too. She says she wants to be with me. She is now living in Phuket with her life partner from Belgium of 60 years young!

Eve colored my hair at a salon at the MBK. She is 25 and does not speak a word of English. The most challenging yet! From Khon Kaen and has a baby I was told that looked like me! Took me outside Bangkok to a place which happened to be a cosmetic surgery factory and had me pay 3,000 baht for a chin job I was not consulted on as I don’t speak Thai. This was our first date! She looks like a supermodel! The Thai version of Marisa Tomei! But my mistake was I got caught walking around the MBK with Anne on her day off and Anne told me that it is over with Eve no matter what explanation I give as you DO NOT go out with ex-girlfriends in Thailand. Eve left the salon and I was told got married to another Thai man she was already seeing when she was also seeing me! I didn’t really get to know her enough as I cannot speak Thai fluently.

Fanny works next door to Eve’s Salon at the MBK and was heartbroken when she found out I went out with Eve. She is also 25 and is a single mother with a son back home. She became very very friendly with me when she found out that Eve and I were no longer an item. She tells me the father of her son has remarried and has another baby. He does not give her any money for their baby though. We went out for a while but after I went for my foot massage one day, I saw her there drunk and another man was there from America who told me that she was his girlfriend. But she wouldn’t marry him and move to Chiang Mai where he was going to become a teacher. I had to laugh! Another American was getting a massage too who was smiling but was very quiet. Apparently, this guy claims to have had Fanny before and proud of it. At least he was discreet and told me this after the distraught teacher left. He does not know about me and Fanny. Fanny was getting even more freaky and drinking. He invites all of us out to dinner; I mean the whole shop which includes about 8 girls and Fanny. I had to decline as I was also going out with Ginger who works at Eve’s Salon as I was simultaneously going out with Fanny! I told Fanny that everything is okay and that we are still a couple and that what she did before does not matter to me. She said she hopes that I would still consider her for a wife! Hey Stick, why are all these women eager to get married? Fanny can still be seen working at the foot massage parlor at the MBK waiting for her knight in shining armor!

Well Ginger is actually the prettiest girl in Eve’s Salon. She says her ID states her at 21 but she is actually 25. Get this, NO baby! Very shy and another one who does not speak a word of English. So we always go out as a trio with her other friend Hillary who speaks English! They are both from Korat and Hillary is only 18. I taught Hillary English and she picked it up pretty quickly and I bought her some English comic books so she could practice. One time we all went out dancing and Hillary got drunk and asked me why I did not pick her instead. I told her she was too young for me! But the truth is Ginger has a work ethic that is so attractive. She works 6-days a week from 9 am till 8pm and does not complain. Fairly shy and just wants to take care of her farmer parents. It took me forever to earn her trust as she thought I was a playboy for going out with Eve. Truth is she was the one who invited me in the shop for some Isaan food during her break. I don’t tip her when she does my manicure. Instead I take her out to dinner and buy her descent clothes instead which sets me back a few thousand baht! I also slip her 300 baht one two call cards so she can call mom home. She is the youngest in her family and the only one that is not married. She tells me everyone in her shop always wants to go out with me and party but she only wants to go home as she is tired and tells me she is boring. I just want to get to know her better. Unfortunately, I don’t know if her friend Hillary is helping or sabotaging my attempts to know her better. Hillary is annoyed that if Ginger really likes me why she not tries her best to speak English like her. My Thai is still not good enough to carry a decent conversation. Ginger and Hillary live together. And no Dana they are not lesbians!

Irene was introduced to me by her sister Jenny who I met at Suzie Wong’s at Soi Cowboy. Jenny is 21 and Irene 19. Jenny works there and goes to school studying English. They are from Buriram. Not much to say about Jenny other than that I am happy for her as she no longer works there as she found an English boyfriend who she is in love with and living with in Bangkok. Irene is another story very interesting character as she claims to have never been in love. Lost her virginity to a white American man for 30,000 baht and swear will never go out with one again as he physically hurt her. Said he was too big! She has a Singaporean businessman boyfriend who takes care of her so she never has to work. An allowance of 40,000 baht a month. Fancy clothes to prove it. Her daily routine consists of sleeping and eating and gambling with her friends and watching movies alone. Also playing pool when she is bored. Does not want to go to school like her sister or do anything constructive with herself. When she has a bit much to drink with her friends she calls me and asks to stay with me and gives me all sorts of reasons for me to let her come like she is horny for me and I am the only one who can make her come. Says she wants me to be her boyfriend but I warn her that if her Singapore connection finds out he will cut off her allowance! She pauses and then asks me if I had ever fallen in love before and how does it feel! She understands English well enough but I do not know how to explain this topic in a way that she can understand. Irene and I are friends but I am at a loss as to how it can go further. Now she still does her usual routine of eat, sleep, play pool, gamble with her friends and hang out with her boyfriend from Singapore when he comes for his annual visit on her birthday. He has taken her back to Singapore but she said she was utterly bored as he was working all day. She claims he is a big fat smelly old man and a bad lover. They met while she was shopping with a friend in Chiang Mai! She also tells me that she has only been to bed with 5 men and that I am the only man she has been with in 2003. I guess I have no reason not to believe her as she is only 19 after all and her boyfriend she has been with for a year!

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Kathy was introduced to me by Jenny as they were classmates in school in Buriram. Irene does not like her as she can tell that I do because Kathy works! 6-days a week at the Isetan Dept. Store at World Trade Center. She is 21. Hardly speaks 10 words of English but there is that work ethic again that I am so attracted to. I am still working on trying to find out more about her personality.

Linda was a runner up at the Nanapong dance contest and if there ever was a close comparison to a western prostitute, (I would not know as I had never met one) she would be it. She bragged about living in Los Angeles as she was sponsored by an American attorney and then proceeded to get into the Porn industry. And proud of it until her attorney boyfriend caught her! So back to Bangkok where she started. She is 22 and born and raised right in the heart of Bangkok! A pure hustler! No temporary teeruk routine with her as she is a wham bam thank you sir! Next! Proclaims to do up to four customers a night! The most fluent in the English language that I had ever met and yet seem to be the most turn off too. I had never met a girl that I thought did drugs but this one seem to be operating on a different wavelength so I bailed out as quickly as I could.

Mary who I met outside the Dollhouse was the complete opposite of Linda. The most wholesome of all and was my official cook. She is a heartbroken girl as she was supposed to marry an Englishman and it did not work out at the last minute as he did not study the Thai way. Refused to give any dowry. And made her lose face in front of her family. He is still madly in love with her as she opened her email in my room to find this entire apologetic emails from him. I tried to help her make amends with him and forgive him but in the Thai way I guess when it is over it is over. She is 20 and is from Buriram and goes to school so she can work in Hotel Management. When she applied for a job before, they turned her down for lack of experience. She now has a boyfriend from Hong Kong and I wished her well.

Stickman says:

Typical case studies. Will be interested to read your conclusions in part 2.

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