Stickman Readers' Submissions September 9th, 2003

The Problems That Bargirls Have

By Ross UK

I am not a seasoned veteran of the Thai bargirl scene. Over the last year I have spent about 5 months in LOS, but that is more than the two week holiday folk. Having read some recent readers submissions about 'Borderline Personality Disorder' or 'she's a psycho bitch', here are my thoughts on the subject.

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So far my GF has not gone psycho on me. But she tells me of the problems these girls have.

1. Drugs — one of her friends is a former drug addict, she was with a farang but lost it all because of drugs, another one takes drugs (mainly uppers as she has a bad foot, she is a go-go dancer)
2. Gambling — one rich farang took a fancy to this girl, but she rather likes to gamble, I wish him luck.
3. Alcohol — some of these girls need alcohol to dull the pain. My girlfriend did when she started in the bar business and she ended up in hospital. Now she does not drink, except on special occassions.
4. Jealousy — one friend of my girlfriend split up with her farang because of jealousy, maybe she did not like him looking at other women.
5. Broken marriages — many of the girls have broken marriages, usually because the Thai guy drank too much, and they have children to support. The only difference between most farangs and the Thai guy is that we can afford to drink and still look after the family.

What about us farangs?

1. We drink too much – do you really think that alcohol is Eau De Parfum
2. We smoke too much – ditto
3. We want to fuck them in the rear – do you really think she wants to do this
4. We do not always pay them for services rendered – ditto
5. We butterfly – ditto

Speaking for my girlfriend – it was not her dream to fuck an old, fat, farang. And not you young farangs either, you pound away and hurt her pussy. She learned pretty quickly that it was better to go with an old farang. These girls do have dreams you know. My girlfriend's dream is to have a house for her family, she probably has other dreams too.

I will always remember the words of my girlfriend. She was with me for a weekend, I got close to her to kiss her, and she smelt of garlic (from the Som Tam), I turned away in disgust. She said to me, 'now you know how I feel'. Words of wisdom from a bargirl, yes she does not really like a slobbering drunk tasting of fag ash trying to kiss her.

OK, she gets over it, I send her 20,000 Baht a month and she does not have to fuck another stupid farang for a living.

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Can't blame her, can you?

Stickman says:

The problem with the list of bargirl problems you outline is that four of them generally occur much more frequently AFTER she entered the life of a bargirl. If she never entered it in the first place, such problems would not exist. I know, I know, she may not have had too many other options…but it just goes to show that once they become a bargirl, things generally get worse, not better as they had previously believed and hoped.

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