Stickman Readers' Submissions September 25th, 2003

Thai Lady = Survival Expert – Some Advice For Newbies

By Nik

I travelled all over Thailand for 10 months and spent 4 months of that time in Ko Samui. I learned the hard way, as I came out there with a western mentality. I did not do my research! I wanted to have a serious relationship with a Thai lady as they are beautiful and full of fun. Well after changing ladies several times I have found out that you can not believe what they tell you. There are several reasons for this:

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1. 99.99% of the Thai ladies that you meet at the bars are poor and come from very poor families.

2. They have an education of up to 2-4 years in general, if that.

3. They think that they are smarter than the farang. They are masters at deception and learn very fast how to work the farang to their full extent.

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4. The ladies working the bars are expected to get money back to their parents. The ladies are actually respected for working the bars as the gullible farang often will spend a lot of dollars on the family and lady.

A few facts for people visiting Thailand for the first time:

1. The Thai ladies and tuk tuk / taxi drivers can smell and see when you are arriving for the first time in Bangkok. DO not take a tuk tuk!! Stick to taxi meter and insist that they turn on the meter. If not get out of the taxi.

2. The ladies will lie.

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3. They are survival experts.

4. Girls working the bar scene for a while have in general several farang boyfriends stupid enough to send them money. They get into the dilemma when 2 of their boyfriends come over at the same time.

Basically what it comes down to is:

If you really love your lady and do not want to get cheated or your heart ripped out then you will HAVE to stay in Thailand and see if you can make a living out there. You will need to buy her from her parents and most likely build them a house if you are to marry her. Find out if she has been MARRIED BEFORE or has a child, as her value decreases significantly. LEARN their LANGUAGE. You will realize once you speak Thai that they do not talk good about the farang (not necessarily your lady, but other Thai people around you).

Do not take your lady back home if you want her to be happy. She can not acclimatize to the cold North European climate. She will not like the food. They need their spicy papaya Isaan food. She will be unhappy and most likely lose her beautiful figure.

Do NOT do an OVERSEAS relationship as the girls will go straight back to the bar or their friends and keep on playing the game. Thai ladies LOVE to have fun. Believe you me. Their favourite pastime is eat and sleep.

What to do?

Well I can tell you that when I go back to Thailand it will only be for a short time, just to have fun as I could not settle in Thailand due to cultural differences. The Thai mind is completely different. DO not be fooled.

If you really want a sexy Thai lady then you will need to get one from a University and from a well to do family in Thailand. Do not go for the ladies working the bars, it will not work. Money is seen very differently their. You give your lady 1000 baht she will spend it on her friends, the same as if you give her 200 baht.

Stickman says:

No-one found love in the bars….well, actually a few did, but then they realised it as all a facade…

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