Stickman Readers' Submissions September 30th, 2003

Thai Ladies: Seducers & Corruptors Of The World?

I am a regular reader of Stickman’s site, and a sometime contributor, and I do so because I cannot get Thailand out of my system. Having visited quite a number of countries I can say that there is no other country which has quite the pulling effect that Thailand exerts. And yet on my first visit I felt no different about Thailand than any other country we had visited for scuba diving.

I had heard about the ladies of easy virtue in Thailand, and how prostitution was rife, but had no intention of partaking of this sordid pastime. However, in my little corner of Farangland (Wales ­ part of the UK), I had my own ideas about prostitutes. They could be seen lurking on streets in the seedier parts of the local towns and cities, but one had to approach them to do any business with them. So I thought I had enough knowledge of prostitution to keep me away from it in Thailand, or any other country I visited.

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So when I came to LOS I was safe in the knowledge that it would not happen to me, I knew what had to be done to get a prostitute, and I was not going to take the necessary action.

The group of guys I was with went to a bar in Bangkok, where we were staying for three days before going on to Phuket to meet the dive boat. It was a bar on Soi Cowboy. A small bar with a lady serving behind the counter, and two girls (I think) our side of the bar. You all know what happened. The cool towels on the neck and face, the lady giving your shoulders a massage from behind, whilst I, embarrassingly, tried to pretend she wasn’t there. Girls appeared from nowhere to accommodate all of us in the group, and the touching becoming more “friendly”.

All of the guys decided to take a girl back to the hotel, and the bar fine was paid, me included, but I must admit that I did it only because I felt awkward being the only one not having a girl. We were staying at the Rembrandt hotel, and as the taxi pulled up to the hotel, I made the girl understand that I was too tired and sent her away with some money. This girl must have been a rookie, just learning the ropes.

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The second night there we ended up in the Voodoo bar in Nana Plaza, and I thought I was safe there. The girls were up on the stage, and I did not think they could get to us. I realised that they were on display if we wanted one, but again, I wasn’t going to partake. However, we had been out for some time, and a few beers had been swallowed and Dutch courage had kicked in. There was a particularly sexy girl up on the stage doing her stuff, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I probably watched her most of the time we were there, and then they all walked off the stage. OK show finished, no problem. Then suddenly someone sat very close to me touching my side. I looked, and you all know who was there right next to me, her warm flank touching my side. I was tongue tied because I couldn’t help fancying her, but what do you do with a prostitute? She gave me a lovely smile, and talked to me about something, and I forgot my resolution, I forgot she was a prostitute, I forgot my perceived decent upbringing, in fact she filled my brain. Somehow my arm went around her, and my hand touched her bare skin ­ I was lost! This girl was a skilful operator. She had come through basic training with flying colours, and I was no match for her charm.

The next day I felt satisfied but guilty. What the hell had I done? But this girl had consented to have sex with me, and she really liked me. She wanted to see me again. She would have stayed with me all day, and I would have been happy with that, but she had a daughter that she had to go to look after. Please bear in mind that at that point I had no idea about how they operated. I had seen the film “Klute”, where Donald Sutherland falls for the prostitute, Jane Fonda, and by damn it could happen in real life. It was happening to me. I was green as grass, and thought that if a woman wanted to continue to see you and have sex, then she must surely think a lot of you. I was with her one more night, and then we left for Phuket. It was lucky for me that we did, because I could have become really involved with that girl. I intended going back to see her again when we returned to BKK on our way back, and hoped something would come of our relationship.

The same thing happened in Phuket, and this time the girl was not only sexy, but was really beautiful. She was so beautiful that I couldn’t believe my luck, but again she had children and had to tend to them, and the time away from her gave me the necessary time to consider my position. The following day was that of my enlightenment. I had some good advice from my friends, and realised just what was going on with these girls. It was hard to force myself to accept that it was not me they liked but my wallet. I wanted to believe it was me, but we all feel like that don’t we?

I know this story has been a bit long winded, but I had to explain all this to make my point.

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I was corrupted by Thailand. It did not feel like corruption. It was quite enjoyable after the first feeling of embarrassment and awkwardness, but it had happened to me. My fine principles and resolutions had been eroded, and I was now accepting prostitution into my life as if it was normal. I had succumbed to a substantial moral depreciation, and although I knew it I did not feel any remorse. As far as I know it is only the ladies of Thailand that could have brought this about. I hear that the Phillipines is maybe the same, but I have not been there and cannot comment.

I don’t want you to get the impression I am complaining, far from it. It is an experience of life which I am now glad I did not miss, but it was an experience that was practically forced on me by the experience and skill of the girls working the naughty nightlife. I tried to resist, pretty feebly I must admit, but I was overcome by a superior well trained force. These girls have their skills honed every night until they are razor sharp. Guys coming into contact with them don’t stand an earthly chance. Defeat is inevitable. Much like the barbarians faced with the Roman Legions I should think. I had no training for that sort of battle and surrendered without much of a fight.

This is only my experience of course and maybe this is not typical, but it certainly was of the guys who visited with me. The result of this uneven battle was that we returned again and again, and are still coming. Is this what happens with all the guys coming to BKK? I’ve never seen so many single guys coming to one holiday venue, and something is pulling them in. I think I know what it is. After 2.a.m at various points along Sukhumvit it’s like any farang town after a big football or rugby match when everybody exits the stadium. The only difference is that all the guys are pretty happy. No team has lost and there is no inter team rivalry spilling out onto the streets. But they have all been defeated individually, and they don’t even know it. Most have a smile on their faces, and their conqueror on their arm.

So my conclusion is that Thailand has the most well trained and experienced travel representatives of any country in the world. They give you a sweet experience that you want to repeat again and again, and naturally you have to come back.

It is extremely addictive and very like the illegal drug industry. They give you a taste of the drug until you are hooked, and then you are lost. Thank god the drugs pushers don’t have the skills of the well trained and battle hardened girls of Thailand.

Finally, please treat this article as something to enjoy. It is meant to provoke some thought maybe, and is a bit of therapy for me. Remember that I am only speaking from my experience, and don’t take my humble offerings as the gospel truth. It is not a serious piece of journalism. It is not researched, and is not intended to be taken as a serious reference piece. If there are any Mr.Angries out there like “Levian”, please don’t let this article raise your blood pressure. I wouldn’t want anybody to get a heart attack on my account.

Stickman says:

Thailand has made many people very happy, but it has also upset a lot of people and even ruined a few too.

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