Stickman Readers' Submissions September 16th, 2003

Some Thoughts On The Crackdown And On Farang Behaviour

By Barbiere

As an occasional reader of your and the bangkoktonight websites, I am somewhat perplexed to note the howls of anguish emanating because of the crackdown on gogo bars and sex shows at Nana Entertainment Plaza, Patpong, Soi Cowboy and other such venues in Thailand.

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Such howling articulates and defines farang bar mentality, which considers the parading of naked women, the insertion of ping pong balls and other objects into female genitals, organizing bars that promote hand / blow jobs at their premises, as ‘entertainment’. How can one categorize the ‘entertainment value’ of acts allowing such degradation of women?

Gogo bars and the like, are a farang invention. Such venues also depend mainly on farang patronage for their existence. The part of the sex industry catering to Thais and to Japanese, does not include gogo bars and sex shows. (Actually, parts doStick) Prostitution exists in every country in the world, however, gogo bar type activities are a peculiarly North American / European / Australian creation. It is worthwhile to note that the persons who often (partially) own and operate such venues in Thailand and in the Philippines, are predominantly farang.

I’m sure that most of your website users are aware of the behavior and physical characteristics of the typical beer / gogo bar habitué, visa renewal artist, English language teacher and the like who love to make Thailand their home. These are generally persons so unattractive that no woman from their homeland will ever be caught dead with them. How come that such people are predominantly farang? Why don’t we see more Japanese, Singaporeans, Taiwanese and Koreans owning gogo or beer bars and setting up shop in Thailand?

In over twenty visits to Thailand, I've never come across a Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Singaporean, or Malaysian man, married to, or wanting to marry, a Thai lady. The reason is not because these nationalities consider Thai women unattractive, but because they don’t find Thai ladies of equivalent intellectual and economic standards in beer / gogo bars, massage parlors, or foreigner frequented discos. Unleash a corpulent, balding, farang in Thailand and he immediately discovers the ‘love of his life ‘at the nearest gogo bar; this is triggered by a girl snuggling onto his lap and addressing him ‘hansum man’ , thus initiating another epic love drama. It never crosses this pathetic farang’s mind hat if he was so ‘hansum’, girls in countries other than Thailand and the Philippines would appreciate him. Amazingly, after a few months in Thailand, such individuals actually start believing that they are irresistible to Thai women. An equally bewildering corollary is this individual’s antagonism towards Western women – merely because they categorize him realistically.

The beer / gogo bar girl’s apparent fondness for farangs exists in only two countries: Thailand and the Philippines; the reason being that bar girls in these countries regard farangs as their milk cow and / or ticket to a better life in Farangland… I do believe that such fondness arises because of a bar girls’ canny knowledge of the typical gogo / girlie bar, farang habitué, who they consider to be a peculiarly stupid and gullible creature – happily believing in any preposterous exaggeration relevant to his attractiveness, or to his ‘having good heart’. A beer / gogo bar girl’s existence depends on her attractiveness and (more importantly) her ability to manipulate her clients, what better way of hoodwinking an overweight, geriatric individual, than to describe him as the man of her dreams? It is the girl who I applaud.

I've read tale after tale in your reader submissions, about the duplicity and unworthiness of Thai bar ladies. Do any such bereaved Romeos ever put themselves in a bar girl’s shoes? Having to put up with the typical farang’s “attractiveness” is difficult enough, how can any girl be sure that her ‘beloved’ farang won’t dump her for a girl in the next bar? Is it really wrong for a girl to take out insurance and have many strings to her bow?

I personally applaud Thailand’s intention of eliminating sex shows, gogo / speciality bars and people participating in such activities. Not only Thailand, but any self respecting country in the world will be better off without the ‘tourists’ who participate in such ‘entertainment’.

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Stickman says:

While we are all entitled to our opinions, what could have been a really interesting article is let down by huge factual errors and gross generalisations. You make some good points, but you also purport certain things which are factually wrong. Keep your emotions out of it…oh forgot, you are a woman…

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