Stickman Readers' Submissions September 25th, 2003

My Thoughts On The Naughty Nightlife

By Bingo Polo

I first went to Thailand in 1999 an Xmas holiday, it was something I had always wanted to do. I had some physical problems, massage was recommended, I had broken up with my girlfriend and I did not know if I would have a job when I returned, so I was out for a good time come hell or high water.

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Stayed in BKK and did all the tourists things temples, James Bond boats and shopping with a tour guide that was the perfect companion. I wanted to ask her out for dinner (and more) but was too shy and did not want to offend.

Down in Pattaya things are different first gogo bar I was given a girl by the mamasan before even entering. “3000 baht take her all night do what you want with her.” So, I did. I bought her food and beer treated her nicely, had sex for a long time. It was a food and sex marathon that left me exhausted and very happy. I give her a big tip it was excellent she seemed to enjoy it as well, something’s you can’t fake, (can you?).

So, after I recovered for a couple of days I went back to another gogo, guess what, fell in love. Cut a long story short that has been repeated on these pages time and again – spent all my money on her. We slept together but did not have sex, went back to see her a few months later and realized she was milking me for money. No hard feelings that’s how life goes sometimes. I tried to get rid of her but she kept on coming back and I relented again and again. Why? I don’t know I’m an idiot where women are concerned. When I got home she emailed me for more money with stories that would break my heart when I sent some she said “not enough, need more.” The money stopped and so did the emails.

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I have been back once and I’m going again soon. I have read all the sites and news groups and consider myself wiser for it. There are a lot of unsavoury people and places in Thailand but that’s true the world over. I love the weather, the massage, the food the women and the people. I love sitting in beer bars talking rubbish playing silly games and occasionally taking a girl back with me. But that is true of any and every holiday I have ever had. Am I a sex tourist that everyone despises? Probably, but I guess like most guys on holiday in Europe, America and Asia you get it when you can and you always can on holiday. Try having a holiday on the Greek Islands and not shag anything for two weeks! Impossible in my opinion.

When in Cuba last year I was offered sex all the time from everybody along with cigars and lobster. I hated it! It was all so furtive and criminal like, and no I did not partake in anything apart from the lobster, it’s the only good food you will find in Cuba. What I did find surprising but not offensive was the number of fat old ugly white women with muscled up young black males. You can’t convince me that they were not “on the game”. Friends say it’s the same on the Gold coast of Africa.

So what is the point of all this rambling? Thailand does have a sex industry a drug problem and crime. Name a country that does not. I now live in Amsterdam (by accident, not design) there is nothing in Thailand I cannot get in Amsterdam. Sex, drugs, culture, shopping whatever.

In my humble opinion people are people the world over we all have wants and desires. I don’t think the sex or drugs business will ever leave us. Take the Dutch enlightened view, regulate it – you cannot destroy it.

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The world welcomes and happy traveller with a smile, I smile a lot in Thailand.

Stickman says:

Such problems exist elsewhere, but are they a big and as exploited as in Thailand?

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