Stickman Readers' Submissions September 16th, 2003

Latest Update Bangkok And Pattaya

By Yet Another Sex Tourist

I arrived last week in Bangkok and was immediately gagged by the immense amount of smog. Incredible that half the residents don't die before 40 from lung cancer. Having said that, it really is an incredible city to explore with so much going on. The city hits you like a 10 ton brick and its imagery and goings on is something you will never forget. Returning to San Francisco (purportedly the most exciting town in USA) pales in comparison to Bangkok. Now I find San Fran rather dull and boring in comparison. And the street vendor food cannot be beat – did not get sick even once from those vendors.

He Clinic Bangkok

Cab ride from airport to Nana is about 400B and 30 minutes. (What did you tip him 150 baht?Stick)

I stayed near Nana Plaza, which made it convenient to bring back ladies. *** A bit of warning – Spanky's on the 2nd floor is a rip off joint! Avoid it at all costs as you will unfairly lose your money there, only to have your complaints met by a fat, ugly little troll who will pound her fists on the table demanding that you get out before she starts trouble. Again, AVOID SPANKY's AT ALL COSTS whenever in Nana Plaza. There are only a handful of ugly girls there anyway.

Right now, the two Rainbows seems to have the best looking girls, and 1,500 short time and 2,500 long time seemed to suffice. The stunners do seem to get taken out early, even in the low season, so selection is not as good after midnight. Angel Witch has gone way down in quality of girls. Fantasia on the 2nd floor is nice as well.

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Morning Night bar seems to have a handful of friendly girls, one of which took me around for a one day tour around Bangkok for free. It seems, at least at this bar, the girls do get legitimate HIV tests periodically, though that probably varies from girl to girl, so ALWAYS USE A CONDOM! When kissing a girl or getting a bare back blowjob, always inspect the girl's lips for any signs of Herpes (i.e. blisters or cold sores) sometimes which can be hard to spot because of the lipstick.

Having said that, I met some very lovely ladies in Nana. Assuming that it was bought love and bought friendship, and keeping that mindset, the experiences were all very, very enjoyable. I thought of it as hiring a model to do a photo shoot, and with that perspective, everything was had in fun.

In Pattaya, though it is said that the girls are not as hot, I met and hooked up with the hottest Asian girl I have seen in my life there – and I doubt many men would disagree. She was Chinese looking with incredible eyes, body, huge lips to die for and looked like she should be advertising products for Samsung on a billboard poster. It was sad to see, for this girl could have been a face model and it was odd why she was living this life.

In another Pattaya bar, I met a rather feisty gal who I decided to take up just for that very reason, as she seemed devoid of any bullshit. It was a very enjoyable experience, and once I broke down her barriers, she was very open and honest, and warm in bed. She claims that condoms do break often, and that this is an occupational hazard that worries many of the working girls. She told me her life story but never asked for money. At the end of the night I gave her 1000 B which she gladly accepted. Something I realized too – In Farangland there is tremendous opportunity to move up in society as long as you want to work hard and take some calculated risks. I myself started out as a low level clerk for a bank after college and soon thereafter decided to start my own software company (I am by no means brilliant) which now has numerous employees and customers. In Thailand, good luck moving out of the caste system you were born into. You had better be some kind of incredible genius, celebrity, or gifted athlete to move up in Thai society.

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Also, I think it should be noted that while there are many legitimate complaints of Thai bar girls and their games, let's be honest about the farangs who visit, some of them who are completely obnoxious, loud, rude, and say and do incredibly cruel things to the bar girls such as demeaning them verbally, having sex with them with the intention of hurting them, lying to them with empty promises to get discounts on sex, etc. Also, there are those farangs who come knowing they have an incurable STD such as herpes and who come to these girls for easy sex. You think these farangs tell these girls the truth about their conditions? I'd rather have a bar girl lie to me that she loves me than some falang lie to me that he is clean. Think about it.

Many of these girls have been forced into this life (what the fuck is this?Stick) and send money back home to their parents, constantly worried if they are going to get an STD, or worse, AIDS from some falang who can't get laid at home because he is disease ridden or way ugly – or both. Let's consider these facts and try to treat these girls like the human beings they are.

Also to note – the sun is extremely intense in Thailand in relation to the UV rays. I got horribly sun burned from just 30 minutes under the sun. ALWAYS wear sunscreen on any Thai beach or you will soon regret it!

In Patpong, while there are some lovely ladies there, Nana Plaza girls are now on par quality wise as Patpong, and better value had in Nana.

Finally, I would like to say that the depressing thing about Thailand is that you quickly realize riding the BTS Skytrain or strolling the malls that the truly beautiful women would have nothing to do with a bar. It literally killed me to watch the most beautiful women in the world (and I've been all over this planet) and fall in love (or lust) with one every ten minutes. They are simply stunning, and going back to Nana Plaza you realize that these bar girls are nothing compared to the real legitimate Thai women. When I go back, I'm convinced I need to discover a way to meet a truly legit Thai girl. They are simply incredible and most bar girls cannot hold a candle to them.

Stickman says:

Interesting thoughts. You make some very good observations but then make a couple of crazy comments too – the one about girls being forced to work in the likes of Nana Plaza is completely false. You'll be back…

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