Stickman Readers' Submissions September 8th, 2003

Bangkok Is Changing And All That Crap

By Austrian Chap

About the whole deal of Thailand changing with all the "clean up." Is it really that bad? I mean any gentleman or anyone with a sense of dignity or class should be thankful that they are making it so unfriendly for the average sex-tourist. Have you seen some of the samples at the A Gogos? Man, where do these illiterate, loud, obnoxious people come from? I remember visiting Pattaya 2 years ago with a Chinese friend of mine (I'm half Austrian, I was 26 at the time) and saw this group of British hooligans sing their stupid soccer "anthem" as loud as they could being all drunk and rowdy. I immediately felt ashamed being in the vicinity of these idiots. Now I know that they were there to have fun, and they were there for the ladies, but come on… couldn't they tone it down a little? I guess not.

He Clinic Bangkok

Do I think the sex industry is going to shut down and everyone is going to be happy and fed? Not in a long shot. This is Asia. People only look out for number one, themselves (that's partly why I like Asia as opposed to the socialist crap that Europe has turned into.) The upper class Thais only care about image (aka face.) If anything, this is a good thing since a lot of the hooligan loud-mouthed asshole tourists will not visit Thailand and a lot of discreet people will still be able to enjoy anything (and I mean ANYTHING, even things that you or I don't approve of.) It will let the average herd-mentality Thai save their stupid faces. That's good. Do we really need the loud obnoxious A Gogos? NO! Will the average male be able to get a lady of the night for a few baht? Absolutely… money is number one. Do you think they would give up the chance to earn so much money for so little work as easily if the so called night-life disappeared… not in a million years. Never forget the ingenuity of humans to sell something. Prostitution thrived in former USSR and still thrives in China even though it is highly illegal!

The only thing that could have bothered me is the visa restriction, but remember this is Thailand and money is the savior. As long as you have cash you have access, isn't that the case anywhere in the world. The world belongs to the wealthy… thank goodness 🙂

Back to Thais, as a people. I have met, been friends and even had relationships with some of the beauties of Thailand and I can attest to one thing… "people are the same from everywhere, regardless of what their ethnic backgrounds are, their incomes, etc." They are basically the same. They have the same needs, they have the same fears. Of course, the behavior is effected by social constraints, but they are basically the same. So when anyone says that they are vastly different than Europeans, or do not reciprocate, or are this way or that way are plain stupid. PERIOD. A lot of it has to do with miscommunication, a lot of it has to do with different ground-rules that each party expects. Also, please don't paint the whole of Thailand the same way after your short visits with a hooker (this is aimed at the readers and not at Stickman.) I know many Austrian-Thai couples who seem to be happy and are having the time of their lives (of course I don't know whether or not they are former bargirls.) Also, a lot of the Thais I have had the pleasure to meet are smart, funny, witty and can be charming. Ok, I did not add honesty, since I myself cannot be considered all that honest… I lie often, sometimes to save myself from embarrassment or sometimes because I am plain lazy 🙂

CBD bangkok

So, would I take part in the naughty nigh life? Of course, I'm a man and no amount of sex is enough for me and I don't like only one flavour for the rest of my life 😉 It is easy, it has no hassles for me (of course, I can compartmentalize between fun and real relationships.) So please don't think I am being a holier than thou bastard (a bastard I am none the less.)

Stickman says:

The future will be very interesting…

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