Stickman Readers' Submissions September 11th, 2003

Another Lamb To The Slaughter


‘Speaking for my girlfriend, it was not her dream to fuck an old, fat, farang. And not you young farangs either, you pound away and hurt her pussy. She learned pretty quickly that it was better to go with an old farang.’

He Clinic Bangkok

‘I send her 20,000 baht a month and she does not have to fuck another farang for a living.’

Sigh. The sensitive words of RossUK, a five-month veteran of the Land of Smiles.


CBD bangkok

Download it from, read it and commit it to memory.

First, Thai bargirls do not prefer old, fat farangs. Old, fat farangs like to believe that they do, but it is simply not true. Like girls the world over, they
like young, fit guys with hard bodies. They screw old, fat farangs for money. End of story.

Second, bargirls do not stop working for 20,000 baht a month. I’m sorry, but they don’t. A decent go-go girl these days gets 10,000 baht salary, another 5,000 or so from her drinks, and well over 50,000 baht going short-time.

There have been calculations done on Stick’s site that show that a bargirl can barely survive on thirty thousand baht a month. Most of them spend what they earn, pretty much. And a girl used to a 65,000 baht a month lifestyle is not going to give it up for a few weeks of sex a year with a pot-bellied balding Englishman.

wonderland clinic

If she has stopped work it’s because she is being bankrolled by several gullible farangs, but more likely she is just pocketing the money and telling you what you want to hear.

Wake up and smell the som tam!

I am amazed after all the hard work Stickman has done to enlighten the world about the wily ways of Thai bargirls that there are sex tourists still dumb enough to think that they can pay hookers to stay at home. Would they do that in their own country? I don’t think so. I can’t imagine anyone being stupid enough to go up to a Soho streetwalker and offer her 300 pounds a month to stay in her room.

The only way to get one of these girls out of the industry is to do what Stick suggests ­ get to the girl early, within a few weeks of arriving in the bar scene, and keep her away from her old haunts. Frankly, in my experience, the only successful long-term relationships I’ve seen have been where the guy marries the girl, has several children with her and then spends every free moment with her. Loyalty works both ways.

Anyone thinking of following Ross UK’s example should sit down, open a bottle of Singha and read Private Dancer. I’m told that it’s original title was The Sad Fucks. As the great Bernard Trink would say, any comment is superfluous.

Stickman says:

I love the title of this piece, so appropriate.

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