Stickman Readers' Submissions September 23rd, 2003

40+ In America

By Jack Flowers

The is all true and not in ANY way an exaggeration. Almost every American male in my age group, say 40 and over all have similar stories. Several years ago, and a few years after getting divorced, I was having dinner with some old friends. One of the ladies and I went to school together.

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She has known me long enough and I like her enough that she could get away with telling me I'm full shit, so many words, when I told her some of my stories about the women I've met since the divorce. I just smiled and let it go. Two or three days later she called me and said she owed me an apology. Why, I asked. Since she had just been talking to her
brother who had also, in recent years (at that time), gone through a divorce and he told her everything I said was true.

Ever heard of Rush Limbaugh? Politically conservative American radio talk show host? I once heard him tell the story of how when he first moved to New York, as his career path at that time dictated, he went out to a restaurant/bar with some of his colleagues. Now Limbaugh makes 10s of millions of dollars a year, so you know they weren't hanging out at the local corner pub. He said that there were attractive young women, career women who also worked in New York, in the bar and of course all the men were trying to "chat them up." He said he was just stunned when each one of these women would ask the guy she was talking to, point blank, how much money they made. If the girl didn't like the answer, she would move on to the next guy. I wasn't surprised. It has happened to me, many times, and I'm "small time," compared to the boys in New York. I've gotten to the point I don't date anymore. The last date I went on one was, well, over 4 years ago. It is just NOT worth the grief and the hassle. I'm horny, horny as all hell, but with maturity comes the ability to control it and I'll just wait for my next trip to LOS.

Regarding the last two messages on Farang women, U.S. Farang women, keep in mind I'm talking about women who are, in my experience, from their early 30s on up. These women to about 40 are still, mostly, attractive, but after that they are not much more attractive than we, the men are at the same age. We are not as young, don't have as much hair, and are not as thin as we once were. Smile. If we still had all our hair and a 34" waist, then there might still be some physical attraction toward us by the women, but again, women we don't, for the most part, find attractive. Of course there are the matrimonial prostitutes. Women who will only date or marry men of certain professions, i.e., certain income levels. This is society acceptable, but it is nothing more than prostitution. So, where was I, oh, yes. So here we are in our 40s or 50s or whatever, divorced and trying to date again. What a joke!!!! As I said before, the women who are interested in us, are only interested in finding out what we are worth before they will, in some cases, even have dinner and / or sleep with us, or have coffee with us. I don't see anything different between that and a prostitute. But the real zinger here is the games you have to play with these women and the bullshit you have to put up with to get laid, and, of course, you are probably not going to get "it" the way you want "it." I'm not that bad looking and I've been outright told by women in my age group that they are interested in me, after they have asked the income related questions, and then, in a off-handed way they started laying down their "rules," of what they expect in a relationship.

Plus, of course, they want to be wined and dined. Sorry, but I'm not spending a great deal of my time and money to wine and dine a 45 year old woman who is going expect me to fix her door bell, mow her lawn, listen to her stories about her relationship with her mother, and put up with her now adult or not adult kids, old boyfriends and ex-husbands. WHATEVER FOR, when for less than the cost of taking the lady to a popular mountain resort for long weekend, I can spend a week to 10 days in Thailand in the company of YOUNG (over 18, please-smile,) BEAUTIFUL, willing women, who will have sex the way I WANT IT, with no emotional baggage I have to deal with, and who only want my money, not both my money and my soul as the U.S. farang woman would have it. Hope you understand why Thailand, or some place like it is so "necessary," to ua "old" farangs. It gives us a "second chance," so to speak, to have that "fun" that maybe we missed, or were too busy to pursue when we were younger. Every time I go over there I feel someone has turned the clock back for me and once again, for a short period time, I feel like the young 23 year old Marine I once was….so many years ago…..

Stickman says:

I admit that I still cringe when I see really old guys with really young girls. But I have to say that when you put it like this, it does give one food for thought.

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