Stickman Readers' Submissions August 13th, 2003

Scam, What Scam?

After coming back to the USA finishing my seventh trip to Thailand in 2 years and longest one to date at 60-days to learn more culture one thing is for sure: Thais and everybody else around the world are similar. If someone will rip you off they will, and it does not matter if that is in Thailand or anywhere else!

I am a firm believer in sticking with good characters and giving everyone a chance. Some of the submissions were, I thought, a case of just plain bad luck. I personally have an interpreter in Thailand that I can trust with my life. She worked at a hotel I stayed at the first time I came and visited me everyday for 2 weeks requesting that I teach her English. She came with books in hand and spent 2 hour breakfasts with me and in exchange taught me some Thai for free. On my second trip I was astonished how well she had picked it up and spoke quite well. It helps that she worked by giving people rides to the Airport for 250 baht and at the same time was able to practice her English even more. She was so personable that people hired her as their tour guide. She does not have a tour guide's license so she does not charge them anything except request that they speak to her in English, nice and slowly, so she can learn even more – and gas money for her car which she only charges them upon them seeing her put the gas in it! All her clients refuse the no charge scenario and insist on taking her to eat and at the end of the day she averages a 500 baht tip. One couple gave her 10,000 baht at the end of a week's tour. When she tried to refuse it they ran for the gate so she could not give it back! She keeps all my personal belongings like a boom box and SCUBA equipment when I am back at the States.

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When I have friend come over to Thailand and wants a tour I tell them that we should hire her as she is the best. She asks you what you want to see and takes you there the cheapest way possible. Like public transportation if she feels it's more fun for you. WE have decided to pay her 500 baht a day but I have yet to have a friend who actually pay this as they always insist on tipping her more like twice more! AND yes every time I meet a girl I ask her to meet them and give me a scoop on there character and more often than not she is right on in her opinions of their character. I know right away that if I like a girl who does not care to meet her and know her. That girl is probably bad news!

Another funny thing. She came to my apartment once a week to do my laundry when she found out I was doing it myself because I didn't like the way it smell after taking it to the laundry people. Her excuse was she wanted to learn more English and it was a way for us to be together and talk.

So I guess I am just lucky. I probably would have never come back to Thailand if I did not meet people like her. She is divorced with 2 kids and there is absolutely no romance between us. She told me she is making it her personal goal that I get hooked up with the good Thai lady with jai-Dee.

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She is not the only one. I have a hairdresser friend who also is very conscientious and watches out for me about would be scam artists. Whenever we are together and I want to buy something it is funny when she tells the seller not to even think about charging me the falang price. Sometimes I just shut my mouth because they think I am Thai anyway as I look Thai!

And the women of the night! Dana has said about everything but for some reason they never seem to happen to me. Maybe it's just my luck again. I have had girls walk out on me after the deed without getting the FEE! And I have had girls who fronted me money for days until I can get some money to pay them back! I just treat all the girls with respect and not act like a putz. I swear I have friends who get scammed by girls emotionally and financially who hates my guts. I think it boils down to possession which turns the girls off the most. jealousy really sucks!

My suggestion to guys sick of being asked for taxi money after the deed! When your temporary teeruk is in the bathroom showering, slip her her fee in her wallet then tell her upon her getting ready to go that you put the taxi money in her wallet just add a 50-100 baht tip to your agreed upon fee. Funny but I had never agreed upon on a fee ever as I was always told "Up to me!"

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You've had a lot of good luck…

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