Stickman Readers' Submissions August 16th, 2003

Passport To Nowhere

By Davede

I recently ended my marriage to my Thai Wife, here name was Jal and I meet here in Dandy Ago go in the Soi Cowboy.

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I instantly liked her because she was different, she wasn't employed by the bar and come when she liked,

She was loving and caring and I thought I was in dreamland.

I decided to get married, that was the easy part the hard part was getting here to Australia.

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Australia has very harsh requirements to get a marriage visa, extra hard for Thai girls as Australia has a big problem with Thai girls coming to work illegally in home brothels.

I decided to go back to Australia to try and get here the visa, I needed a year as you need to show the authorities you have earned a certain amount over 2 years, the previous year my earnings meet the requirement now I needed to show another year.

I told here she couldn't come to Australia for another year and I would come and see here in 6 months, she agreed.

Contrary to what many people think of Thai girls I believed she was different, she stayed at home, took care of here mother and saved the money I sent here.

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I never got the impression she had another man, but I sensed great urgency she wanted to come Australia.

She just thought you showed some money and viola in a day she had here marriage visa, the concept that she had not immediate right to live in Australia just because she married an Aussie was beyond here.

We had a good time when I come back; she was faithfully to me, took good care of me and was very loyal and sincere.

Recently she got a visit from here cousin who lived in Sweden with here Swedish husband.

Here cousin invited here to come to Sweden for 3 months to visit and help take care of here cousin's baby.

Suddenly I call here one day and she tells me she is going to Sweden in a couple of days.

A bombshell hit my world and suddenly I had to face reality.

The reality being she never really loves me but to get to Australia.

She was not too bright and had no capability to earn a decent living, I gave here money to set up a shop in Hua Hin, and she left after a month.

She loved to go to the airport and see the planes depart, whenever she saw a Thai return from a Western Country she starred at them in awe.

For here A western country was here escape, to go somewhere different and then return to Thailand to show the power she had obtained.

I was here ticked to obtain face in Thailand and when I could not deliver fast enough she moved on to another opportunity.

I am not sure if she has a Swedish boyfriend, but it is an apparent something is keeping here there, as she was about to return home to Thailand but now wants to return to Sweden for another holiday.

She didn't tell me directly she wanted to finish me but waited till I said so so she didn’t feel any guilt for what she has done.

In conclusion I believe you meet 3 different Thai girls in bars:

Those that have Thai boyfriends but work in bars with foreigners for the money. She then uses that money to take care of here boyfriend. She believes she now has power over a Thai man and gets off on that.

Passport seekers, marry a foreigner to gain face and wealth, hey it worked for Tiger Woods mum?

Those that go with foreigners because they take care of them, they may not love them but if they have a child and no income its better to marry a old kind man than to work the streets.

I am now moving on and hope that people realize that Bargirls/Falang relationships never work because it's built on different concepts of love and commitment.

Stickman says:

Nice observations.

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