Stickman Readers' Submissions August 29th, 2003

Facing The Facts

On this site it is often stated that Thai women are the most beautiful in the world. Thai women are in general indeed very attractive but I do not agree! I think most of the people who say this must be from either England or the US. If you want to see true beauty, you should visit Copenhagen or Stockholm or any other Scandinavian city for that matter. Try to make your visit in May to September. The girls will of course not be as easily available as in Thailand. If you insist on dark skin and eyes, black hair and small breasts you should drop by Singapore but again the issue with availability.

“I insist. You will find the most beautiful women in Thailand” My god – these grapes are sour!

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In some of the reader’s submissions I read about men who actually think bringing back home a Thai beauty will make your friends and colleagues envy you. They will claim that walking on the street in Europe with a Thai “arm candy”
will make their country men turn their heads – it is more likely they will turn their eyes – towards the sky. WAKE UP – Everybody knows the score. No one will believe that a beautiful 20-year old girl would choose a 40-year old geezer
with a beer gut. Everybody knows money is involved. Whenever I see such a couple I will try to get very close and listen to their conversation and I will have confirmed she will speak with a Thai accent. “Nice going mate, how much did
she set you back?”

“Thai men are bad” No, they are not. 99% of the readers only meet the kind of Thai men who hangs out with prostitutes or in areas with prostitution. No matter where you go in the world the men in these areas are no good.

“I know the plot in Thailand but don’t worry I’ll shag a nice bird and forget her.” No you won’t. It is male nature to play with fire. The more you are warned the more you are likely to get burned.

“I go to Thailand for the beach, the sun, the food and the cheep accommodation. I might get laid but that does not make me a sex-tourist”. Yes it does. If you pay for sex when on vacation you are a sex-tourist. Face it buddy, you wouldn’t
be here if it weren’t for the birds.

“My girl loves me”. I’m actually pretty sure she does, but please beware she will not love you exclusively. As soon as you go home she will love someone else just as much.

“My Thai girlfriend cheated on me and was only in it for the money. She ripped me of big time”. I’m sorry to hear that, mate. You paid a far too high tuition but at least use what you have learned.

“It appears Thai woman find me more attractive than the girls back home”. Nope, you are exactly as handsome or ugly in Thailand as anywhere else. (Sorry, I’m not going to comment further on this. If you do not know why, then you have
flunked class and have to read the whole Stickman page again – for your own good do not enter Thailand until you passed)

I don’t pretend to be better than you. I’m just like you. We fall under the same category. I’m 28. I’m balding. I’m some 10 kg too heavy (or some 10 cm to short). I’m shy towards girls. I have no clue what to
say to them. I don’t score when clubbing in Denmark. I don’t have a girlfriend. I watch too much TV. I’m pretty lonely to be quite honest. Three weeks every year I can pretend to be some one
else. I go to Thailand. I’m Jonas – International man of Mystery.

It’s easy if you try. Fall in love, be loved, be desired, be admired, believe the flatter, trust your self, trust the people you socialize with, make friends, find a routine, see the sun rise in your coffee, have your Gin & tonic at five, have
dinner with attractive women, crack jokes in the bar, smile at your girl, take her home, make love, look into her eyes, fall asleep with her head on your chest – you’re alright.

I know it’s fake but for just three weeks I can pretend. It is like virtual holidays come true. The lie is easy to crawl in to but hard to slip out of. That’s the mistake we make, that’s where we burn our fingers.

And now something completely different….

On my last visit to Samui I meet a very nice looking girl. I have been with her on a few occasions before so I know what she was like. I did not feel like shagging when I got to my bungalow so we just chatted a bit and had some food. During this chat
I got some very unexpected answers to my questions. A few examples below:

Me: How long have you been working bar now?
Her: I have been a prostitute for four years. (Very serious look on her face)


Me: Why haven’t you left to Europe with a Farang?
Her: I work too much. I not person any more. I bar girl (she giggles but not from her heart)


Me: Last time I was here you told me you went to with Denmark for three month. Did you ever go back?
Her: No him stay Samui now but him not boyfriend. I also go Switzerland (Big smile on her face) Him have big money too much (Bigger smile)
Me: Do you love any of these guys?
Her: Difficult (Puzzled look on her face) I love man from Denmark but him no money. Man from Switzerland has big money but I don’t love. How can I choose? (I could see in her eyes she was very serious)


Me: How old are your son now?
Her: 11 already (She is 26).
Me: Where papa your son?
Her: He go away when I pregnant.
Me: I’m sorry to hear that.
Her: Don’t sorry. Same for all girls working. When girl work bar she have money and Thai man like her too much and fuck her no condom. When she pregnant she can dot work bar and no have money so Thai man no like her anymore and him go away. (she looks very very sad)

Silence for some odd 10 seconds

Her: Same Thai women do with Farang man.

Stickman says:

Oh, people do not like to face the facts, or look in the mirror or….I had better stop before I upset too many…

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