Stickman Readers' Submissions July 16th, 2003

Unusual Response

By Mr Hawaii

I walk into Playskool on a Tuesday night back in late April around 7:15 PM and take up station just inside the club up on the immediate right overlooking the stage. Now I don't notice “Daeng” initially and end up walking out after one drink only to roll back into the bar about an hour later because everywhere else in the complex is still dead (right around 8:15 PM). So here I am at 8:15 PM sitting in the same place when she finally gets up on stage and walks right to the front point position so you would see her as soon as you walk in the bar and you would not miss her because she a real C cup and prone to loose the top on stage quite quickly for effect. From her facial features it is apparent to me that she definitely has western features (probably American blood in her family background since she is from Ubon – former home of a major USAF base during the 1966-73 time frame) and this is reflected in her body especially her full figure. Back to the action…after about two minutes of silent watching I got the attention of one of the waitresses who promptly got Daeng off-stage and up to my seat for a drink (Turns out she has a very good grasp of the English language at the age of 20 and understands western culture up to a point already which really interests me since I usually don't see women like her in places like this). About five minutes later the waitress pops the bar fine question and I make the inquiry as to the terms…Em quotes 2,000 baht for short time and I reply back with 4,000 baht for all night which she agrees to after a minute or so of reflection (Yeah I already know…4,000 is way too much for a night but she was hands down the best looking Thai woman that I had ever met while in country so the money didn't seem like a big deal). Daeng tells me later that she has to leave at 5:30 AM to get home to prepare for school in the morning (I later find out that college courses in Thailand were on break that particular week so she was using that as an excuse to leave early).

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Twenty minutes later we are on the way back to the Landmark Hotel and she and I spend a very pleasant evening together…capped off with some fairly good quality time but the highlight of the evening was the TV session after the fact. We are watching the movie "Stakeout" and Daeng is following the plot line by line and laughing at all the parts which I find funny even before I start to react. Almost like dating a western gal but she is full-on Thai except for the appearance issue. She claims to like foreign men because according to her Thai men are lazy and cannot be trusted…a very good start for me! Anyway, I went back to Nana for her two more times that week (would have been three but I got there late after work one night that week and she was already gone) before I had to fly home to Hawaii that following Saturday. During the last evening together I asked for and got her cell phone number and e-mail address which seemed like a step in the right direction but then she later refuses to accept a photo of me that I had brought along on the trip just in case I met somebody like her. She claimed that photos are not important to her (I snapped off four casual digital pics of her because I wanted to remember her face because pics are important to me). In closing I told her that I would probably return to Bangkok again before the end of the summer and that I would like to see her again at that time and Daeng indicated that she might not be in town depending upon the month in question but she would see when the time came around.

Everything ended on a positive note and I flew home after spending three pleasant evenings with her outside the bar scene and the money frankly didn't seem to be an issue with her but I gave her a total of 12,000 baht as a gift (3 x 4,000 B) so she could pay her bills and take some $$$ back to Ubon for her family. As soon as I get home I start sending e-mails back to her at a rate of about three per week but get no response back from her (she told me later that she left Bangkok shortly after my departure and could not access her e-mail account through from Ubon). After about three weeks I pulled her cell phone number out and finally broke the code on the dialling procedure from Hawaii and as a result I finally reached her on the phone about one month after our last meeting in Thailand. Daeng seems somewhat detached over the phone but still pleased to hear from me. She is now back in Ubon with the family and according to her she has no immediate plans to return to Bangkok and resume her job at Nana Plaza (at least for the near future until the cash runs out – my guess only). According to her she is doing fine in Ubon saving money to buy a car at some point but she has not asked me for any cash or financial assistance up to this point (common theme from our time together in BKK which seems really odd to me since she claims not to have a Thai boyfriend tucked away).

For the next six weeks or so I called her about every ten days or so to check in and advise her of my travel plans which I finally squared away a few weeks ago and here is where it gets interesting Stick. I call her up three weeks ago and tell her that I will arrive in BKK on 2 August for a ten day visit and ask her where I can see her and she responds by saying that she cannot see me again ever (not in BKK or in Ubon) and that I should not call her again either. I managed to convince her that one more phone call around 30 July would not be a big deal just to confirm her no-show status and she didn't seem to have a problem with that idea but the meeting deal is definitely off. Here is my question: is this a normal story line from a part-time BG in Thailand? While there is about twenty years of age difference between us we certainly got along very well while I was there. I treated her very well and never asked to do anything that she didn't what to do. I even offered to help her and her family out financially back in Ubon to a reasonable degree which she has never responded to which seems rather atypical as well. I made it clear to her that I had developed feelings for her and that I wanted to get to know her further with an eye on a more serious relationship as soon as she felt comfortable with the idea. She expressed reservations that I could fall so quickly for somebody like her (she doesn't seem to believe that she is attractive for some reason) and that love just doesn't happen in the blink of an eye according to her. What is your read on her behaviour Stick? A bar girl from Ubon who refuses financial help or the prospect of a better life in the US for her and by extension her family back home…just doesn't add up from my point of view. I even offered to give her a Toshiba Laptop computer to help her with her school work (assuming she does plan to do the school gig again at some point) and that offer went by the boards as well with no reply from her. My best guess is that she has already lined up somebody else but she refuses to confirm that fact…does this seem realistic to you?

Stickman says:

This is a most unusual reaction from a bargirl, or rather, former bargirl. You were obviously a high value customer to her and she could probably assume that she would make a nice little return from meeting you again.

That she has turned down your request to see you again suggests that she is no longer in the industry. My guess would be that she has something good going on. It is unusual for girls to just leave the industry without a good reason, more often than not someone rescuing them. Perhaps she has been rescued? This is MUCH more likely than her leaving of her own volition.

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