Stickman Readers' Submissions June 27th, 2003

Why Return Time After Time?

So many words have been written in these submissions about our (the farangs) relationships with the ladies of Thailand, both “good” girls and “bar” girls. I am not sure that there is a huge amount of difference between the two, but there is one very important similarity, which I will explain later, and is the one thing that, I believe, brings us back to LOS again and again.

What about these ladies? I have seen descriptions about their beauty, their seductive charms, their beautiful brown eyes, and their lovely hair. I agree, there are some attractive ladies in LOS and I have succumbed myself, but is it due to their attractive looks? Obviously the one we take back to our room is attractive to us (although she may not look so good in the morning), but is it really their beauty that brings us back?

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Some say that it is because there are so many lovely ladies in LOS, not like our own countries, where you see a high proportion of ugly ones, and not so many lovely ladies. But remember that the majority of Thai ladies that we see are working in bars. Presumably they are at the top end of the attraction stakes in LOS. We do not see many ordinary Thai ladies. In my relationship with a bar girl I went to her home town of Korat, and believe me the proportion of ugly ones to attractive ones is about the same as in Farangland. So I do not think it is their beauty that brings us back. There are just as many lovely ladies in farangland.

And what about comparing beautiful Thais with beautiful farangs? I have seen the soap operas on Thai TV, and watched some movies. There are some really attractive women on them, and probably they are the best Thailand has to offer. I can’t name these Thai beauties, but what about Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Judd, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock etc. The best Thai women can’t hold a candle to the best farang women, whether they are white, black or mixed.

If you are still in doubt about their relative charms compared to farang ladies do yourself a favour and join TSM (The Single Male) on the internet. It is not very expensive, but there are loads of pictures on there of ladies from all over the world. Make a comparison and Thai ladies are nowhere near the best. (Better still don’t join but use a friend’s password like I did)

And what about their size? They are so small. I suppose some men like small ladies, because it makes them feel more masculine, but farang culture is all about being big. Think of sports, athletics, and even business. There have been surveys (don’t ask me) which indicate that taller people are more successful in their careers. So if you fell in love with a Thai, your chances of having a tall child are minimal. They will probably have brown eyes, black hair, nice teeth, and a small nose, but big is pretty remote.

So just what is it that attracts us? Eventually I was able to give it some serious thought, which was difficult because my mind immediately jumped to the pleasures, the laughs, the bodies, the meals etc.

My conclusion is that we go back because Thai women are easy. They wait for us walking along the street, and they smile sweetly. They want our money, or they want us to take them out of the poor life they are in. They think of us as rich – which we are to them – and they want an easy life. Exactly the same as farang women, except that farang women go for the men that they think are rich, and that does not include the majority of us who visit LOS. I don’t care if they are bar girls or so called good girls. They are easy. They want us. They actively look for us, and we don’t have to do a thing but say “Yes OK”.

So we don’t have to work hard to find a woman and have sex for the night, or even the whole holiday. We don’t have to wonder whether we will be lucky this holiday. We KNOW we will get one. We KNOW we can have more than one if we want. We KNOW they will smile at us and give us a good time, and this is very appealing because we are all lazy at heart. We do not want to work hard with a tart, and then find she doesn’t want intercourse of the sexual nature. What a waste of time and effort.

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So we come back because we know they are easy, and we have a cast iron guarantee that a shag and their company is available to us for as long as we want without any effort on our part.

Stickman says:

I'm not sure about the conclusions you reach, though admit there may be some truth in it. What I do disagree with is the comparison you make between foreign women and Thai women, specifically in the "looks department". Sure, Asian women might be an acquired taste, but with so many Western women being overweight, pasty and generally not in the same slim and trim shape as the average Thai woman, I think you'd have to be a fan of well-rounded women to conclude that Western women are equal, or better.

Now, where I have to strongly disagree with you is the comments that you make about the women of Korat. Funnily enough, this is a city that I can talk about wish some confidence for I spend very second weekend there. I don't know which part of the city you hang out at, but in The Mall, Klang Plaza, or any of the central areas, the number of truly attractive women si to me, staggering, and perhaps only better by the glitzy shopping malls of Bangkok, or the Siam Square area. Korat is full of beautiful women. But then again, if one prefers well rounded women, Korat beauties may not be to your taste..

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