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Stickman Readers' Submissions June 16th, 2003

Do They Prefer The Young?

An interesting story appeared in the Stickman columns from someone trying to understand the motives and desires of bar girls with regard to their partner. None of us knows the truth and the motives of bargirls may vary from girl to girl. I'd say however that the motives and attractions of a Thai bar girl may in essence not be that different from what attracts non-Thai women, be they bar girls or not. The fact however that these girls are often poor, may make their motives perhaps a bit clearer.

I think that all in all there are lots of different things in men that may attract women. I see bald, ugly, fat men here in the west who apparently have gorgeous western girlfriends. So what is their attraction? Perhaps they are loaded with money – an attraction with many women, not just Thai women – but would a Western women who usually can lead a good life without money problems fall for that if the guy is really ugly? I don't know. Maybe the guy has something else, maybe he is well hung, maybe he is extremely funny. Those who have seen the movie "who framed Roger Rabbit" may remember that when the gorgeous Jessica Rabbit is asked what on earth she sees in Roger, her smoky sexy voice answers: "He makes me laugh".

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Yes, the ability to make women laugh is a very good one. Money, yes that still is another good one. When I discussed this issue with a very attractive (female) cousin of mine she said she would never be interested in a poor man (she had a top Manhattan job herself). Not because she was in need of money, but because a man who was poor, or without a job, was a man who obviously had no spine or guts to make something of himself. Yes, she found a humorous man also attractive because humour for her was equivalent to intelligence.

The ambivalence in a Thai bar girl between having to choose between older, less handsome western guys with money in the course of her profession and between younger, handsome Thai men without money, in the course of her private life as a western teenager who just like all girls has her dreams, again is not so alien from a phenomenon that apparently has been studied in the west.

A few months ago the results of some research was published in which the attractiveness of men was measured as being dependent on the fertility of the woman. To explain that: it appeared that women in their fertile period, would choose another type of men than if they would see the same set of pictures during their non fertile period. Apparently the difference was that when fertile, women would choose for what I summarize as 'macho bad boys' while when not fertile, they would go for the more softer, caring type of guys (at least as far as could be judged from the pictures).

The theory behind this being that for procreation women would choose a man basically judged upon appearance (=genes), while when caring for possible offspring, they would choose men that are perceived to be better breadwinners, are caring and perceived to be more faithful. Is there a true difference with what a Thai bar girl chooses?

Stickman says:

Good point…