Stickman Readers' Submissions May 20th, 2003

Where To Next?

If the Thai government does shut down the Farang sex industry; Where to Next? Cambodia? Manilla? Kuala Lumpur? Don't say it will never happen. If the government had the will to do it, they could do it instantly. Of course, they wouldn't shut down the Thai sex industry; but that doesn't do us any good.

And let me emphasis, that for me; the emphasis is on sex. I don't go to bars to see girls in outfits, or to drink with my friends, or to watch soccer matches, or to 'have a good time'. The artist bars and the Soi Cowboy bars don't usually get my money. I want to see naked women and I want to have sex with them. Period.

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In the last 2 years Nana Plaza has had less and less nudity and the women are less and less attractive, physically and mentally. It is the same in Pattaya. And a lot of bar owners are trying to get my money by offering 'entertainment'. I don't fly half way around the world, entailing expense and inconvenience and risk, for 'entertainment'. The shows offered at men's' clubs in Montreal and Atlanta and Dallas are 100 times more professional and more entertaining than anything the Thais have to offer. The girls have agents and careers and schedules and choreographers and set designers. And a point-of-view. They are professionals. Their make-up and costumes and acts are simply fabulous. Many of them have taken acting, singing, and dancing lessons. By contrast, the sad sacks doing the Bangkok shuffle are pitiful. And they think I'm some gee whiz country bumpkin who is going to overpay them because I have never seen a naked woman before. If you go to the so-called shows in the 2nd floor bars of Patpong – you can't wait to leave. Twice, I've had to fight my way out of these childish dumps. They wanted more money for the 'show'. They should have paid me for my wasted time.

In terms of men's club entertainment, the Thais will never be competitive. The girls lack the will, the discipline, the imagination and the drive to be really good at anything. They are basically unemployable. Hell, most of them can't even show up for work on time. They have to be threatened through a penalty procedure to do the right thing. This is how you train animals. That just leaves nudity and sex. Most of them are also horrible at sex. Just because a girl has knee-high boots or stretch marks doesn't mean that she is a sexual athlete, or even sexually interested. Can you imagine if the bars had to obey Western style truth-in-advertising laws and post at the door the number of girls that hate men, or are lesbians, or are sexually incompetent, or who are sexually neutral? But I'll accept the compromise. Give me a selection of naked Thai women and I'll play the game.

Don't say that what I am talking about (a shut-down of the Farang sex industry) can't happen. As far as I am concern it very well, jolly well could happen, and the writings on the wall.

Consider a combination of seemingly non-related social things happening at once:

1. The World Bank placing 'social behaviour' restrictions on loans to Thailand. There's no dance like the money dance and the people with the money play the tune.

2. The U.N. highlighting negative 'social behaviour'.

3. Travel agencies owned by and run by women recommending other more politically correct countries.

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4. Sensational, negative media stories about Thailand's 'problems'.

5. Pussy whipped, hypocritical Thai politicians using the issue to get votes, attention, or influence.

6. Chula girl graduates and upper class Thai females discovering bonding and feminism that they convert into vote getting and influence peddling.

7. And lastly, traditional Thai racism used to bludgeon the easy target – Farangs.

I'm pretty much committed to the idea that the party is coming to an end. As Thailand continues to make more and more stupid economic and governmental mistakes, it will eventually dawn on them (just like the Japanese and the South Koreans) that integrating themselves responsibly and competitively in the global community is their only hope. That will be the death knell for fun in Thailand.

So where do we go next guys? Any ideas?

Stickman says:

Good question…for the answer, wait and see!

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