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When The Tables are Turned: A Story of Money, Thai Girls And Deception

When The Tables Are Turned:

A Story of Money, Thai Girls And Deception

We had plans…….

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After deciding to spend my next holiday in Thailand I set about doing the usual research via the internet, this was when I first came across Stickman and his fantastic web site, I read pretty much most of it (during work) which is quite an achievement when you consider all the penned articles, any way I was clued up for my trip to the LOS.

Having read all the horror stories, scams and BG culture I thought I was suitably aware of what to expect, how wrong was I!!

My friend and I landed in BKK after weeks of waiting, I informed my friend during the flight we would be heading for the Nana Hotel which was situated close to Nana Plaza, now he had not had the benefit of my weeks of research and as such made quite a funny mistake in front of a very attractive “good girl” in the airport terminal! When enquiring about a new sim card at the Orange mobile counter the very attractive lady asked my friend where he was staying in order to give him directions to the nearest Orange centre to our hotel, at this point armed with the info I had given him on the plane he quite confidently said Nana Plaza…….!!!! (He got the hotel mixed up with the adult entertainment plaza) The girl was visibly disgusted with what he had just said, I have to point out at this point I walked off laughing, my friend followed perplexed as to what he had just said too get such a negative reaction! Later that night he realised why!

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My face must have been a picture as I stood in front of Nana plaza at about 10 PM …. I just could not take it all in, lights, bikes, cars, girls, food stalls all going somewhere very quickly, I've been all over the world during my many travels and never have I seen a city like it, truly unique!! So we had two fun filled nights in BKK, one thing I have to mention is that while we were in one of the Go Go bars in Nana we found two girls we liked dancing and called the mamasan over to discuss what the bar fine was (we were quite drunk at this point) We picked the girls and the mamasan called them over for a quick chat, they were fantastic looking girls and we were happy with our choice, so the girls went to get changed…’s at this point things started to go a bit fuzzy (drunk) so I will fast forward to my hotel room, the girl I had picked looked about 1 ft shorter than I had chosen?? In the morning my friend and I talked about what had happened the night before and he related the same story to me as well concerning the girls height. Now I have to ask is it normal for the girls to be switched? Or were we both to drunk to know what was going on?

So our next port of call was to be Pattaya, we headed in a taxi on our two-hour journey to the big brothel by the sea!! We found some reasonable accommodation on Soi 7 (flipper lodge) 700 baht a night, good hotel, Girl friendly and as we found out on one of the best streets in Pattaya! (To be fair it was after the first night in Pattaya I started to have second thoughts about my indulgence with the Thai girls) I will come back to this later on. We went around the bars and played all the connect four a man can take also that game that never seems to end with the dice and the flipped numbers? Any how, after being with a few ladies and having a great time we came to the conclusion we were going to find two really nice girls in one of the many Go Go bars, the only prerequisite we had was big boobs!

Now as you know the Thai girls are not renowned for there large chests so we knew we had our work cut out for us, but what it did do is give our meaningless pursuit for girls a mission!! (this was another sign that we were already getting bored of the scene) After about three hours of searching in the Go Go’s we fell into another and sat down by the stage and watched the show, that’s when I first saw Nong….she was fantastic, large boobs (plastic) but who cared they were perfect and big!! I said to my friend “I have to have that girl” at which point we put our hands in our pockets to check the money situation, we had been out all night and spending in the Go Go bars which as you all know is not cheap so funds were lower than we thought, we had about 300 baht between us, not enough for the bar fine, my friend seeing me in need and wanting me to have the girl of my dreams announced he would jump on a bike and go back to the hotel and get some money from the safe, great it was sorted so I called the mamasan over to tell her I would like to have a chat with the girl who had captivated me so much, she called her down and I set about finding more about her while waiting for my friend to return money in hand.

He did return but with no money… they would not let him get into the safe after 9 PM!!! Rules of the hotel? So I’m sat there with the girl of my dreams and no way of getting her out of the bar, I set about telling her what the situation was and that I would be back tomorrow to bar fine her, now this is where things start to get a bit strange, she said no problem and called the mamasan over and paid her own bar fine!! I was shocked to say the least, she went to get changed came back took my hand and we left all three together. Now we had no money and a bar girl that apparently didn’t mind putting her hand in her pocket, She asked me what I wanted to do and I said we will have to go back to the hotel room because we have no money until tomorrow, on hearing this she put her hand in her purse and produced 3000 abht and said “we go party” Top girl!! Now I knew I would have to pay her back in the morning but for someone to trust you after knowing you for less than 10 mins is strange and was not the kind of behaviour I expected from a bar girl. This is why it’s so different from the west; you would never get a prostitute in the West to take an IOU till the morning!!

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We had a great night and I planned to keep her for a few days, so all three of us went out the next night to another Go Go bar where some of Nong's friends worked, I explained why I picked her and that my friend would like to find another girl with big boobs, the gauntlet had been thrown down and she was up for the challenge! She was convinced that my friend would like some of the girls in this Go Go. We got in there and she was right some of the girls did have enhanced boobs and were very pretty, she called her very pretty friend over for a chat, my friend chatted to her for a while and I could see the conversation turning toward money…a lot of laughing and pushing each other ensued and the deal was done, they seemed to like each other which always helps!!

I decided that night that I was going to give the Bar Girl thing a rest for a while, as I said earlier on in the story that I started to have differing feelings about what I was doing and how I was directly effecting peoples lives with my debauched behaviour! I needed a bit of time out to get my head together and decide weather I wanted to continue. You see the thing is when your sat at home planning your trip and what naughty things your going to get up to, you never stop and consider the emotional roller coaster your getting on. You are having an intimate relationship with some one you have never met before for a short period of time!! It drains you and devalues every other relationship you have ever had or will have in the future (probably a bit strong but at the time I was all confused) Just remember think before you come over and get into this because it will eat away at you if you let it!!

So my friend was now with this new girl we had been introduced to by Nong and I was having a night off to deal with how I felt! They had a good night and my friend informed me he would be spending another night with the same girl her name was Tuk.

They asked me if I wanted to go out that night and I said yes and we headed out to the Marina Disco, we were having a great night as usual dancing looking down on the see of heads (it’s like being a golly green giant) when Tuk bumped into one of her friends called Kit, she was introduced to me, a short girl not that attractive just a normal Thai girl really not much to write home about!! I was a bit unsure at first as to whether she was a bargirl or not? Yeah right… we were in the middle of pattaya in the biggest freelancing joint and I was wondering if this single girl was a BG!!! Of course she was but she never made a move on me at all like you would expect if she were a working girl.

All that aside I just didn’t fancy another night of meaningless sex just for the sake of it and so was a bit frosty with her at first! I did my best to put it all out of my mind and continued to have a good night with my new friend, it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable nights I had in LOS we danced till the wee hours and then all headed off to get some food. (I have to say that if you can get hold of a BG that can speak good English you have a much better time!) So there we were eating something that was thrust in my hand by this new girl, still not sure what it was? My friend and Tuk left during the feast, Kit decided she was going to give me a lift home on her bike so we headed off to my hotel, I was still unsure as to weather I was interested in some bedroom gymnastics and was just enjoying Kits company like I said her English was very good so we have a joke about things…She ended up staying with me but nothing happened.

The next day when we woke she told me she was a Go Go dancer and that she was not working at the moment because she was too lazy? I got worried then because I really didn’t want to have to pay for last night!! But that was not the case, she said she liked me and wanted to see me again that night with my friend and Tuk. So we headed out again for another night but during the night my friend and I had a chat about what was going on and I told him she didn’t want any money from me so things were ok and I felt much better about being with this girl, at which point he told me she would probably ask me after a few day’s when I would feel more inclined to pay for the services…I was gutted at the thought of this and headed off to my hotel on my own!! Cracked a bear and settled in to watch a bit of TV, great got away with out a scene…oh no I didn’t!!! There was a call about 30 minutes later to my room but knowing what I had just done and also the way Thais never like to lose face I let the phone ring and just forgot about it, big mistake! It was Kit that was ringing and was getting really pissed off by now so she decided to come up to my room and bang on the door until I let her in, which I did…. she burst in the room in tears calling me a myriad of colourful names and jumped on the bed head facing down sobbing into the covers!!

I tried to talk to her but she was having none of it, she just continued to cry and hurl the occasional insult my way! I began to explain that I really didn’t have enough cash to pay her for her services and I was sorry the way I had left her in the club…. this seemed to piss her off even more, she said “why always worry about money, I no wan your money I have enough, I just wan see you and have fun” Well what am I meant to think now, I was a bit crushed at this and my behaviour to her. I had all the BG scams ingrained in my brain from the research I had done prior to the trip so was really not ready to entertain the idea that this girl was being genuine and was just up for a good time and liked me for real?

Kit fell asleep and I got really pissed on some Thai whiskey, I was gutted that with all the barriers up I was basically a horrible bastard to this nice girl all be it BG! After all…. were all human regardless of career! We woke in the afternoon and I took Kit for some food to say sorry for my behaviour and she seemed to forgive me. My friend had also got to the point where he could not pay for the service any more and had to tell Tuk what the situation was, no more money, now you would think the girl would just move on but she didn’t she wanted to continue seeing him for free!

So the situation was this we were both seeing BG girls for free in Pattaya and having a great time, once you take away the money from the equation it feels far more normal but……….thinking back now that’s where it all goes wrong! When you have that buffer of money exchanging hands you know where you stand, it’s a business transaction and that’s all!! So you never get to close to the girls because you perceive them as prostitutes. But because we were now getting it all gratis it was hard not to fall for them, the defences were truly lowered and we let them in!

We could both see what was going on and had to get out of Pattaya, we were getting to involved, we had to get to an island to chill out and forget about the two lovelies. We told the girls we were going and would not be back, there was lots of tears and good-bye sex, but I was sad for real to be leaving them!!

Koh Samet was a dump to say the least and very expensive everybody ripped us off, they have you by the balls because you're on an island! To be fair the beach was great and the sea clear and warm so it kind of made up for the rest of it, we sat around all day long just talking about guess who? That’s right the girls we had left in Pattaya, we also had run out of money so decided we had to get back to Pattaya and get some more sent over. We got to Pattaya after being away for a few day’s just at the start of Songkran, we had about 1000 baht left and a dead mobile so needed to get it charged to call home, so called Kit & Tuk to see if they could help. We were both sat on the beach opposite Burger King on beach road with our bags and waiting for the girls to turn up expecting them to have maybe some customers with them or at least take a few hours to get there, within 10 minutes of making the call the two of them came screaming up the road on there bikes, both wearing T-shirts we had given them from back home (nice touch I thought)

They then took us to there apartments where we set about getting the mobiles charged ready for the call home for the money, while I was waiting Kit had gone out and filled the fridge with food and bear for us (again I just never expected this from a BG!)

We called home and sorted the money out but there was about a day and a half where I was totally dependent on Kit for food, drink and accommodation, she really came through for me and I will always be in her debt for that…. The question I've asked myself since I've returned is would I send her money if she asked?? It would go against everything I have ever said if I did and would ring true to so many sad stories of farangs falling for the same old trick so many times in the past, but I think I would make a one off payment if asked to due to the kindness shown by Kit.

A quick point about Songkran, where do all the Farangs get off doing there best to get you totally drenched? It’s one thing the locals because you can understand them wanting to have a pop at you but Farangs? After a few days we started to get really pissed off with it. I was in Kits apartment and got a call from the girls to meet them at the top of Walking Street, so I set off on the back of a bike with a young taxi girl driving, I know it was a girl cos when she nearly crashed and I put my hands out and grabbed her waste to stop myself from falling off the back she went ballistic!! So we were making our way down through the sois to beach road when she turned down the worst soi you can imagine, that’s right during Songkran the driver turned down soi 7!!!! I got soaked from head to foot and flower wiped all over my head and body, I had BG screaming and trying to push us off the bike, they finally got the driver to stop in the middle of all the bars and everyone just surrounded us and give it me!! It took about 5 minutes to run the gauntlet and get to the bottom onto beach road then it was a matter of dodging the BG all the way along to walking street. I can see why tragically so many people die during this festival, they just don’t care!

Another quick point about lady boys….anybody who tells me they find it hard to spot one is full of it, you can tell even with quite a few bears inside you!! They all look to tall and have big shoulders. The only way you would be caught out is if you had never read anything about Thailand's naughty side and wanted to shag a bloke in a dress!! (each to there own) Any way rant over!!

We were enjoying our selves so much we rang the airline and changed the flight for a later one in the week, extended the holiday by about 4 days the girls loved that!

We had come to the end of the holiday and it was time to get home and back to reality, I was sad when I left but it was time to go, the best analogy I can come up with about Pattaya for the benefit of anybody reading this that have never been to Thailand; Imagine your on the star ship enterprise and you get the use of the holler deck for a few days, well that’s Thailand.. It’s a big blank canvas waiting for you to come over and live your dream and do what ever you want!! Just remember keep an open mind and treat all the girls with respect!! But beware it will change you, things just wont seem the same when you get home, the first night you spend with a Farang lady on your return will be one you will never forget, I spent most of the evening mentally comparing her to her Thai counterpart, this girl which I would normally be over the moon with was not a patch on Kit!!

I did entertain the idea of giving my job up and moving over to be a Teacher but why? – I've asked myself what the reasons are and if I’m honest with myself I have to say the beautiful Thai ladies!! And I’m not about to relocate halfway around the world because my dick tells me to!!

I will return to Thailand in the future but not with the same game plan as last time, I intend to see a lot more of the country and people…. the country does have a lot more to offer than bars and girls and I intend to see it. As for Kit well I do keep in touch with her but have no plans to see her again and I think it’s for the best.

PS. I know that many of the readers will be thinking those girls are playing the long game and to quite honest I’m still not sure myself, so if the phone call for money ever comes I will let you all know but until then they will remain the exception to the rule!

Stickman says:

Wow, it really does sound like these girls looked after you. Some guys, especially the younger good looking guys relay such experiences.

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