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Stickman Readers' Submissions May 11th, 2003

Those Thais in America

I don't know how these stories relates to this site as they happen in America but since it involves Thais here goes.

I have been to Thailand six times in last two years and have seen the ways of the flesh and heard all the stories of love and deception and all that other jazz. I was curious to see if there is a difference in behaviour with the Thais that had been exposed to the western culture. Well here are some of my personal experiences and stories told to me by Thai lady friends.

He Clinic Bangkok

To conclude before even getting started with the stories, money plays a big part in all things Thai more than your Western counterpart.

My experience:

Right now I am having a sexual relationship with a divorced Thai lady who has 3 wonderful kids and was married to a loser compulsive gambling Thai husband.

Unlike in Thailand, our lady in question makes quite a good income at her profession here in Farangland as she manages a nursing home, works overtime all the time as she has as in her own words "nothing to do after work" and thus is "quite lonely". I offered to take her out once to dinner and gave her a kiss goodnight afterwards. Next thing you know she spills all the sob stories of her life trying to get sympathy and then inevitably it boils down to her being just horny! Now I am constantly hounded with phone calls at all hours of the day. At first it is flattering but after a while you realize it is getting in the way of your work and becomes annoying!

Here is the difference with the Thai counterpart. This Thai darling insists all the time on paying for dinner trying to schedule get togethers and constantly asks me what I would like to have. Now I feel like a call boy.

More stories relayed to me:

Her ex-husband who is Thai is going out with another Thai lady who happens to have been successful in California real estate and is 17 years older than him. She is 55 years old! She is now banking his gambling habit in exchange for sexual favours!

another story relayed to me:

My Thai model friend down Los Angeles way who has been here in America not but just a year is a successful restaurateur and has a Caucasian boyfriend she is supporting and putting through school. She looks 20 but is actually 32 and he is, get this, 18 years old and has no clue of her age! Her English is still pretty bad and he thinks the world of her. He does not know of her 13 year old son back in Thailand that she left behind because she told him that little 13 year old is her brother! I found out all about this thru her Thai friend who happens to confide in me that the boyfriend is completely brainwashed and is practically her sex slave! Our 18 year old white boy is totally dependent on 32 year old liar as he is a former runaway, has absolutely no skills for any kind of profession as he considers himself an artist! Her, she has a line outside the door of her restaurant all night! Did anybody mention role reversal!

Then there is…

let's call her Joe. Restaurant worker who constantly loves to strike a good conversation. Tells me of her Thai / American boyfriend whom she believes is cheating on her. Asks me what I do and if I would like to go see a movie with her…to three weeks later and I find out there never was a boyfriend much a less a cheating boyfriend for that matter. It was all her fantasy! Why you need to conjure up a sympathetic story to get company I could never figure out…..

I mention this as I had never experienced this with a western girl!

And finally the story I cannot myself believe…Maybe Thais are as good storytellers as the Irish!

So let's give our Thai an Irish name "Ailish" she who hails from Isaan and hits the shores of California circa 2002 via I don't what type of VISA. She looks 25 but I could only guess! she looks like a cross between Marisa Tomei and Selma Hayak only slightly darker. Whenever we are walking together ALL heads turn not just the males but also the females especially in Santa Rosa…

Ailish gives a new meaning to the term "compulsive liar". She has a different story for every person she meets. I have to admit enjoying all the stories she lays on people.

Here are a few statements I heard her say:

Oh I have a grand son and he is half-Chinese and half-white…my question? Where is the Thai connection there!

I like lady and man together like me when I was man and like man who like lady…..What does this mean? Can somebody help me here?

My mother Thai and father gone and grandfather Lao who gave mother to have me….Does this mean her father incestuously raped her daughter to have Ailish?

All of a sudden I started remembering those statements written in the Nanapong calendars!

Ailish is hilarious and charming and I have to admit one can actually fall in love with her if they can figure out what she is talking about even just 10% of the time.

Stickman says:

Thais will be Thais.