Stickman Readers' Submissions May 13th, 2003

Taking The Piss

By DB Down South

How much behaviour is Thai tradition and how much is taking advantage of foreign guys? I agreed to meet a girl for the second time. She asked to go to the beach and I agreed. Arriving at the meeting place I was shocked to find a further three people tagging along.

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We went on a few errands – visas and passport problems, and then went for a meal. Not only was there myself and date to feed, but 2 friends, an aunt AND the tuk tuk driver! (friend of the family) I hadn't enough money for 6 people – I had enough for 2! So when the bill came, my date carefully checked it and handed it to me (as expected) but I was short by about 300 Baht. There was a long uncomfortable silence while everyone watched to see what I would do, but NO-ONE offered to put their hands in their pockets. Eventually I had to go to an ATM to get extra funds.

Now, I expect to have to pay for my date – despite being relatively poor for a farang – but am I expected to pay for four extra people, whom I met only two hours before?

What would they have done if I had been unable to make it? They obviously had SOME money, I am sure between 5 people they could scrape together 300B to help out someone in an obviously embarrassing situation. But no-one helped and no-one showed any gratitude after the bill was settled.

The girl in question is very attractive and fun, but I later saw she had 800 Baht in her purse. Which means she was just refusing to help me out. To add insult to injury, when we returned I was asked for 300 baht for the tuk tuk (friend of the family – just had a free big meal!)

Was this Thai tradition, or was it me getting shafted?

I won't be seeing her again – I have met beautiful girls who insisted on 50/50 on virtually everything, so I know this is not a hard and fast rule.

Stickman says:

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This woman was taking the piss to the nth degree and I personally consider her behaviour disgusting. She obviously had VERY little respect for you as no decent Thai woman would do this. When the bill came, you should only have paid for yourself and her, although it is easy for me to say that now. This woman is bad news.

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