Stickman Readers' Submissions April 4th, 2003

Good Things Don’t Come Easy

I have read all of the articles here, and I am very surprised that many of you people seem so obsessed with bar-girls. It’s not that I’m against prostitution, but do you really believe that if you have managed to rent a girl’s pussy, you will get her heart just like that? I start to wonder what kind of girls you people are actually looking for when it comes to choice of life partner. I know that if I had given _my_ Thai girlfriend money after sex – or money for taxi home after a night at the theatre (evt. my hotel room) – she would slap my face. Perhaps not literally, but she would definitely never want to see me again. She is actually quite reluctant to receive anything from me at all, because Buddhists are supposed to give more than they receive.

What kind of relationship can one have to a bar-girl? The first time you saw her, she was a hooker. And the first time she saw you, you were (most likely) a whoring drunk (no offence to the drunks who do _not_ whore). The two of you will always get reminded of that. How can such a relationship be founded on more than a hooker-client basis? Even the internet is a better place to look for girls, than a go-go bar is.

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There are many great girls who work in offices, department stores and restaurants (although one should be aware of some of those too) – but I promise you that no good girls work in bars or brothels! They might be very convincing though when they stroke your ego, but just keep in mind that in Asia, nothing is what it seems to be. Very often (but not always), it’s the opposite.

You say that Thai girls and their families only want money. Yeah – that’s for sure if “your” girl is (or “has been”) a prostitute! If a girl sells her body (or if it’s the family who sold her) for money, what kind of family do you think she comes from? Now, I will hear that in Thailand, many people are so poor that they “have no choice”. Well, if you are poor, having alcohol/drug problems, want to live in a palace, and not work at all – then forcing your daughter into prostitution might be the only solution, no matter where you are from. And if you actually _do_ go as far as selling your daughter, there should ring a bell in the son-in-law’s head (unless he’s a gullible farang). Remember that a virtue in the Buddhist religion is to work hard and live a simple, ascetic life. According to Thai female friends of mine, anyone can make their living in Thailand without selling themselves, if they just work hard. Greed, poverty and laziness make a bad combination, and we don’t have to go all the way to Thailand to see that! Would you ever marry a hooker in your own country, by the way? Hookers are the same wherever you go, and the same applies to people in general.

I will finally say that it’s not impossible to find a really good girl in Thailand – not even for a farang, as long as you put some effort into finding her (and can guarantee her a _certain_ financial stability). Money can buy the shell of anything, but nothing’s kernel – so even if you have enough money to buy enough sex for 100 lifetimes, you can never buy as much as a second of love. Not in the States, not in Germany, not in Thailand and not in Argentina. On the other side, however, if you put some _real_ efforts into finding love, I think you will likely gain a lot more for your efforts in Thailand than in most Western countries.

Good luck fellows! 😉

Stickman says:

Wise advice.

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