Stickman Readers' Submissions March 1st, 2003

Never Enough – The Thai Family Adventure

By The ATM On Feet That Closed The Bank

4 years ago I married a nice Thai lady.

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Less than 3 weeks after we were married she came sobbing to me about a mortgage of 700,000 baht that she owed (get this) her ex-husband. It turned out to be true. She borrowed to help her parents pay debts. This cheap Chinese bastard helped her family in terms of a real documented loan. He is from a well off Chinese family that makes their living as loan sharks to Thais who cannot borrow from a bank. FUCK CHINA, THE CHINESE and everything they cheat for!

I ended up paying half of this and the family paid the rest.

My wife had 2 rai of land in Nonthaburi and I built a home on it complete with a beautiful garden, fish pond with a waterfall, the works!

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Her sister (sans family) started a furniture business and we agreed to allow them to borrow 1 million baht from the bank and use the house for collateral. They assured us that it would only be one time. The loan turned out to be 1 million plus a 1 million overdraft (trust me the overdraft hit the limit within 90 days).

9 months later they were back at out door begging for more (quite curious as we had not seen them for 9 months). Seems they needed 600,000 baht to buy a truck to deliver the furniture. They promised it would be the last time and I promised them that we would not help them again. As before the loan turned out to be more, another 1 million baht.

About 1 month ago they approached my wife and wanted to make a new loan and extend what they owe by another 1 million baht. The bank says that the land must not be in my wife's name because she is not in the company or some such bullshit and the name must change to her sister's.

Being a reasonably intelligent sort I decided that enough is really enough and said No F@#$%* Way!

wonderland clinic

Now the fight is on. I am hated outright by these parasites. They question why my wife cannot make the decision to help them. They question her about why she won't help! The Family? They seem to forget the help we have given them. NEVER ENOUGH.

I have offered to sell the land and house for 60% of what I have invested and about 25% of the real value. This mess is more than I care to deal with. Now the "Family" is outraged that I want them to belly up to the bar and stand on their own two (actually 18) feet. This offer includes the stipulation that if they refuse I am going to rent a backhoe and reduce everything to rubble and walk away. I really have had enough. Then the problem with the bank will really begin.


If there is any interest in the outcome, I will update on it.

The ATM on feet that closed the bank

Stickman says:

I could well be wrong on this, but it is my understanding that when you get married in Thailand you have to declare any debts you have. Like I say, I could well be wrong. It would seem your wife failed to disclose that… Even if legally it is not required, surely one has a moral duty to mention it?

Yep, in Thailand you do marry the family to a certain extent. But then no decent family would ask for unreasonable amounts like this family has. Not an easy situation to deal with at all.

Yep, do let us know how it all transpires.

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