Stickman Readers' Submissions February 19th, 2003

Watch What You Say

I write this email to you in hopes of informing the farangs at large to be careful about discussing their trip to Bangkok.

One of my buddies and I spent our vacation in Bangkok and arrived home a couple weeks ago. We had fun with the bar girls and were captivated by their charm. Thankfully, no strong emotional attachments, cash or otherwise were formed with the wonderful girls of Thailand. God I cannot wait to return!!

He Clinic Bangkok

I went back to work with a feeling of dread after I returned. I missed the girls quite a bit. My work week was painfully slow and dull.

One of my co-workers came over to my cubicle and sat down and asked how my vacation in Thailand was. I told him that it was one of the best times of my life. The girls were nice and smiled constantly. The food was good if not a bit hot for my tastes.

A woman co-worker (call her Mary) came over to my cube and started to ask some questions on Thailand. Mary sits opposite me in the next cube over. She is known for her Feminazi views and complete disdain for the male gender. She asked some questions on the type of entertainment available in Thailand. At this point I knew she was up to no good. She asked bluntly if I had a good time "whoring it up with some Asian prostitutes". I looked at her directly and said "That is a totally distasteful and offensive question. I don't appreciate your un-professional attitude". Mary left in a huff and went back to her cubicle.

CBD bangkok

The HR director happened to be walking by on the opposite row of cube and proceeded to come over to my area. "What was all that about?" he asked me. I told him of the offensive and crude nature of Mary's questions and accusations. He shook his head and said "write me a summary of what happened and get it to me before you leave today." Shit. I have to describe a 30 second conversation in writing to the HR director because our resident Feminazi had a hair up her cunt and wanted to start a fight which would allow her to spout her feminist propaganda and be made to look like the victim.

In today's business climate a mention of anything personal or slightly immoral will land you in the un-employment line. Co-workers are not to be trusted with any personal details. I knew what our resident Feminazi was up to from the moment she walked over to my cubicle. When I would not play her game, she insulted me hoping to start a fight.

The Feminazi has a telling past. She has been married and divorced three times. She has four kids and has worked for the state in the delinquent child support division.

I called my buddy up and described the situation with the Feminazi and told him to be quiet. If anyone asked, he rode elephants and took pictures of monkeys in the hills. He understood the need to keep his mouth shut. All employees at my company have a morals clause in their employment agreements. One slip of the lips and out you go!

wonderland clinic

The HR Director was still in his office at 6:00 pm when I dropped off my written account of the Feminazi's questions and provocation. He read it and told me that she had written a very different account of the situation. I sat down and told him that Chris (the other guy who first asked me about my vacation) was still here and that he should be brought in to describe what he heard. The HR Director phoned Chris and asked him to come over to HR for a couple minutes. Chris showed up and I was asked to wait in the hall for a few minutes. Chris came out and signalled a thumbs up and left.

I went in and put my best "tired of this woman's bullshit" act. I was sick of her continual baiting and assured the HR director that this behaviour was jut not suitable for a business environment. The HR director put his head in his hands and said "I really don't need this crap today" and got up. I asked if there was anything else he needed from me. He said no and that the issue was closed as long as Ms. Feminazi did not refute his findings.

My Bangkok buddy showed up at my cubicle as I was getting ready to depart. "Let's get a beer. Some of the guys will be over at the bar". We left and went over to the bar. The guys asked me about Bangkok and the girls. All of a sudden I got a very strange feeling. The hairs on my neck stood up. I looked around for a bit and wondered why this was happening. I got up and went to the bar to get a beer. When I walked back to the table I noticed a couple of women sitting in the booth next to our table. It was the Feminazi and another woman I had never seen. I walked toward my table and sat down and told the guys who was sitting next to us.

Peter, the diplomat in my group got up and went over to the booth. He said hello to them and chatted them up for a while then came back to the table. "I noticed that she has a small recorder in her lap and a small mike sitting on the top of the booth pointed at us." I was really upset with this vindictive bitch. My cool was eroding fast. Peter got up and went over and spoke with the proprietor for a moment. This fellow is a HUGE ex-pro 6'9" football player. He is the bouncer and maintainer of order in his bar.

Said fellow came over to the woman's table as asked if everything was to their satisfaction. He saw the mike sitting on the top to the booth and grabbed it quickly and yanked. The tape recorder flew out of Faminazi's lap. She yelled out some colorful profanities. He stood there towering over the table and crushed the small recorder in his hands. He bellowed at the women telling them that any recording equipment audio or visual was prohibited in the bar without his permission.

I watched the scene unfold and was hoping the Feminazi would start a fight so he could toss her in the street and have her arrested. He banned them from the bar and told them to get the hell out of his establishment or face the police. The feminazi and her companion got up and left the bar cursing loudly at him. My group was laughing and razzing the Feminazi as she left. The boss bought us four rounds on the house. I told him about Bangkok and the fun I had. He laughed quite a bit. He was a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marines during Vietnam and had spent all of his leave time in Thailand.

The next day I went into the HR Directors office and told him what happened the night before. I mentioned "Harassment" and "Stalking" and "Police" in the conversation. The right buzzwords do wonders when put together.

I found out that the Feminazi was written up for harassment and placed on a 90 day probation in lieu of termination plan. If she was a guy a much different situation would of happened-immediate termination and possible referral to the police.

I'll take an Asian woman any day over the likes of our feminazi farang women. They made their bed. I won't sleep in it.

My situation turned out well. Keep your mouth shut at work. Remember: Elephants and Monkeys, Elephants and Monkeys.

Stickman says:

The West sounds like a seriously fucked up place – but that bar owner sounds like quite a dude.

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