Stickman Readers' Submissions February 19th, 2003

Sydney Tom Does Thailand

Sydeny Tom Does Thailand

Continued from Trip Report, reader's submission 24/10/2002

He Clinic Bangkok

Eppo Lived in a rather basic apartment she had a single bed, a fan a small TV a cupboard, which doubles as a sink and some other thing to hang her clothes in. Other than that the place was fairly sparse. I was a bit shocked to see the toilet/shower laundry combo when I went for a piss, but it was interesting to see how “The other half” live. It was quite warm in her flat and the fan didn’t make too much difference, it just moved the hot and humid air around and makes quite a noise. The noise was supplemented by the sounds of the street below and Eppo’s neighbours TV’s. To add a bit of “mood” I turned on her Tv and noticed she had cable. I was impressed with this and put on a Baseball game. Yes I am an Australian who likes to watch Baseball….. By this time and the entire going on before, I wasn’t too interested in sex with Eppo; in fact all I wanted to do was sleep. The next problem I had was I was still carrying the money for the 3 girls in the Dollhouse, and I was a bit concerned that Eppo was going to take it. The only idea I wad was to do the business with Eppo and leave after that. I decided this was good for another reason; Girlfriend #2 was going to be visiting me at the Royal-XXX hotel in the next day or so and I didn’t want Eppo clinging on and spoiling things. So I took my clothes off and made sure my pants with my wallet were on the bottom of the pile. The lights were only dimmed and there was plenty of light in her apartment, also supplemented by an illuminated sign nearby.
I have noticed over the years that some Thai Girls like to do it sort of like “Doggy Style” but with their legs really wide apart, I didn’t mind this too much, and we started out that way. She wasn’t particularly tight, and having sex with her was becoming a chore. Through the condom I could barely feel a thing. I have been told that Thai girls like it this way. Eppo seemed to be enjoying herself, and I started to notice I was watching TV more than I was interested in Eppo, I was noticing the sound of the fan and really I was just getting bored. I looped my arm around her waist and started to play with Eppo, to try to get some finality to this sad event. This was not to be and in fact she seemed to want more. Doing it “Doggy” style, and not being entirely enthusiastic, I started to notice the smell of her ass-hole, and it wasn’t too pleasant. Stuff it; I thought it was time to change the pace a bit. Eppo was certainly wet and there was plenty of juice around, so I pulled my cock out of her and almost like in slow motion, I put my cock in her ass-hole. Eppo noticed when I was about half way in, and at that point I just buried it in her ass, which was a lot tighter than her pussy. She said something in Thai, but didn’t seem to object to this treatment and I “finished” quite quickly. After I pulled out and washed up, she had absolutely no interest in me. I took this as the cue to dress and leave. While dressing I also discretely checked my wallet and belongings were still there and I left. I made a mental note to avoid the Beergarden for a few days. It was about 5:30, and I was ready for sleep.

While walking back to the Royal-XXX, I was puzzling with how I could avoid the 500 Baht guest fee. I decided that the only thing to do was to bring Girlfriend #2 into the picture and also have her properly registered as a guest. To digress a little, I met Girlfriend #2 at the front of the Thermae one evening quite a while ago. On this trip I planned to surprise her and just arrive. Sometimes it is better that way. Anyway, I was sitting in the bar next to the Thermae waiting for a friend from Australia and I noticed her at the top of the stairs near the ATM machine looking completely lost. She looked different to the other girls and seemed to have a certain “Presence” about her. She was wearing designer glasses and also a well-tailored suit. My attention was distracted from her as she moved around on the steps and my friend arrived. After a few beers we ventured into the Thermae AKA HQ. After wandering around for a while I saw her again, since the tip with the Thermae is to get in quickly with anyone you may like, I went up to her and said hello and asked her name and if she wanted to have a drink. She replied that her name was May and she was looking for a friend and not interested in a drink. Ok I thought and went back to my friend who was talking to “Tony”, who we know from Bangkok. Tony had just split up with his girlfriend and she turned up at the Thermae and she was not all that happy with Tony. I decided it would be good sport to tease Tony’s ex-girlfriend and she oscillated from propositioning me to slapping my face. Of course at this point in time I did not realise that May was watching me and my behaviour was going to be questioned later in the evening. So the night moved on, I wasn’t really on the prowl too much so I was planning to go somewhere else to pick up if I felt like it. The night wore on and it got to about 1:45 and it was time to go, there wasn’t too much at HQ (Thermae) that took my interest. So I wandered out again and decided to see what was going on outside. May was there on the steps still looking around. I went up to her and asked if she would now like to have a drink, she said no, that she was looking for a friend. After explaining that it closed at 2:00 AM and we could sit down at the bar next door and still look for her friend. She said she was not a bar girl and she was only interested in a drink and some conversation. I replied that I was only looking for some conversation and a beer before I went home, since I had to “Work” the next day. She looked me in the eyes and paused for a moment and agreed. May was about 25 years old and tall for a Thai, she was almost 5’10” tall and had very long and slender legs. Watching her sit down made me decide that she was going to be worth a lot of effort. We had a few drinks before the bar closed and I told her that I was tired but I still enjoyed talking to her and we could go somewhere else to drink a bit more. We went to a restaurant I knew which served alcohol, but only very light meals and we kept drinking and talking till that place closed at almost 5:00 am. At this point May was quite merry and quite open to coming back to my hotel for some more Beer or Whiskey. She was quite insistent there was no funny business and we were just carrying on the drinking. That trip I cashed in a five star Hotel, and clocking up the reward points, this was really nice staying somewhere at about $US250 a night, I was in town this time on the pretence of doing work. This place was a classy outfit; no issue with cards or pillow charge or anything. This hotel, just near HQ has in the past let me in with 3 overnight friends and no questions asked. Well we kept going until about 7:00 am, when I was too tired to function and I told her I was going to get some sleep. May told me she was also hungry and was also tired. We went to the “Executive” lounge and had breakfast. During breakfast I found out why she went to HQ (Thermae). Basically, she was meant to meet a friend she used to work with. It looked like May’s friend didn’t make it, but May kept looking all night. I suggested that she might like to try to call her friend after breakfast to establish everything was OK. After breakfast we returned to my room and I got May to call her friend. About the same time I took my shoes off and lay down on the bed. After a long conversation in Loud Thai, May reported that her friend went to a totally different bar and May ended up at the Thermae by mistake. I told May I was lucky to meet her, and I would really like to take her out for dinner that night. May asked me what I was doing today and I was alert to say I had a day off from work and I was going to have a sleep. To my surprise she asked May if she wanted me to stay or go. I told her that she was more than welcome to stay. This made me excited, but the look on her face told me otherwise, but to my surprise she said she would stay for sleep only and no sex at all. I thought that something, and maybe a nice cuddle were better than nothing. I went to the bathroom, put on my Boxer shorts and got into bed. May was waiting to use the bathroom, however all the lights in the room were out and the curtains were drawn making the room very dark. I got into bed and lay there, looking at the bathroom door; she had a shower and seemed to take an eternity. Eventually May came out of the bathroom but turned off the light at the same time she opened the door, all I could see was she had a towel around her, it was almost completely dark. She climbed into bed, under the covers then turned over, wrapped her arms around my neck gave me a kiss and said “No Sex”. I replied to her “OK”, she then took the towel off and kissed me again. Wow I thought, this was a special moment and her naked body against me felt so good. I decided at that point the best thing was to go to sleep and just enjoy being in bed with a naked May. The only thing I did was slip off my boxer shorts and just wrap my arms around her. Many hours later I woke up to find May still almost in the same position, in the dull light, she still looked so beautiful and all I did was kiss her on the back of the neck. Later that afternoon she told me was a good person for not trying to make her have sex and she wanted to be my friend. I asked her what she would have done if I had tried to have sex and she said that she would have left and would have never seen me again. I was glad that my better judgement ruled me at least once. Of course things did progress from there and I must say I had one of the most enjoyable weeks in recent memory. As time transpired, I found what an amazing Girlfriend she was. An example of this was one night, on a later trip, we were at the Dollhouse Bar and I was caught by May looking at one girls who serve the drinks. She wasn’t a dancer, rather one of the girls who goes and gets the drinks, I just thought she looked cute, not much else, just cute. May asked me if I wanted to have sex with her, I replied “No”, and she said she didn’t believe me, and the thinks I want to have sex with her. At that point I tried the reassurance trick and said of course not, I was really only interested in her and she was my girlfriend. May said she did not feel like sex that night and that I could have the girl from the Dollhouse. I tried to get out of the discussion but left it a little bit of a sore point, and I just seemed to be getting deeper and deeper into the quicksand. I really had no idea what to say or do, and I was just getting into “Cultural” quicksand and the more I tried the deeper I got. So the only way out I thought was to have a tactical retreat. I went off to the gents not only to have a piss, but rather to bring an end to this difficult and tricky conversation. After the Dollhouse, I wanted a change of pace and also put some distance between the conversation and me, and I did not want to make the situation bad between May and me. On return from the gents I decided it was best to leave and May and I went for a trot to the bar over the lane from HQ (Thermae). We drank a few more beers, I complimented May on a few of the usual things like her eyes and the way her hair looked so pretty with her hair done that way etc etc, she seemed mildly impressed, I was starting to feel like I had recovered some of the situation, and I had also had enough by this point and we went back to the hotel. On the way back May started to complain about her phone bill, and I got her to show me and it showed she had to pay about 1300 baht. I told her in my generosity that I would pay it in the morning – after all I was her boyfriend, but I didn’t mind too much, particularly since she had never asked me for much ever before. May was a bit more insistent about the phone bill and said we could pay it at the 7-11 (I think) store, I was surprised, but I ended up paying her electricity bill and water bill as well. Anyway we got back to the hotel and May told me that she didn’t feel like sex and I should go and have a shower to “Cool Off”. She also told me to “Take Care of Myself”. That was the first time I had heard that expression and I thought she was worried about me slipping over in the shower rather she was telling me to have a wank……. I told myself that I should behave and I thought that May was on her period, since she didn’t want sex. After a shower – making sure I didn’t fall over, I got out and she had the TV on, watching in Thai. May seemed intent on watching it and I fell asleep. May still had her clothes on and I assumed she would have a shower like all Thai girls seem to do with great regularly and come to bed. The next thing you know there was a knock on the door. The first thing I thought was it was either the police or my ex-wife. May got up and answered the door, I had a look at the time and it was 2:56. “Shit” I thought, who the hell is knocking on my door at this time. May was talking to some other female in Thai, I could only understand only a few words, but everything sounded ok. Next thing she is re-introducing me to the girl from the Dollhouse. May said” You like sex with her”? I was dumbstruck, the only reply I could muster was an “Um….Um”. (Thoughts which are clever escape me at this time of the day). She said she was going to go home and I should have sex with her, as I said no, the door closed and May was gone. I was now in a very difficult situation, so I thought stuff it, and I enjoyed the company of this beautiful 19yo from the dollhouse. Her name was Lek, and it sounded more like “Like?”. We did the shower thing – again, I thought I was clean, but the number of times you shower in this country is silly. Anyway we the business for a while and I fell asleep again. I was awoken again, this time at 6:30 by a knock on the door. This time it was May returning with a bag and different clothes. I was naked and so was Lek, she knew what had happened and just asked me if I had enjoyed myself. I just replied I would have preferred if it was her and not Lek. May looked really happy and started passionately kissing me and wouldn't let go. It got quite steamy and she started to get her hand on my dick and I started pulling my clothes off. I guess I must have said the correct thing. So now I am in the hotel room giving it to May while Lek is watching on. I didn’t have too much strength and I think May wanted to “Finish”. Lek then said to me “Suck you for my friend?” I nodded and Lek started to give me a blow job. When I got hard Lek stopped, mentioned something to May and May hopped on for a bit more fun. Eventually May “Finished”. At breakfast I got the strangest looks in the “Executive Lounge” with two good looking Thai Girls with me. Both of them kissed me at different times, leaving no question as to what was going on. I never really found out why she organised the girl from the Dollhouse for me, however I did think I passed whatever Test she had for me. Much later on I discovered that May knew Lek from a but trip she once took to Phuket.

To get back to the main trip report, I called May on her mobile, when she answered I told her I had just landed in Bangkok and was checking in to the hotel. To my amazement May told me she was in Hat Yai on the bus coming back from Singapore. Bother, I thought, this wasn’t working out at all well. May told me she had been helping look after her sisters’ baby. Well, I thought her motives were pure, so I asked her when she would be in Bangkok, May told be about 9:00 the next morning. I asked her if it was in a few hours or the next day, May laughed and told me she had to wait until about 1:00 PM until the next Bus so it was going to be another day before I could hook up with May. I went back to the Royal-XXX hotel, empty handed and just smiled at the security guards, knowing they weren’t going to get 500 baht out of me. I got out of the lift, from memory it was the 19th floor, and standing in the foyer were two girls. As usual I said hello as I walked out of the lift sort of sticking my arm ? way out to hold the door open. Instead of getting in the lift, the girls wanted to talk. I thought no trouble – lets see what’s going on here and I started to chat with them. They were both pretty, long black hair and quite slender also they looked Khmer (Cambodian) rather than Thai. I have had a thing for Khmer girls, ever since spending 6 months in PP with my ex-wife and not being able to touch one of them. I asked them in Khmer if they had a good evening. The two Khmer girls only wanted 600 baht to come to my room until the late afternoon – for both of them. They were seemed surprised that I knew some Khmer. The last 24 hours had been more than depraved and I was not going to sink further. I asked them what bar they worked at and they told me they didn’t work at a bar, but at a well-known American food chain and just picked up on Sukhumvit when they saw someone who took their fancy. Then I broke, I told them to come with me and lets see what happens. The one thing at this point going through my mind was not paying the 500 baht “Pillow fee” which was probably multiplied by 2. I really didn’t have a lot of energy so there was more cuddle than sex. Of course after I had woken up a fair bit later, that was a different story. Later that day after the mandatory showers I went for lunch at the seafood place on Soi 7 opposite the Beergarden. I got the Khmer girls to leave before I did, so there was no chance of being done by the hotel for any more money. I like the Laguna people and they are always good fun. Strangely the 2 Khmer girls were wandering around the entrance to the Beergarden and saw me at the Seafood place from over the street – I was partially pleased so I bought them lunch as well. They didn’t seem in too much of a hurry to leave, but I told them I had to go to work at 8:00, but I was happy to spend they day with them and have a few drinks. Lunch rolled on at the Laguna and I was plying the two poor Khmer girls with more and more drink. They did seem to have a better tolerance than Old Eppo did. So to recap on the last 24 hours of low-end morals, I had picked up for free at the Beergarden, had sex on a stage in a bar with the pick-up and her daughter, screwed the pick-up, also up the ass, then found two Khmer girls in the lift, screwed them both as well all for 600 baht, a few (many) beers and a large lunch – I really don’t know if I had done well of I was just losing the plot.

CBD bangkok

It was only Monday afternoon and I was having designs on the Khmer girls again when the mobile phone rang. It was Ken from Blue-Lotus Tours telling me he had just arrived from something in Malaysia and he was the advance party for the main tour arriving 4 days later. Ken’s job was to do a quick run-around of all the bars on the Blue-Lotus list to make sure they were OK and still expecting the tour. Ken also told me that Matt had called and he wanted Ken to try to catch up with me. I told Ken where I was and he said he would be about 1-? hours and to wait or not to go too far. I thought this was a bonus, since I was hoping to catch up with Matt on my last day, which was his first day. I found out later that Matt was going to be up the next day since he wanted to do some stuff with Ken before the tour arrived. I kept entertaining the Khmer girls and after some more Prawns (Shrimp) and beer this larger than life guy in many ways appeared at the Laguna. He was tall, fit, tanned and looked the part. He strolled over “Tom”, “Yes” I replied, “I am Ken, I have just flown in from K-L and I need a feed and a beer”, Ok, I thought I was going to get a private Tour, I was happy to shout a Barramundi meal and some Rice. Barramundi is Australian for Deep Ocean Perch. Ken then picked some drink coasters from his pocket and placed them on the tables. They all had the Blue-Lotus stuff as well as the famous <> and the crab on it. Finally I was able to find out what the Crab meant, but not too soon. After the meal we went for a trip to Nana Plaza and swung into the G-Spot. I still had the Khmer girls in tow, and there seemed little chance of getting rid of them at this point. After a few at the G-Spot it was off to a few other bars at NEP, Ken seemed to be recognised and there was never any problems getting seats. Moving along the night got fast-paced and blurry. The Khmer girls lost interest at about the 5th bar and said their good-byes. That was fine by me. By the time we got up to Soi Cowboy, I was also starting to lose it as well. Ken obviously was doing his job and had more on his mind than showing me around. Although a bit disappointed, I wasn’t too worried since he had to check out a whole lot of bars and really I was just baggage. I decided to stay at the “Today” bar in the Soi Cowboy car park. It is a low key affair, but the people are nice and I played Jenga with the barman until about 1:40 AM. I didn’t take any girls home and I felt quite pure in my behaviour. Having the strength was another thing as well. I told the girls there my Girlfriend was coming back to Bangkok in the morning and I wanted to do the right thing. After explaining she was Thai, they seemed to accept it. Wandering back down Sukhumvit to the Hotel, I decided a Henna Scorpion Tattoo was going to look just dandy on my neck. Not just low on my shoulder but high up around my ear. I decided to get the Henna version before getting the real Ink done. Another hour and I was back in the hotel, feeling quite proud of myself. I had to wait about an hour before washing the tattoo.

Tuesday Morning: The phone in the hotel room woke me. This time it was May calling to tell me she was back in Bangkok and she was going to her apartment before coming to see me. She also told me she was going to be about an hour. I got up had another shower and saw the wonderful creation on my neck. Oh well, it looked good after I washed off the excess Henna. I went to Reception and registered May. I was able to give them her full Thai Name birth date etc. They registered her as my partner. At this point I was eternally grateful to Matt and also Colin from Blue-Lotus who told me to pay for two people rather than one. The difference was about 50 baht a night, when going through the right Travel Agent and this also included breakfast. I had some breakfast and went back to the room. On the pillow I noticed a huge black mark from where the Henna from the tattoo rubbed off onto the pillow. I also realised why so many people in the restaurant were giving me funny looks and keeping away. I fell asleep before I washed off the tattoo. Another shower and then I got the TV on and waited. There was a knock on the door and it was May. I honestly was so happy to see May, and she was happy to see me. When I left Bangkok last time she kept telling me that she thought I would not come back to Bangkok again. So she was so surprised and happy to see me finally. Until late that evening May was not very interested in leaving the Hotel room. She raised some suspicions about what I did the night before. I told her I went to a bar had a few drinks, got the tattoo (which she didn’t like) and went to the hotel alone. She did not seem convinced, particularly after I told her about the Jenga Game. I decided to make sure we went past the Today Bar. This would make sure the correct dis-information happened. Later, at the today bar I told May to ask the people at the Today Bar in Thai what I did there that evening. She was very happy and told me they said I had drunk too much and played a game with the Barman with wooden blocks. They also added that I kept talking about my girlfriend…. Ah, the false trail was well laid. We drank a bit more and went to the show at the Long-Gun Bar. There were some very nice girls there but this evening May only had eyes for me. After a Long night with May I had a long and peaceful sleep. I woke about 11:30 and felt quite energetic. May however had no interest in waking up at all and told me she wanted to sleep for a few more hours. I produced a vibrator I purchased in Sydney and started to arouse May with it, she was still not interested just saying “Sleepy” so I decided to do something completely different.

Wednesday Morning – with May asleep, this gave me the opportunity to call Paul, a Kiwi friend of mine making a fairly hard and honest living teaching. I have to admire him doing that, its more than I could put up with. Paul knew I was in town I called him and we were able to meet for an hour, have a “Farang” lunch and catch up. I briefed him on a few of the goings on, but I had a good time just chatting and catching up. Paul had a good point of view on lots of things going on in Bangkok and I listened with quite some interest. Hopefully one day he will come to Australia and I can return the favour. *** *** *** Back at the hotel room, a while later, May was still asleep. I felt like just feeling her warm body next to me, so I tool off my clothes and go into bed with her. She felt wonderful, and I just about fell blissfully asleep, when she got up and had a shower. I was then asleep when she got back into bed and she wasn’t completely dry. The way the droplets of water clung to her brown skin. After much passion and delight I fell asleep. Now May wanted to get up and do things, and all I wanted to do was sleep. I told May some time before that it would be nice to go for a swim in the hotel pool. So now May decided that she needed to go home to the other side of Bangkok and get her swimming gear. I had a small amount of curiosity to see her apartment, so I decided to come with her. May told me the fastest and cheapest way to get to her place was to go on the boat. Ok I thought I have heard a few things about the Klong Ferry, but I have never been on one. May took me down to the Nana wharf and we waited for this rather crowded boat to arrive. It stops quickly and each of the “Passengers” climbs on the Gunwales and holds on to a rope and then they climb in. Eventually you find a spot and if you are really lucky somewhere to sit, otherwise you stand. As far as entertainment is concerned its good stuff. You see all the locals doing what locals do rather than a rather polarised view of the world as the average whoremonger gets to see. Students, Factory Workers, Office staff, old women they all seem to get on the big ferry to the other parts of Bangkok. There is a nylon Tarpaulin attached to a number of ropes on pulleys which form a make-shift curtain. As other boats pass you pull down on this little rope to pull up the Tarpaulin to stop getting wet. The boat is fast and jumps around on all the wash created in the Klong. I have to say that for 15 Baht its good fun and a lot cheaper than the 200 – 250 Baht you would pay for a Taxi.

May Lived in an apartment block. She lived in a far nicer place than Eppo and it was many times neater and cleaner. This was also evident from the smell, or lack of bad smells. She had most of the modern conveniences like Air Con, VCD player etc etc. Whilst at Mays place we had some food and I also got to meet her neighbours and friends. Although it was a complete culture change from the “Cloistered” western culture of the various Hotels etc, it was a very interesting exercise. I am not going to go into May’s personal life here, but I got to understand her much more about her by visiting her at home. I recommend to anyone who has a Thai Girlfriend to get out there and spend as much time as you can with the family friends and understand as much as you can – it will certainly help you understand. I also discovered she was not a bargirl or a working girl if any sort. I did also find out that her brother had a Thai Massage place near Pantip Plaza. Since I needed merchandise from Pantip, I agreed to going down there for both some computer stuff and a massage. I am not going to go into any detail about Pantip and the claims about the stuff there. Yes I know this is getting boring, but I am trying to get to the point… So off we go to the Massage centre and I got a true genuine Thai Massage for 200 baht and no pressure for anything sexual. After the massage we went around the corner to a Thai restaurant and had dinner with May, her brother and some of May’s friends. This is quite strange, but we went next door and bought a bottle of 100 Pipers and we sat down and had Scotch with dinner. The food was ok and there was a house band that wasn’t really all that good, but the company was really good. Further to this May’s friends were interested in an Australian Boyfriend. Although May was offering me about, I still had Ken’s mobile number in the memory of my phone. I gave Ken from Blue-Lotus a call and he told me he was always interested in someone who wants a boyfriend but Matt was landing in about 2 hours and suggested he give me a call after he collected Matt at the Airport. A look at my watch and thought that 2 hours was an over-estimation. I got May to tell her friends that 2 of my friends were going to join us within about 2 hours. More food and 100 Pipers and a few more phone calls including May explaining to the Taxi Driver delivering Ken and Matt and eventually we were blessed with the presence of them both. During this period of course there was a considerable amount of 100 Pipers, and there was quite a party starting to happen. Matt speaks passable Thai, so he had a bit of a chat to May’s Brother and May in Thai. Matt then turned to me and strengthened his Australian accent, and said quietly and quickly and running all the words together “May’s friends were up for it and need a root”. May looked at Matt, smiled and said “Sorry” Mat replied in slow and clear English, “ I Think May and her friends would like to join us for all for a drink”. At this point I realised that Thai’s don’t understand Australian slang well, but when spoken quickly and quietly there is no chance at all when all the words join. We soon after moved on to a bar somewhere I have never been before and I cannot remember where it now is. I think its down near Khao-San Rd. I was very pleased with this as I did not want to have any possibility of meeting Eppo, or the Khmer girls. This bar was an indoor-outdoor event a bit like the Beergarden, but more of a tropical feel, meaning potted Palm Trees and Bamboo. The other nicety was they had a sports channel. This was my second last night in BKK, so I felt like having a big one. Big it was, and long. After the “Tropical Bar” we pushed on to a Bar in Nana Plaza I have never been to. It was on the top level and called Carnival or Carousel, it had a live band and a two-way rotating stage. Then it was down to the g-spot and an hour later we are over for a sleaze at Angels. We left Ken and one of May’s friends at Angels while the rest of us kicked on to a Bar on Sukhumvit opposite the Dollhouse. There were quite a few girls there and they were hungry for work. Matt Handed out a whole lot of business cards, we kept drinking and carrying on. The good old curfew pushed us out into the main street and we moved down to the Grace Hotel. I have to say that the disco there is not my thing and by the time we got there and found a spot, I was ready to give up, and go back to the Royal-XXXX Hotel. Wandering along mostly drunk my Mobile phone rang. I looked at my watch and it was almost 5:00 AM. I then stupidly answered the phone only to have my ex-wife on the phone. It was almost 8:00 AM in Sydney and she wanted me to tell the kids something before they got ready for school. To make matters worse, May wanted to talk to the ex and the kids, I am not going to go into it too much, but the ex was very pissed-off with me and so was May. In fact May was now yelling at me and walking off away from the hotel while she yelled at me – this was not going too well. We both got back to the Hotel, and to sum it up, things were less than passionate or even friendly.

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Thursday – the last full day before I have to go back to the mediocrity of my normal life. If fact I missed a fair bit of Thursday because I slept until almost 3:00 PM. I woke a few times during the night and knew it was going to be a “Low Energy” day. At about 4:00 we slipped into the pool and tried to have the coolness of the pool to get rid of my rather shocking hangover. The pool therapy barely worked, but I did get some relief. May looked terrible and the glare of the mid afternoon sun did not the situation any better. To make matters worse this family came along and they must have had 12 – 15 kids. They all jumped around and had really shrill voices and splashed me in the face a couple of times. I was not happy, and feeling none the better now, I went back to the room. May followed a bit later and eventually we made up for the fight we had the night before. It wasn’t too much of make-up since we were both feeling unwell and the fight the night before did not really make for a great romantic moment. The remainder of Thursday was interspersed with questions about me getting back with my ex-wife. May did not seem to accept the answer that my ex was living with someone else. It was at this point she asked me if I could find her an Australian boyfriend. I was saddened about her attitude, but I also agreed with her. I told her I knew a few people who were nice and I could make some enquiries. She seemed happier about this.

After some shopping and bill-paying, we went to lunch at the Seafood place and some more nice words started to make the situation a little bit better. We then went back to the hotel and had a few more beers. I decided that hangover or not I was going to make this a big night and I was going to enjoy myself. By this stage May was on the phone and talking loud in Thai. It seems that if you speak on a mobile phone in Thai you have to shout. We were going to meet up with her friends again from the massage centre and go to Radio City in Patpong. Although I did not say so, I thought this was not a great idea since the drinks there are expensive and her friends were going to consume a fair bit. I told her I wanted to start back at the really nice restaurant we went to the night before and meet her friends there, since I liked the food and the music was nice, and then we could move on to Radio City after dinner and things started happening there. May was a bit surprised but she agreed. I also told May that it might be nice to talk somewhere a bit quieter and then go on for the music. Loud Phone calls again and we were ok to meet in about 2 hours. I also discovered that May’s friends were still with Kan and Matt, so I did not have to make any calls myself, but there were some other friends coming from the massage centre. For the next hour or so May and I spent the whole time naked and doing what you see on the Discovery Channel. We now had truly made up and things were now a lot better. Before going to the Restaurant, I got 2 bottles of 100 Pipers, I was adamant I was going to fill up all May’s friends with some cheap stuff rather than the offerings at Radio City. One round of drinks at Radio City was about 900 baht, which is more than a bottle of scotch. OK so I am a tight bastard, but they appreciated the idea, and since no one else seemed to be able to buy a round of drinks, I did not care too much. So off on the BTS to Rachatewi and down to the restaurant. I got a table with May and after a while May’s friends showed after their shift at the massage centre but Matt and Ken were not coming. I made a phone call only to find they were on the 90 Baht special to Pattaya (the bus). Hen told me they “were scoping out a few new places”. I know the Blue Lotus guys are quite fastidious about the bars etc. I am keen to see their updates on their website – <> . The food was ok, the conversation mostly Thai, and I just kept pouring the 100 Pipers. After about 2 – 3 hours of this they were well and truly stewed, and the two who were with Matt and Ken decided to leave, which meant that there was 4 now in total left, May, her two remaining friends and me. You seem to be able to tell when they laugh quite loud and start touching you on the arms and legs. So a Taxi from the restaurant and we made it to Radio City. There was Elvis and Tom Jones, and the show was good fun. Only one round of drinks and the girls were drinking quite slow. Good my plan worked, and they all thought what a great guy I was for filling them up with really cheap alcohol. Well all good plans, don’t always work, these girls seemed to be able to drink like a sailor. After the show it was getting towards 2:00 am and time to go home, this would normally mean in polite company that it is time for unattached girls to go home, but no, they wanted to keep drinking and carrying on. Looking back, I think they had not been out with a westerner before or been treated politely by one. I really wanted to ditch the friends and get it on with May, being the last night and all. With my only help being well and truly installed in some exotic bar in Pattaya, I had only me own resources to fall on. Once again it was going to be an endurance event rather than a “quick sprint for home”. I asked May if she knew any where we could go for a drink, she chatted to her friends and we ended up pretty much going back to from what I could see was Rachatewi, or at least near Rachatewi.

Now we were at a low key bar, with the Karaoke and a few Thai’s sitting around having a drink. Without even making eye contact with the waiter, we had a jug of beer and some glasses. I had previously decided to let them drink themselves out, but instead I decided to party on, and at worst sleep on the plane on the way home. I started to get into the swing of things and May told me her friends also wanted Australian boyfriends as well. I was in no hurry to match-make now 3 girls, but I agreed, and at least I would put an ad in the paper for them. I also came to notice that I could see through the buttons of the blouse of one of the other girls and I could almost see her nipple. With us all being quite drunk, I really didn’t care if I was caught looking either. The yabbering in Thai continued and my evil thoughts started to run wild. Her breast was quite round and the surrounding skin looked very soft. I was distracted at this point buy another round of drinks and May asked me if I was happy, automatically, I responded “Yes”. Under the guise of interest in finding boyfriends, I start probing some personal questions from May’s two friends. One was 18 and the other was 22, the older one I was not particularly interested in, but she kept touching me and carrying on. I found out that the 18 year old was from somewhere near Khon Kaen, and came to Bangkok to work and a husband. She had a few boyfriends, but nothing particularly serious. She didn’t have a current boyfriend and had not had one for over 6 months, but she was looking. She had not had a baby, she was sexually active with the right person. Her name was something like Nong. She had the look if a really pretty “Peasant Girl” who you would just like to walk up to in the rice paddy and give her one in the middle of the harvest….. The older one came from the same village as May, and had a baby when she was 16. The baby now lived with her family. She would not say the name of the baby or much about the father, I gathered this was the friend that May could not find that night I met her at the Thermae, I also think they were both on a bit of a “Man-hunt” that night. Her name was something like Mood-draw. I also detected that neither of them knew that May and I were and item, so each time I touched and looked, May could not do too much, since she was also playing a bit of a game. As we kept drinking, Moon-draw kept giving me a back massage and quite obviously touching me. I kept steeling glances of Nong’s breasts and I finally I got caught by her. I looked at her straight in the eyes and smiled, I also blew her a tiny kiss, and she smiled. The Moon-draw also noticed this (probably May as well) and she gave me a big wet kiss. By the time 5:30 rolled on and the bar was closing, no one was really interested in stopping, so I made the bold move of suggesting we go back to my hotel room and keep drinking. The two friends weren’t too impressed, but I told May to explain to them that it would be a good idea to have a shower and some sleep away from their respective apartments so that the people they shared with would not think they had been out with strangers all night. This got a casual agreement, so we paid up and got a taxi back to the Royal-XXXX Hotel.

After stopping off for some more 100 Pipers and some food we were driving towards the hotel when I remembered the pillow-fee, This was going to sting me 1000 Baht, which I could ill afford. I had another stroke of luck when I saw people absolutely everywhere in the foyer. There were 3 bus-loads of Japanese Golf people, and the 4 of us were able to make it to the lifts without much being noticed. Once in the room, I told my 3 guests that I wanted to have a shower and to freshen up, then they could take their time without having to worry about me wanting to use the bathroom. The truth of it was I wanted to get my clothes off as soon as possible and see how much Thai culture the enormous amount of alcohol had worn off. Now in the shower I was plotting all sorts of evil schemes, each one I could feel my cock tingle a bit, the thing that was in the front of my mind was the breasts of the Nong. Now having the warm water made me feel better I was about to get out of the shower when May and Moon-draw burst in the door. I could see that one had thrown-up on the other, I was there naked and the other two were rapidly removing their clothes. I told May that I would call the laundry and get their clothes cleaned ASAP. I grabbed the clothes and went back into the room to get the laundry bag. I forgot Nong was in the room and she just gave me a big smile when she saw me naked. I took this as a clue since normally the Thai’s don’t like naked bodies. I pretended to be a bit embarrassed, went back to the bathroom and got a towel to wrap around myself. May and Moon-draw were now cleaning up, May in the shower and Moon-draw in the bath. Moon-draw looked at me and I just smiled and licked my lips. I now went back to the room to see Nong falling asleep, so I picked up the phone for the laundry and spoke quite loud. This woke her up a bit and I signalled to her to give me her clothes for laundry. Nong climbed under the sheets and then handed me all her clothes, I then scouted around the room and found any other girls clothes I could and put them all in the laundry bag. So I tossed the Laundry bag outside next to the door, so if you opened the door, you could not clearly see the bag, and I locked the door. Now feeling quite evil I closed the curtains so there was very little light in the room and I climbed under the sheets as well. The only light was switched on and off by the switch by the bed. I got a startled look from Nong, and I smiled at her looked at her in the eyes and said “Mai pan rai” (Thai for it doesn’t matter). She smiled back, but instead of being polite, I kissed her, and I think she enjoyed the attention and she put her arms around my neck and hugged me and kissed me. I could also feel her breasts against me, and I was getting a hard-on. At about this moment the bathroom door opened with May and Moon-draw came into the room. They both had a towel around them, and they sat down, Moon-draw on the bed and May on a chair. Moon-draw got a drink and offered Nong one and also me. May started to do her hair also got a drink. She asked where the clothes were and I said “Laundry”. She was happy with this and I sat up in bed and put the drink on my hard-on, to try to disguise it. Moon-draw knew what was going on, but the nice thing was that I could clearly see Nong’s breasts under the sheets, since sitting up had moved the sheet a bit. May found some music on the TV and we had music and more drink. Moon-draw was the one who really took the initiative and came around, sat behind me and gave me another back massage. May didn’t seem too impressed, but it was my last day. I started to notice each time she went to my lower back, her hand that was most under the sheet went on a little journey towards my thigh. To cover up what was going on I pulled the sheet up around my chest but I kept it tight with my foot, so the sheet was more like a tent. Moon-draw took the hint and the next time her hand went down she gave me now excited dick a really nice stroke. May was also obviously very drunk and she was dancing around in the room only holding the towel against her. Each time she moved around you could see her butt and also the tiny amount of her pubic hair. This degraded into Moon-draw giving me a hand job, but Nong was watching with some interest. I pulled down the sheet a bit and I had Nong’s nipple about 10 cm from my mouth, I just leaned over and gave it a little suck, Nong instinctively put her hand on the back of my head. It was like a little dream (maybe a drunken blur) and I heard May yell out “Hey”, I thought I was done at this point, and she said “What you Doing”, Nong had removed her hand I turned to May and told her I wanted to lick her pussy. One thing I know is that Thai girls seem to absolutely melt when they have their pussy licked. She looked a bit puzzled, but I again said “ Lick your pussy”, and I started to make an up and down movement on my top lip with my tongue, she seemed to freeze, I then got up out of bed, hard-on and all, ant I went over to May and out my arms around her. I whispered in her ear again “Lick your pussy” and I guided her onto the bed in the gap I left. The towel was gone and the top sheet was not covering too much. As May lay down I turned off the light and the only illumination was from the TV. I came at her from the side. May put her legs apart and I pulled may onto her side and went to work, so we formed a sort of right-angle. May was showing her appreciation. After a while it must have played on Moon-draw’s mind and she went back to giving me a hand-job, since I had drunk so much, I was not going to “Finish” for a while, but May was starting to get very excited. I was so drunk and my lustful urges were well in control of me. May started to moan loudly and move around a lot, when I decided to give her the full treatment. I tightly held her and kept working, after about 5 minutes she started yelling really loudly and having body shakes and spasms, her legs were jerking around and it was like her whole body went off at once, at that point I knew she had “finished”. May said “No more No More – finished” so I stopped, and May just rolled up into a ball and went to sleep. My drunken urges were no way satisfied, and the Hand-job from Moon-draw was not making things much better. Nong was my real object of desire, and she looked ready for it. I moved up to her and started massaging her pussy, I also got back to her nipple, and Moon-draw was still giving me a hand job, though not particularly fast. One thing I really liked about Nong was she had a large clitoris. It grew from nothing into about the size of a baked bean, and it was good fun to play with. I gave her different attention to May, just gently rubbing it with my finger and blowing on it and giving it the odd lick. I was getting tired of the Hand-job and I told Moon-draw to give me a blow job, she sort of moved my torso around while I was still having great fascination with Nong’s clitoris. I realised what a good worker Moon-draw was, and she was obviously practiced in performing the oral arts. As I became more lust crazed, I then kept massaging Nong’s swollen clitoris. I remembered the vibrator I brought for May, so I was ably to get my hand in to the draw beside the bed and get it onto Nong’s pussy. I turned it on slow and she was pleased very quickly. I was also getting very pleased and I came in Moon-draw’s mouth. Nong was the next to finish, which left me with some work with Moon-draw.

I am not going to go into any more graphic detail, we all had fun, but at the end of the episode I was awoken by the phone and it was the hotel asking me if I was going to check out today or not. Suddenly reality hit me and I knew it was time to return to “normality” the rules of society and all that. The hotel in their only moment of generosity allowed me a 2:00 pm check out. Without going into a lot of boring detail, the girls were difficult to wake up in time for me to check-out. Fortunately the clothes arrived in time from the laundry. Nong and Moon-draw left for work, which left May and me for an hour or so to pass before we went to the airport. During this time, May certainly did enjoy the vibrator and she had a great time with it. She didn’t seem to care too much about what happened the night before, but time will tell.

Into the Taxi and off to the airport. I was able to check in without any drama and had a small meal with May before I had to go through immigration. With half an hour before boarding, I said my good bye to May and I gave her 10,000 Baht. I did not do this for payment, rather to help her financially. I also knew that her financial situation would be ok until I returned. I did find out a thing or two about her and that she did not work, and had some sort of minor annuity from a previous lover. She was very appreciative and told me she wanted to come to Australia and live with me. I just told her that it was a good idea and I would see what I could do.

The return flight was filled with visions of the previous week, and how I really didn’t want to return to Sydney, the Taxi ride from the airport to home confirmed this. My next course of action is to try to move to Bangkok permanently. I think I will be at least a candidate for a Blue Lotus tour guide…

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