Stickman Readers' Submissions February 26th, 2003

Oldy Puts The Boot In

By Old Boldy

As there are so many people weighing in with all kinds of wild exaggerations and cringing clichés regarding bargirls, and indeed the whole matter of prostitution in the Big Chilli, I thought why not make a useful, reasoned contribution to soothe troubled minds and facilitate greater human understanding. But then I thought 'what the heck I'll just throw in my own barrel load of crap too.' It's more fun that way!

He Clinic Bangkok

First of all any Thai woman (bargirl or not) beats her farang counterpart hands down, so any submission by a farang women needs to be taken with a large pinch of salt, because it may be driven by a sense of envy. In addition, having a farang women (or a westernised Eurasian woman) write about love, relationship and sincerity is a bit like listening to the Sermon on the Mount from the devil Himself. When I feel down about my relationship (I am married to a Thai woman) I at least tell myself that whatever problem I have it could be worse, because by rights I should be hitched up to an English woman. The truth is most English women are plain, and seem to lack any femininity. They go past their sell by date quickly too. Once they reach a certain age they can become real spoilers. Quite what any farang woman is doing in Bangkok is beyond my understanding anyway. A lot of Thai women (including the wife) laugh at them. That's because they are a joke.

Second, how about leaving these poor, ugly, old, no good, fat, balding farangs alone (if they exist anyway). Most guys (of an age) I meet are alright and come over to find a woman (just the one) and sometimes even marry. OK it really bugs you that the bargirls seem to like them, and that they like the bar girls- but live and let live. Go look for another big bad wolf. Or better still look at your own failings, because nobody doing the bar girl rounds is so virtuous. I get the impression that some contributors never really got over the fact that their Dad beat them at Monopoly, or that they got kicked out the schoolboy choir when their voice broke. By the way older people do have sex, and your Mummy and Daddy did it too!

Indeed, how about some of the younger contributors getting off their high horses concerning the supposed amorality of bar girls. If they are 'bad girls' at least they have an excuse. Anyway, if you want to date Mary Poppins don't go to Soi Cowboy. Reading between the lines, I can't help but sense the attitude 'all women are whores'. This is not true, moreover, I would contend that as far as Thailand is concerned 'not all whores are whores either'. The issue is not as simplistic as your tiny minds might want it to be. My advice is to trade up from Sesame Street to Little House on the Prairie ASAP- you never know you might grasp the big stuff before your time is through, and believe me, one day you too will get old.

CBD bangkok

Perhaps my vitriolic barrage is partly explained by the fact that I am currently sitting back in a very cold Farangland having endured a gruelling and as yet unfinished winter, however I think there is also an element of rough justice at play here. Perhaps, also I'm stretching a point to make a point. We can all genuinely believe ourselves to be virtuous without realising just how repugnant we appear to others, or how our opinions are by no means welcomed by all. I know this, the point is how many other contributors do?

PS Would any teacher who seriously believes that anything under 30,000 baht a month is even worth considering as a viable living wage in Bangkok please piss off, because you haven't got the right qualifications, you don't do the job well, can't have enough money to be enjoying yourself, and are generally hated by fellow teachers, and locals. You are also stupid, or spoilt rotten, and possibly the both.

Stickman says:

Those British Winters can make people do and say some strange things. I do however love the point you make about us being unable to realise just how repugnant we are to others.

nana plaza