Stickman Readers' Submissions February 19th, 2003

Butterflying – The Only Way

"All readers submissions about relationships with girlfriends, bar-girl or Thai wives have a common theme – or, I should say, ingredient. And that is money."

I myself have enough experience on all counts to know where its all at. Being on the point of breaking my relationship with my Thai girlfriend and her ungrateful family, I have concluded that the best way is "The Butterfly Way.." (said with a Chinese accent)

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No matter what you do and how much you are both in love, things are bound to get unpleasant some time in the future. The only truly happy Thai wife is the one who has complete financial security – and control. Even the one with the purest heart will succumb to pressures from their family and turn greedy and overpowering.

The best policy is to view the Thai woman as a figure from myths and legends. Like mermaids and nymphs who are half human. They can have compelling beauty but lack certain human qualities. Out of jealousy or possessiveness they might even kill you.

Our greatest mistakes when we encounter those irresistible women is to give away our heart. This is exactly what you should not do. The right path would be to take what is offered and make the most of it. Then move on. The butterfly just picks the nectar from each flower and flies off.

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There is no need to try and bring permanence to a short period of true bliss. This is when you kill the dream. Furthermore, the besotted ends up becoming the prey.

My attitude is that the more you indulge in "butterflying", the more you end up smelling of nectar and attracting more girls. This is a fact (any playboy or Casanova will admit this). When you reach that high level of being you become a highly prized punter. They will sense that you have power and respect you for it.

The next step is to achieve the alchemist trick and convert base metal to gold, i.e. change your bar girl into a reliable and trustworthy partner for ever. Changing from bad to good is always better than vice versa.

The adage "Once a bar girl…always a bar girl" need not apply. True support and companionship cannot be faked and you will know when you are in the right company.

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Every male visitor to Thailand will never fail to notice that very special characteristic of the Thai girl (especially on his first visit). It is that mixture of gentleness, charm, genuine warmth and caring which is projected..and that smile!

It seems to be that the physiognomy of a Thai girl is such that her lips always recede away from her teeth, of their own accord (rather like our foreskin does) revealing perfect teeth. Their smile acting as a tonic and is given out in total selflessness. Here lies the secret of the failure of the farang girl, who estimates that giving out a smile from the heart will somehow deplete her precious reserve that she keeps for her future prince, boss and peers.

While talking to you a bar girl or gogo girl will give herself totally to the conversation and her smile will come from the heart. Whilst her ultimate motive may be money, her vulnerability will be evident. The chemistry is strong and no shields are raised.

I would suggest to fellow punters to treat Thai girls as very fragile material. If they fall for your charm, they really fall one hundred per cent. Jealousy and possessiveness will ensue. They do not deserve to be hurt. They can cause havoc in your life but that comes from the lack of balance in their character.

I think it is best to have many favourites from many bars (not close to each other). A butterflying neophyte should select one from each of the categories that tickles his fancy. For example, a petite type, a tall one, a curvy one, a small-breasted one, a large breasted one, a long-haired one , a short-haired one, one from Isaan, one from Lao, one from Northern Thailand (my favourite), one from (dare I say) Burma, and so on. This balance is sure to maintain an equilibrium in our hero and lead him to higher achievement.

I have seen a few well seasoned butterflies operating. Some of them are in their very late years. You should hear the gasps of pleasure when one of these guys walk in. All the girls surround him and hug him. Yes indeed, he has an abundance of nectar and shares it, making the world a better place.

If there is one thing that a Thai girl has a keen sense for it's 'a good heart'. If you have it you will be rewarded. How to get it? Well, deploy yourself and explore the limitless combination of shapes, sizes and temperaments. The nightlife of Thailand offers this unique opportunity. You will come out of it wiser, fitter and happier.

Stickman says:

Hmmm….quite where do I start to comment on this one?

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