Stickman Readers' Submissions February 21st, 2003

American Farang Women: Your Time Has Passed

By Big C

This article deals with some touchy subjects about the westernized woman contrasted to the eastern woman. I make no apologies for my viewpoints, nor will I ever make excuses for my desires as a man. Let's be candid for a moment and look in the mirror. As men we all have a desire for love and intimacy. We are human and need human contact to stay emotionally and physically healthy, even farang English teachers in Thailand.

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My previous American amour made me realize that a man has to stay true to his values at all costs. My American girlfriend did the following despicable acts during our brief courtship:

· Ran a credit check on me
· Had a background investigation performed
· Contacted my business references listed on my resume
· Contacted my parents and spoke with them at length about me
· Tried to engage me in a physical confrontation with her previous boyfriend
· Alienated a number of my close friends
· Tried to get me to co-sign a loan document for her

We were at dinner at an upscale establishment when she told me of the credit check and background investigation. I dumped my glass of wine on her head and left. The next day she called me at work and made a weak attempt at an apology for invading my privacy. She said she was serious about making our relationship work. In my mind there was no relationship, just another example of a western woman attempting to dominate her selected mate. I left for Thailand a week later, came back in three weeks a changed man.

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I would characterize my ex girlfriend as a typical example of the western woman:

· Neurotic
· Domineering
· Invasive
· Demanding
· Catty
· Unfulfilled
· Unhappy
· Jealous
· Greedy
· Tactless
· Desperate
· Deceitful

Some of these adjectives could be used to describe Thai women. There is a difference and those who have been to Thailand know what I mean. Thai women seek "a good heart" above all else when they are looking for a mate. Thai women will have some bad traits including greed, jealousy, and deceit. The bad traits can be overcome with some work and attention on your part.

Contrasting the Thai woman with the western woman. Here's a subject every feminist would love to dispute, then pillory me for having stated such a viewpoint:

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1. Thai women want to please their men. Simple isn't it?
2. Western culture: The woman demands obedience from her man, fail her in this respect and you won't have sex.
3. Thai women give love because they are feminine and wish to be loved in return.
4. Western women seek love because they demand it. The feminine aspects of western women are now seen as a weakness.
5. Thai women will flirt with you because it is fun.
6. Western women will flirt with you because they have to do this to be accepted as woman.
7. Thai women are accepting of minor character flaws if you have a "good heart".
8. Western women are not accepting of any character flaws, no matter how small. They are conditioned from a young age to seek the impossible man: someone with no character flaws or past digressions.
9. Thai women are accepting of "average" looking men. Good personal appearance is a must, but you don't have to be a "Greek God".
10. Western women desperately seek men with "Greek God" looks. When this search eventually fails, they settle for an "average guy" and then bitterly resent their failure.

Feminism is good: OK, you can stop laughing now. In the truest sense, feminism is a movement to equalize the social, economic, and psychological rights of women in modern society. Every movement religious or otherwise has its zealots and ultra-conservative goons. Aye, there's the rub! The most vocal manage to get their points known and thus assimilated into our western culture.

Here is a fact every man knows: Women think and feel differently from men. Their behavior and relationships are different from men. It is natural for a woman to try and mould her mate to her "ideal" conception of a man. Men are fairly simple creatures. We need to have love and desire a woman who will fulfil our expectations emotionally and sexually. We desire a "mother" in some shape or form. I know that this leads down the path to Freudian Psychology and the Oedipus complex, but it is nevertheless true.

Genetics and Primitive motivations: Why am I bringing up this esoteric topic? Because males should understand their primitive side. I'm not advocating going out on a man's bonding trip, dancing around the campfire naked, banging drums, grunting, and discussing "maleness" with self styled "Guy Gurus". I merely wish to shed light on the topic of our primitive drives.

Ever wonder why Thai girls elicit such primitive and lustful feelings in you? The answer is because you are a male seeking to find a genetically strong mate (or just plain horny?), For an example, look no further than Iceland. My ancestors, the Vikings, populated Iceland. These adventuresome chaps would gather the most beautiful women from the villages they raided and then take them back to Iceland. They instinctively knew that the best looking women would be good mothers (they were a bunch of horndogs). Beautiful people are treated differently in society. They are given more attention, more opportunity, and thought of with more respect. The women of Iceland are complete knockouts: Blond, Blue Eyed, Big Breasted (well, most of them anyway). With the previous statement in mind let's think about the topic of beauty. The old master painters loved plump and curvy women.

If you look at the paintings from Degas Et all you will see that the women are beautiful, pleasing faces, but a bit on the hefty side. Fat women are now seen as ugly cows because of our modern concept of beauty. Physically ugly people are unlikely to mate with a beautiful counterpart. The reason is part societal prejudice and part primitive genetic drive. I could write a paper on this topic, but will spare you the agony of reading it and having an English Teacher in Thailand complain about my poor grammar and sentence construction, not to mention my choice of topics.

Thai women will treat you far better than their feminist counterparts in the west. They have been taught from a young age to treat men with respect. Western women have been taught to treat men with indifference. This sad fact is due to the differences in our respective societies culture and core value systems.

Western women tend to despise eastern women because they see them as submissive and willing to put up with outrageous male behavior. This hatred of eastern women by western feminists has a controversial connotation. Western women are simply jealous of their eastern counterparts. Am I full of bovine excrement? You be the judge.

Some food for thought:

· Women instinctively want a man they cannot control (the bad boy attraction)
· Women want a strong disciplinarian and masculine figure that reminds them of their father.
· Women desire a dominant male in their lives so they can feel feminine.

If you are not totally disgusted and confused by my views, then let's summarize Bangkok: I came, I saw, I conquered, I got laid (daily, for three weeks).

Regarding Bangkok and the wonderful girls: As one of my heroes said "I shall return".

Stickman says:

I have been away from the West for sufficiently long that I really cannot comment on this, but I have to say that reports from some American gentlemen, like yourself, have certainly made me think that a good number of American women are doing their best to aspire to the title of "the original bitch". Still, most American women that I have met seem perfectly pleasant

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