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The Love Of Thailand And The Nightlife

The Love For Thailand And The Nightlife

It was in December of the year 2000 that I first came to Thailand. It was an organised trip for one week. First we would have 3 days in the capital and then four days relaxing on the beaches of Phuket. I didn’t read a lot about it and was expecting all kind of thing to see in that strange country. I had heard the strangest stories about the girls and I always responded that the nightlife (prostitution) was not my kind of thing to do, let alone partake in it. Those parties I intended not to have and stay away from it. I would come to Thailand for the food, the culture, the nature, the people, etc…

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After a very comfortable flight of 12 hours I remember that we first landed in Phuket for a short stop of 1 hour and after that flew on to Bangkok. I asked the stewardess if I could get off the plane to take a quick smoke and have myself some fresh air. She opened the back door of the plane and I walked out. Wow what heat was the first thing I noticed. The blue sky, the hot sun, the heat, I liked it right from the start. Mostly because I come from a country where it was cold and rainy at that time, Winter time to be more specific. I stood there in the opening of the door for about 10 minutes and then I left the plane for a walk around and a quick smoke in the airport building. After an hour or so I returned to my seat ready for the last short flight of 1 hour to Bangkok. There would start my first week in the land of smiles. Arriving at Bangkok International Airport we were taken through passport control, baggage, customs, and then guided to the bus that would take us to our hotel. (Century Park Hotel) At the bus our guide had arranged a local girl dressed in local clothes for a picture together with the girl. It was nice of him to tell us that if we like, we could put our arms around her for better picture. I was happy to do so and she was a beauty and had a very nice smile on her face. I still have the picture and it’s a nice memory. When everybody had taken his or her picture the bus left the airport for the trip to the hotel. On the bus we got the first info about Thailand and some info on what to expect in our 1 week stay. I was also looking outside and I noticed the traffic, the big tall buildings, the ugly bridges, the many food stalls, the people. I liked it and it was all very new to me. What an exciting experience already.

Finally arriving at the hotel we were taken to a hall where we were offered a welcome drink and our guide explained to us what we would do here and gave us some info on the sightseeing tour. After that we went to the room, which was nice and comfortable. The hotel was big and the service and food were excellent. After a shower in the room and some chaging into something more suitable for the heat outside, we got back downstairs ready for the sightseeing.

The first was the royal temples. Never before I had seen such beautiful buildings and temples. It was amazing how it all was built and nicely decorated both inside and outside. The guideexplaned and gave most interesting info on the complex. After that we went to visit another temple and inside was an image / statue of a reclining Buddha. Wow it was big. 15 metres long and we were told it was pure solid gold. Was that possible I wondered to myself? Today I still think it is not solid gold but covered with. Then we were taken to the river and did a boat trip trough the klongs. I saw houses on the water and how poor those people live. How friendly they all were and how they waved us back and put on a big smile. To me it was an exciting experience and was enjoying it a lot. I liked it from the start and it could not go wrong, not knowing what the rest of the trip would bring me.

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We visited HM The King’s royal boats and they were beautiful. Never seen anything like it before. After that we were taken back to the bus to return to the hotel. The guide told us some historical facts and anything a guide is supposed to talk about while driving trough Bangkok streets. The traffic was chaotic and it took quite some time for the trip to the hotel.

Back in the room I took a refreshing shower (all sweaty and wet by the heat) and got dressed up and ready for dinner. There was a large buffet with all kinds of food. Do I have to tell you the food was excellent and I had a great dinner? Thinking back on what I saw on the tour and how I already enjoyed my stay here.

After dinner I of course wanted to explore the city on my own. There I found myself downstairs at the reception of the hotel wondering where I could go to in this big city to have a bit of fun. Some beers would do very nice and if it was possible some company to have a chat with and some dancing. So I thought the best thing to do was to ask the lovely lady behind her desk. She instantly understood my question and asked if it was woman I wanted or some normal decent amusement. I wented the decent amusement as I did not want to look like a sex tourist or something. And as I said before, that was not my intention for coming. She showed me a map and pointed out that the “Hard Rock Café” (HRC) would possibly fulfil my liking. So I went out with in my hand a piece of paper with the address written in Thai to show to the taxi driver. I showed the driver the paper and also told him to put on the meter and of he went. After a short ride I arrived at the HRC, paid the taxi and went in for a look.

The place was quite full and finally I found myself a spot at the bar and ordered myself a drink. Looking around while drinking my beer I noticed that there wasn’t much to see and I realised that this would not be a place to have my fun. Finished my beer went out for a look around the neighbourhood. Thinking maybe there was another place that would suit me better. So while I was walking up and down the road suddenly a taxi driver stopped me and asked what I was looking for. I replied that I was looking for some fun. He showed me a folder of a place he would bring me to and I could have a look inside there and if I did not like it he would take me to another place. Looking at the pictures inside the folder I realised that it had to do something with girls. I remember it took some minutes for him to talk me into it but I decided to go. After a short ride I arrived at a big building with no windows. The driver walked me to the door and as two “bodyguards” opened the door for us I thought well at least they have security here. Those made me feel a bit more safe. Inside I saw the “fishbowl” and the 50 or so girls sitting behind it. A guy asked me which girl I wanted and after a few seconds I was introduced to my pick. What happened after that, the rest of you guys reading this site already know. Putting you into the bathtub, next comes the body-to-body massage, after that you are taken to bed there you receive a massage that ultimately leads to sex. I am not going into the details but I want to tell you that for me it was an amazing experience and I enjoyed myself completely. Hey I got two shots with the girl and she was real sweet to me.

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Back outside the driver who brought me was of course not there anymore. He had promised me to take me back after I was finished. Damn there I stood with no more money in my pockets somewhere in Bangkok and no taxi ride back to the hotel. So I figured out that I stop a taxi, tell him that I would pay at the hotel and ask if he would take me. At the hotel I told him that I would go take money and come back within a minute. I paid the taxi and went back to my room.

Back into my room while thinking back on what happened just that night, I was surprised how quickly that you can get into the famous nightlife and the girls of pleasure. I had no intention of doing those things but the first night out it happened to me! Ok I admit that the folder was a give away but as a first timer where else could I go. Walking some more up and down the street was not my idea of fun also. Ignoring the guy was something I did not want to and in the building I was to nervous to just walk out and get away as fast a possible. Imagine that those guys would try to stop me. After all I was completely new and did not want to cause any problems at all, so I did what I was told to do. But in the end not a bad night out after all.

The next day we went to visit more tourist places and again it was a very exciting tour. I had the same feeling as the first day and I liked it all. After returning to the hotel our guide informed us that he would show us the most famous road of Bangkok. Yes Patpong was the destination of our evening sightseeing tour. We left the hotel (they had arranged some taxis for the whole group) and about ten minutes later I found myself walking together with the rest of the group down the night market there. It was very busy and I was amazed at the variety of things you could buy for very low prices. In Belgium most things are a lot more expensive. The guide decided that we would also have to visit a gogo bar. I guess you can imagine how my eyes popped out of my head seeing all of those beautiful girls dancing on that stage. I had never seen this before and was excited from the start. We all had a drink (beer for me, Singha) and had some fun. After some time a girl came to talk to me, she was very friendly. I paid her drink and soon she was sitting on my lap, flirting and having fun together. Suddenly the rest of the group wanted to leave and I told the girl that I could not stay cause I wanted to stick with the group. Our guide told me that they were going back to the hotel but if I wanted that I could stay. Do I have to tell you that I went back to the bar? The girl then explained to me how the system worked and I did barfine her after also discussing a price. Soon I found myself with this sweet beauty into a short time hotel and had great fun. After that I took her for another drink, we talked a bit. Her English was not to good but she could make herself understood. She told me some more about the whole scene and about herself. I told her my experiences and how much I already enjoyed myself over here. After that she wanted to go home and took a taxi, which I had to pay for. I also decided to go back to the hotel to get some well deserved sleep.

The last day in Bangkok I remember that in the evening outside walking a taxi driver stopped me. He explained to me that he was the one that took me to the hotel last night. I could not believe my eyes. How the hell could I run into the same taxi driver in a city this big? Later I was told that most taxi drivers keep circling around your hotel in case that they might get some more money out of you. He invited me to go with him and said that he would show me around. First of all I wanted to see if I could trust him. So I let him take me to another massage parlour and told him that he would have to come back to pick me up, he then could show me some more of Bangkok. To my surprise he did came back to pick me up. The rest of the night I had found myself a personal driver and he guided me around the city. He also showed me a local disco where Thai people go and it was fun to see. I also found out that the prices of drinks are cheaper if he went to buy them. That's double pricing I was told. He also took me to some more bars were we had some more drinks and I enjoyed the whole evening a lot? I remember that I paid him 400 baht, not much I know but it was all I had left over when he returned to the hotel. To me it was a reasonable price knowing that I also paid him a drink every time we visited another bar. So he also had some sort of a night out and still got paid for it.

The next day we left Bangkok and had a flight to Phuket for our remaining four days of our trip. In Phuket we stayed at Kata Noi Beach in a nice 4 star hotel. I remember that it was a lot more quite compared to Bangkok but it also had a nice atmosphere and the people were friendly and the price a little bit cheaper to. There I met this fellow from Sweden on the first night out. He was sitting at the same bar and (not a girl bar) we got talking. He noticed that I was new to the place and he invited to take me on his motorcycle to show me around. We visited some of the bars he frequently went to and we had a great night out sharing some laughs and some beers. During that night I met this little beauty he knew of. I only talked to her then and was surprised how well she could speak English. She had curly hair, a very nice smile, very friendly and one of the first things she told me was: I like you. I was interested from the start! The next evening I went out on my own and went straight to the bar where luckily the girl from last night still was.

It didn’t take long before we were kissing and touching each other just like how a newly formed couple. It all felt so exciting and it did not feel like I was dealing with a prostitute (bar girl). We sat there for hours and when the bar closed I decide that we could go to some disco to have some more fun and some dancing. I checked my wallet, which was empty, so I needed to get some cash. Now the ATM machine near by was not working, not wanting to go to the hotel to pick up some cash, I had a little problem. She noticed and decided we should take a taxi to nearest village for another ATM and try there. That one was not working also. She told the taxi driver to take us to another one, which also did not work. She noticed that I had a big problem there and that the night would end a little bit sooner than we originally had in mind. I was thinking the same and also a bit of ashamed that I was out of cash. All of a sudden she turns up with 500 baht holding in her hands. “I give you, you give back tomorrow ok? We go disco now ok?“ She said while trying to give me the money. What? She, a poor bar girl, helping out a rich falang, trusting me that I would give it back tomorrow? I was surprised and did not want to take the money from her. What would she think of me? But also realised that if I did not take the money I could not get back to the hotel. She insisted that I took the money and pushed me into the taxi. She told the driver to go to some place and at arrival there she paid the driver from her money I got from her. She actually took the lead and I felt that this girl guided me. She was helping me out. The disco was great and we figured that we only had money for one large can of beer. For me that was more than enough as I was more interested in the girl. In the disco there was a band playing some music and I remember they were doing a great job. We had fun, enjoyed our beer, had some dancing, but most of time we were cuddling up with each other and kissing passionately. Again another great night out. I did not take her to my room and she did not ask for it. She decided to go home and I returned to the hotel after promising her that I would give her back the money the next evening.

That's when I realised that even though these girls are hookers and only work for their money, that they also are willing to help you if they noticed you have a problem. Thai people are friendly and also some of the girls are not only trying to separate you from your money as quickly as possible. Anyway to me it was again a whole new experience, which I liked. Adding another thing why I liked Thailand from the start.

On another night I decided to take a taxi and get my ass down to the centre of the nightlife on Phuket. Patong Beach was my destination and place for beers and fun that night. After ten or so minutes driving, the car dropped me of at the main road right in the middle of the action. Wow all these bars loaded with girls, the big neon lights, the music, the setting was right and I was feeling great. First thing to do is grab myself a beer to get in the right mood, in the first bar were I spotted a few nice looking girls. A couple of drinks later and some small chatting with girls in some others bars I started walking around. Looking for some more bars with gorgeous ladies and cool beers. Out of nowhere suddenly comes a cutie walking straight in my direction. “Where you go?” She asks in her basic English. I am just walking around I replied. “Like to come to my bar?“ she asks. Me, thinking why not, accepted her offer and followed her.

While walking to her bar I started looking at her and noticing she was not too bad at all but deep inside my brain some sort of warning bell went off silently. Not knowing yet what it was exactly, something was not right or not as it should be. I mean she had that nice little body, a very cute face, a nice smile and some nice body curves but there was that something. Arriving at her bar we ordered ourselves a drink (beer for me and a whiskey for her) and started chatting and playing some of those games you play in the bars. (Connect four). Her English was ok and her playing tactics was at level also meaning I had some difficulty to win the game from her.

Soon enough we started kissing and she made me decide that I would barfine her. After I paid the bill we walked out. Still inside me there was this little warning but I thought let’s wait a little bit longer and have myself a bit more fun. She decided that we should go to her place and jumped right into a taxi. Me finding things going a little bit to fast that way (because of this warning) stopped and said that we should first walk around and have a drink somewhere else first. She agreed and she guided me into this big store building. Maybe, because I said something before about me buying her a present. Stupid me! That way I would get some extra time to find out what this warning could be. In the store I heard a soft male voice in the back but definitely near or next to me. I looked around but could only see this girl. When I looked, the voice stopped, when I was not looking the voice began again. Was I hearing ghosts or something? Had I been drinking that much? Looking again next to me hearing that voice I saw her lips moving. Like she was talking to herself quietly but not in a female tone. A male voice was coming from her! Bham!!! That's it! I had just found myself a ladyboy! The worst thing that could happen to me!

The one and only thing that I was warned of before, was walking, guiding me into this store. What should I do now? Instantly I released my hand from her and turned around to leave this creature alone. The only thing I wanted was to get out of there as quick as possible. She / he noticed my sudden turn in behaviour and started asking questions. Why? Why you not go with me?? My only response was that she was a ladyboy and that I definitely did not like this let alone the thought of having some passionate night following. It took quite some time to get rid off her / him and she did not seem to understand that the deal between her and me was off. I even offered her 100 baht to stop bothering me. She refused and asked 500 baht which for me was out of the question. Hey, I already paid her barfine and two or three drinks before. At the end she got angry and hit me a few times on the head and then finally she decided to leave me alone. I was thinking lucky me and still feeling the hits on the head.

My night there had ended in trouble and the only thing I wanted was to go back to the quiet Kata Noi Beach for a relaxing drink, far away from this ugly, angry, up to no good ladyboy. Jumped in a taxi, ten minutes later in a small bar near my hotel and a couple of drinks later the whole story was forgotten and I started to laugh about it. A girl working in that bar was so friendly to put my mind at ease and managed to help me relax again. Thai girl friendliness I guess?

Before most of them I had been able to spot and to notice the warning signs for a katoey but this one had slipped trough it. So I was warned for next time to never let my guard down when dealing or choosing with girls. There's always a possibility of a girl not being a real girl.

The last night, the next morning we would leave Thailand and go back to Belgium, I made my round to the bars I had been visiting over the past 3 days. Saying goodbyes to all I got to know and become friendly with. The girl from the disco had found herself another tourist and had suddenly lost her interest in me. On the moment I remember I felt a little bit sad about it. But what could I say, after all she was a working girl and she needed the money. Oh yes, I gave her back the money she gave me before. I am an honest guy when it comes to money! Nothing much special happened that night other than drinks here and there. Thinking back of how great my stay in Thailand had been.

The next morning (I didn’t went to sleep) the bus picked us up from the hotel and it was straight to the airport. We checked in our baggage and an hour or so later the plane left Phuket heading Bangkok. From there it was straight home on another very comfortable flight.

This was a report of my first time and how much I enjoyed it all. Thailand is a great country offering a bit for everybody's liking. The friendly people, the culture, the warm climate, the excellent food, beautiful nature, etc…makes it all a life time experience that one would never forget, making it a great holiday. Back in Belgium I realised that I just wanted to go back and return. About 2 years later I had bought myself a ticket to Bangkok for a second trip. This time I would stay for about 10 days or so. This time I would come all by myself and not on some organised tour. In order to do that I bought a copy of the Lonely Planet Guide to Thailand. I know that I only booked a hotel for the first 2 nights and the rest I would go and find out myself. The basic idea was to find myself a local travel companion and go to see some more interesting places in the land of smiles. No major plans made, just read the lonely planet and move out to where I like.

One day I was sitting in a bar somewhere in Sukhumvit area enjoying my beer and talking to the girls working there. I mentioned the idea of going to Kanchanaburi to see the bridge over the River Kwai and the museum they have there. Anyway next to me there was this girl sitting who heard of my idea. I also said that I could use some guide to show me around and do some translation or help me explaining myself in the local lingo. This girls replied that she was born in the area and her parents still lived there. So there I found myself the perfect guide for my trip. We discussed some practical issue about transport, price of barfine, how long we should stay, planning our trip etc. Her English was at a reasonable level. She was not a stunner but rather casual looking but that was not my main interest. I did not want to barfine her for a quick shag but rather as a guide. So to me the most important was that we could understand each other and she could take me where ever I would like to go. For her this also was an opportunity to have a break from her work and see some of the country.

So the next day we left on our trip that was originally planned for two days. We could manage quite well together and she organised everything for me. We had great fun and for me she was doing exactly as I asked. We stayed two days in Kanchanaburi and saw most of the tourist sites. She rented a car and took me to the Erawan Waterfalls, which was beautiful. The hotel / guesthouse we stayed at was not so big but it had a romantic setting; for less than 500 baht a night we had a room with aircon, TV, telephone, bathroom, but no hot water. So in the morning it was a cold shower, which I didn't like but on the other hand, after that you are awake and ready for the day. Together with the hot weather, cold water is not that much of a problem after all.

The girl was great company and she took care of me, fulfilling my needs in the best way she could. I got to know quite a lot of her and it seemed to me that she was not a regular bargirl after all. She had gone to school and was still studying at university. She was bright and intelligent and you could say she did not really belong in the bar scene.

After those two days it was clear to me that I did not want to take her back to Bangkok, but I would like to extend my sightseeing trip until the last day of my holiday. She said that it was no problem and that she could stay with me as long as I wanted.

The next day we left for Ayyuthya and we went to see all the major temples and ruins. We rented a motorcycle and did some driving around. She managed to hire a little boat on which we had a trip on the canal surrounding the city. It was a great time again.

On one evening in the hotel room she handed me a little peace of paper she had wrote. She wanted me to read it and tell her my opinions on it. On the paper there was something about money she asked for her work. It said it was 3000 – 4000 baht a day. I was in shock and of course I did not agree on that amount of money. She asked why and said she needed the money and she did a good job, so why you not want to pay me. I tried in my best “Thai / English” to explain her it was too much for me, it was out of my budget and I could not pay her that kind of money. I also still had to pay the bar I took her from. She did not understand and started looking disappointed with the whole thing. I also had some difficulty trying to work out a solution. I had no intentions of not paying her but the amount was simply too big for me, so how could I explain to her in a most simple way that what she asked was too much.

How somebody works his way out of it depends on the girl and the situation but I did the following: I took a piece paper and started writing down everything I had already paid for the trip. Transportation, food, renting of car, renting of motorcycle, hotels… etc. next to every item on the list I wrote down the price of it. For food and drinks it was a rounded figure she would agree on. After that I divided every number (price) in two because it were two people taking the trip right? (Her and me) Then I made a sum of everything and I showed her that figure. Saying that this was an amount of money I already paid for her during the last 3 days. She looked at it but still not understanding where I was going. Some more explaining and showing her the list of figures and more talking went in to it until she understood what I was trying to say to her. Finally she lowered her price and we agreed that I would pay her 1000 baht for every day.

The next day we would leave Ayyuthya and continue our trip by going to Lopburi. We decided we would go by train and leave shortly after mid-day so we would arrive in Lopburi and still have some time to do some sightseeing. The day before we rented a motorcycle and in the morning we did some shopping and driving around. After some time I was getting thirsty and in need of a beer. We entered a bar and ordered a drink and while enjoying my beer I said that she would now pay my beer instead of me. She gave me a funny look and she did not agree. So when it was time to pay I refused so she had no other way than paying the drinks. I said to her that it was just for this one time and the rest I would be paying again. In some way I was tired of picking up the bill and I needed just one occasion I did not have to pay.

After that we went to return the motorbike had lunch, which was great, and headed for the train station. We took a train to Lopburi an after an hour or so we arrived on destination. The train was en experience itself. It was a small train with no airconditioning so it was hot, the windows were open and fans on the ceiling for some fresh air. People were selling all kinds of stuff during the ride. You could buy water, fresh fruits, and food… strange I never saw it in my country. The train was just 30 baht for two people, which to me was awfully cheap.

In Lopburi we went straight in search for a place to stay. She managed to find one and at checking in I was in for a surprise. I found out that I had lost my passport and I didn’t knew where it was. I asked the girl but she couldn't find it also. No there I was in a city with no passport. The next day I had to leave the country back to Belgium so I had a big problem. The manger of the hotel understood and he let us stay for the night, the girl was also very helpful and tried to calm me down as I was in a bit of panic. After some thinking it was clear that I had lost my passport in Ayyuthya and finding it back was impossible. The place were we rented the motor bike did not return it to me. We tried to call the place but they said they did not have my passport. So I had to go to the police and make a report of a loss. Luckily enough the girl could do al the talking for me. At the station she explained in Thai and I had to sign some papers and received a copy of it, which I had to show at my embassy. To be honest I do not know what I signed, but I had no other way of trusting the girl and do whatever the policemen told me to.

After that I called my embassy and was told to come the next morning and they would give me the necessary documents in order to leave the country. After that I still had to go to immigrations and after that the problem would be solved. The next morning it was an early rising to get back to Bangkok as fast as possible. The girl helped me out again in the best way she could finding transportation. In Bangkok at the Belgium embassy everything was quickly sorted out, necessary documents were filled in and I only had wait for the consul to sign everything. We waited for more than two hours to be exactly before we could go to immigrations. There everything was dealt in just 15 minutes. After al everything worked out great but I must tell you, I felt rather uncomfortable with the whole situations. I was very thankful to the girl for being such help and doing some important translations for me. I guess I could not have done it on my own. A bargirl or not, in this case, she acted as a friend and that I find a positive thing about bargirls. Once they know you respect them and treat them that way, they do take care of you in case something happens.

On the last day I had my fun out drinking in the bars, talking to my trusted girl, and had a good laugh. I paid the girl her money (plus a tip) and the still remaining barfine in the bar. The owner even gave me a reduction, which was nice of him.

At the airport everything went as normal and I had a pleasant flight back to home. On the plane rethinking my second great holiday in Thailand. The friendly people I had met, the beautiful things I had seen, the food, the fun I had, and certainly I was happy that the loss of my passport wasn’t that big of a problem after al.

Thailand is a great country after al and nobody who has ever been there can deny that fact. It has something to offer for everybody and the people do their very best to make it as comfortable for anyone. The Thais are a very friendly bunch of people who will help you at any time if asked. They are definitely one of the most tolerant, warm, guest friendly people I have ever met. The food is so good and in such a big variety that everybody is likely to find something to his taste. It’s spicy ok, but it’s not that difficult to find food, which is not spicy also. Life is cheap and most things you can buy for less money than in Western country's so that even a low budget traveller can have a great holiday. Thailand is a great place for holiday!

To me it’s a country I have now tasted 3 times and I will keep returning to it. It’s more like some kind of a drug that if ones tried, you get addicted to and it will never let you go. Certainly the nightlife and all the bargirls working in the bars. The nightlife is not my only reason for coming out to Thailand but it is definitely one of the reasons. I don’t mind what people think about me if I say this and really do not care. It’s my life and I live it like I want to live it. Most people I talk to about the nightlife don’t seem to understand what its all about, so its easy for them to point a finger at me and acting like I am a sex tourist. If I ask them what they would do if they would be in my situation, on a holiday, most of them find it hard to answer. To me it’s saying they would probably do just the same. It’s easy to criticize if you don’t know what you are talking about. I found out that it’s so easy to fall into it and once you've experienced it, it’s hard to get out of it. I know there is little good about it, but one cannot deny that its always fun to sit in the bars, chat to the girls and that it al has a great atmosphere surrounding it. Whether you decide to take a girl or not, it’s always great fun. I don’t like to call myself a sex tourist as I do not come on holiday with the intention to f*ck as many girls as I can. Rather I go to the bars to find myself some travel company and someone that can guide me. Someone I can chat with, I can have fun and share a good time with. I always do travel on my own and I really do not mind that, but on the other hand it’s always nice if someone is walking next to you.

I also have read all the horror stories on this site and I do take my precautions if I am seeing a girl for more than just a night. I try to lock away my feelings and I forbid my self to have deeper feelings for a girl than just being friends. I tread them with respect and as a human, to be a friend to them but I also know that a relationship cannot work. I do not even look for a serious relation with a girl. If I can manage to become friends with a girl, I am more than satisfied. Just knowing that there is someone I can come back to the next holiday. Falling in love with a bargirl is something that hopefully will never happen to me. It is not always easy to lock your more emotionally feelings for a girl, they can be very easy to fall for, but until now I do manage well, and no girl I have met before, I have fallen in love with. I look back at them as nothing more than friends who have given me the chance to have a great holiday.

Thanks to all the girls I have met for making it such a fun place!

Who am I? Well I am a 26-year-old guy living in Belgium with a love for Thailand since the first time I ever set a foot on it. In my country I have a well paid job in company that sells computers. I am not in a relationship for the moment and not even looking for one also. I am somebody who can well manage on his own and likes to have some fun whenever it’s possible. I like to try everything at least once in my life. I like to travel and would like to see as much as possible of the world. For the moment I am a bit of addicted to Thailand and Far East, so my further travels will be in that direction. Plans of visiting Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Japan are definitely on my future agenda. If there is anybody out there that after reading this article likes to give me some info and tips, please do so and I will be glad to answer every mail.

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