Stickman Readers' Submissions January 20th, 2003

A Ladyboy Poem

Took JoJo from a GoGo
Last night
Gave my mate
A terrible fright

Where are your glasses?
You shouldn't make passes
At men with nice asses
You'll get a dose of nasties

He Clinic Bangkok

But I didn't care
You should have seen JoJo bare
with all her essentials
She's got the right credentials

Eight inches she's got hickory halls
Shackled to the bed
Never ignored my calls
Some men have proposed to wed

JoJo the pretty ladyboy
I treated her like a toy
Played all night
While my mate got drunk with fright

CBD bangkok

JoJo wrestle me naked
If you dare
Wow that's sexy, Ouch! You bear
You're not supposed to pull me there

Wow she's strong
I did not want to do any wrong
Insisted she wore a thong
Muscles like King Kong

I was playing the tease
JoJo just wanted to please
Stimulated that which burst and flow
JoJo please don't go

JoJo don't do that
Now we've made a mess on the mat
You've scratched my back
Just like a cat

wonderland clinic

OK I will untie you
I'm not a rat
Two thousand baht is enough
As a matter of fact

Oh JoJo what do I do?
I used to like Go-Go girls
But now I want you
This is really something new

My friend won't talk to me anymore
Now he's gone off with a whore
Bet he does not have as much fun
JoJo you made me cum

I'll be back for you
Tomorrow night
Tie you up nice and tight
Don't wanna be polite

JoJo like the Kiss of the Spiderwoman
You serve my fantasy, I'll be taking you
Down on one knee
Next time can we make it three?

Three of us in the bed
My lust is being fed
With a man who looks like a woman
Johnny what are you doin' ?

Oh I couldn't do that
That is where you're supposed to shat
Oh again on the mat
My erection has gone flat

I've run away
Left 'em to it
I didn't want to screw it
Had a threesome and blew it

Now I'm back with my mate
And I'm going straight
Back up to Angelwitch coz its in fashion
With a girlie for a night of passion

Stickman says:

GREAT stuff!

nana plaza