Stickman Readers' Submissions October 24th, 2002

Trip Report

After reading a number of very high quality readers comments / feedback I am now at attempt number 3 at my readers feedback. I am going to take the dateline and "gritty" approach to this. This will be more like a diary, rather than a piece of prose. Hopefully this will convey the feeling for the trip, rather than reading like a documentary.

Prelude: I only had a very short window for a holiday from my job. I decided I wanted the most possible “Bang for my Buck” so I decided what I really wanted to make the most of my week in Bangkok. I have a few contacts, one of which was Matt from Blue Lotus Tours. Their website is I asked Matt for a few pointers and he showed me some maps and gave me some pointers about some things that had changed. Unfortunately I could not link with one of his tours since I had a very restricted period of time to have my holiday. I was happy to do the tour thing because it was cheap and I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. But it was not to be, his tour was leaving a week after I was and I could not delay my holiday. I was really happy to get the “low-down” on the new Dollhouse Bar about to open in Soi Cowboy and Matt set me a high expectation of what it should be like. There were also some other new places to look at. I went against Matt’s advice and booked a different hotel, but I did book the airline he suggested.

He Clinic Bangkok

Friday afternoon, taxi ride to the airport, bags, check-in queues but BA are so nice, and the cheeky grin from the lady that I an going to Bangkok for a week. I don’t care, I carefully took some sporting equipment to deceive my true intentions to those back home. This is not a sporting tour by any stretch of the imagination but rather a self-guided sex tour of Bangkok. Having lived in Bangkok for quite some time, I don’t need a friend, travel companion or guide, just an airfare a hotel and some up to date information. So the noise, smells and anticipation…..All I can now do is wait. Check-in, passport, boarding pass and the public lounge. A few beers and more waiting. Finally going to board, last cigarette before the flight and some badly needed duty-free. Long flight, long flight with bad food and the guy in the seat next to me has bad breath and wants to talk… I finally close my eyes and start to think about the all the wonderful places and of course the girls at the Thermae, meeting up with old friends, the range of girls… I start to think about some of the “Asian” girls in the office who I would like to sleep with and start making a plan to seek out girls who look like the cute ones in the office. With this gleeful thought I fall asleep and the 9 hours starts to pass far better.

Friday night, I am woken by some complete idiot in the aircraft telling us all it is our last chance to buy duty free. Really what do I care for duty-free? If I wanted to go shopping I would go to Bangkok… I look at the map on the screen to see I am about an hour out of Bangkok. I also start planning to hook up with an old girlfriend from the last trip who just likes to have a nice boyfriend and be taken out to a few places that are nice. I think I will tell her on the afternoon of the 3rd last day and knock around with her for a few days and not have to buy her too much that might hurt the budget. I was also going to see another friend on day 1 and 2 so things had to be planned reasonably well. The last thing I wanted was to have any possibility of them both meeting. So since the plane was landing at 9:30 pm local time, I would be in the hotel by about 11:00 pm, changed and showered and into the Thermae by 11:30. The remainder of the flight was the usual prepare for landing and the mandatory ”Last Drink” before landing… Oh the smell of Bangkok you never forget that aromatic smell and that weird heat that hits you as soon as you are in the airport. Immigration is the next thing – I always remember to sand behind the Red Line and smile at the immigration officer when he calls me. Its something I was taught years ago to wait there until you are called. The Immigration people think you are polite if you do that. Next are the Bags, Golf Clubs and the joyful waltz through Customs. Taxi is next and then the hotel.

Check in is interesting the Royal-XXX hotel. They knew I was bringing a really expensive laptop and said it could go in a safe now I get the “Oh no – too big”. Sort it out, up to the room to change and prepare. A couple of phone calls and a shower and I am ready for action. A quick walk to Sukhumvit and there it is before me, “The Golden Mile” aka Adult Disneyland. Here I am in Sukhumvit at 11:30pm, and not a care in the world. I cruise into a couple of bars, look around and nothing really took my fancy. By now its 1:30 and I need some action. Off to the Thermae! This place never ceases to amaze me. So many of the same people, only about half of them are different. I am looking around, looking for something I really want, not just anyone. The thing about the Thermae is the range and diversity of the people there. Its getting late so the girls are quite forward, there don’t seem to be the normal number of men there, to my advantage. One comes up to me, a slender thing that I recognise from previous conquests, but I never got with her, can’t really be bothered this time either. Then I spot someone who looks like one of the girls from the office. She has really long, shiny hair and a nice slender body, just like the girl I lust after in the office. I smile at her and she walks over. A few drinks later and we are discussing price and time. She wants to stay all night for a low amount, but I cannot have her in the room after 5:00 am, since girlfriend number 1 will be arriving at MoChit at 5:30. We agree 5:00 is OK and off we go back to the hotel. She is nice to look at and gives that pleasant “tingle” when you touch her, Oh I have the most immoral thoughts going through my mind. Finally at the hotel… I realise what a mistake I have made booking this place rather than taking Matt’s advice on the hotel. I am looking at getting done for 500 baht every time I bring a girl in. Oh no, this is surely going to ruin my trip.

CBD bangkok

I am not going to go into graphic detail as to what happened in my hotel room; needless to say it was an enjoyable few hours. I will make a few observations, which I hope you find amusing. My blind lust made me forget that it was 2:30 by the time we got to the hotel, after a shower and some conversation, its 3:00 am and I have to be out and in a taxi by 5:00am to go and get girlfriend #1 from Mo Chit bus station. The Thermae girl fell asleep promptly at 4:45am and it was difficult to wake her up. Girlfriend #1 called at 4:50 to tell me she was getting close to Mo Chit, at that point the Thermae girl wanted to know who was on the phone and said loudly “Who is this”? I could feel my blood starting to chill, then Girlfriend #1 asked me who was talking, I was now in the shit in a big way, I said I was sorry and told her I had the TV on, and I would soon be at Mo Chit to get her. The Thermae Girl took what seemed to be an eternity to get dressed, finally we both got out of the room and to my great fortune Housekeeping was prowling around, it seems like they start early in the Royal-XXX and do rooms as they come available. I gave the housekeeping woman 200 baht and asked her to clean my room as soon as possible and if she could do a special clean. By the fact she Wai’d so low, I think I got the message across and had that one fixed. I made it a bit late to Mo Chit and Girlfriend #1 was not too happy, since I did not bring her a gift and I was late. I told her special gift in hotel room and I had difficulty getting a taxi so early in the morning. Now being about 6:15 I suggested we go and have breakfast at the hotel. I must say that at least the Hotel was discrete when Girlfriend #1 checked in. I did take Matt’s advice that I must book the room for two people not one. So they took her card and her bags and we went to breakfast. After breakfast, we went up to the room. Girlfriend #1 said she was tired since she didn’t sleep on the bus and I was at this point dead tired. At least housekeeping came through for me, the room was as neat as a new pin.

I could see Girlfriend #1 was having a good look around and I now know how well I spent the 200 baht. After several romantic liaisons with Girlfriend #1, I gave her the gift I had bought for Girlfriend #2, I had to keep some sort of face with Girlfriend #1. I thought it was a good idea since I could buy Girlfriend #2 something from a shop after Girlfriend #1 goes back up country. She was very pleased and we went out for lunch. We had a very nice couple of days and it was extra fun to take your own Thai Girlfriend to the bars like Long Gun and The Dollhouse on Clinton Plaza. It was especially useful because she would translate for me the weird announcements you hear when the shows are on. I don’t know how impressed she was with the go-go bars, but I explained this was normal for Western Men to do and she seemed to accept it. I can’t imagine what she was going to say to her friends back up in the North-East. She was a bit upset with a “Lesbian” show and didn’t think it was appropriate for Thai women. I smiled and politely agreed. Time for Girlfriend #1 to go and to have a few days to myself, Girlfriend #2 arrives in a few days. It was sad to say goodbye to Girlfriend #1, but all good things have to come to an end. This also meant that I could really get on the prowl and check out some bars that Matt had suggested. You can imagine the tropical location, the heat, and the excessive amount of alcohol and of course the lustfully charged atmosphere, it made for a great time. As a point of interest I met Girlfriend #1 on the Internet and this was our first physical meeting. This was a total bonus to meet someone like this…

Now Girlfriend #1 has gone on her 10-hour bus trip back to the North East I decided that I needed some help to get over my loss. I developed two tactics. Firstly I wanted to party a bit on the Sunday Night and secondly on Monday in the Day I was going to “Ground Truth” the maps and other suggestions that Matt from Blue Lotus Tours told me. I have enjoyed the quality of the girls at the Dollhouse and I decided to make my stand there. The Dollhouse for those who have not been there is a really nice place. It looks fresh and its all glass-brick and steel, it looks clean and there are none of those weird smells you seem to get in some of the bars. Yes and there are some very pretty girls, of course there are pretty girls everywhere, but they seem very nice here. At this point I had a bit of a brain malfunction, I decided I wanted 3 girls for the night and I had to go to the ATM just up the road to cash up enough. I stupidly left without paying the bar fine for the girls expecting they will wait for me. They looked a bit disappointed and off I trot half pissed back onto Sukhumvit. Now in the freshness of Sukhumvit, I change my mind and decide to go to Nana Plaza for a bit of a look around. The walk is short and I get cashed at the ATM near Soi 9. On the way I suddenly decide that I really want some dinner and I head for Soi 7. Stupidly instead of going to the seafood place on Soi 7, which is regularly recommended, I pop into the Beergarden, deciding that what I really need is some schnitzel. So here I am sitting up at the bar in the Beergarden looking at the slightly different women compared to the Dollhouse. This woman with a really weird hairstyle (yellow and curly) comes over and starts chatting. I am not particularly interested, however I make sure I am polite and just chat with her. I find out her name is Eppo and she is not looking to pick up. Still having designs on the 3 girls back at the Dollhouse, I tell her the same and that I am only in for a bite to eat and a drink. I wasn’t really all that interested and she was really short with this strange curly yellow hair. We both agree to have a few more drinks and chat. I know I should have left.

Now things start to turn south in a big way. Eppo turns out to be very argumentative and things get a bit loud. She tells me she wouldn’t sleep with me for a million baht, I agree and turn the other way; she gets angrier and hits me. The barmaid has words with Eppo in Thai and things calm down again. I then decide to have some fun at her expense, so I am thinking how funny it would be to get Eppo absolutely drunk out of her eye-balls and leave. I have a chuckle at my evil plan and order another round of drinks. After ten more rounds I am starting to decide to give up on this caper, thinking she has me covered. But then I notice the tell tale swaying on the barstool. Another round or two and I will have victory. Well after another round she has her head on the Bar and I can sense complete victory firstly pay back for her shouting at me and secondly for her hitting me. I pay the bill and start to leave and she shouts something at me in Thai. I make for the door with plenty of people looking on and she yells, “Wait” . I decide to keep walking she gets up and makes for the door with me. “I come with you”, “I have sex free”, well this is a change of heart I think, and I tell her that I have to pay 500 baht to get her in the hotel and I am not willing to pay that. She then tells me we can go to her place in Soi 1. Now we are talking, my reply was OK, but I want to have a few more drinks and see what happens. Eppo agrees and off we go up Sukhumvit. By Soi 9 she had vomited twice in the big planters along the way. Not to be out done I decide to pop in for a quick one at the bar next to the Thermae. So after a quick top-up Soi Cowboy beckons. I knew a guy who managed one of the bars in Soi Cowboy and I was going to organise a website for him, he told me that the bar had too much of a “clean” reputation, so I thought Eppo would lower the standard of the Neighbourhood. We walk in the bar and John tells me that he kicked her out a few months ago, but since she was with me she could stay. The music was good, and being quite drunk, I decided it was time to show off my “Pole Dancing” skills. John gave me a sceptical nod and off comes my shirt and there I am on the stage dancing. Well the punters in the bar are enjoying this because I am showing up the girls. Without going into too much detail, the girls are getting really friendly. Eppo jumps on stage and gets her gear off, so does one of the younger bargirls. I think this is wonderful and pull off my pants and sandals so I am only there in my under-pants. Well we keep on dancing and it ends up there are three of on stage completely naked and carrying on. John is cheering; the punters are having a great laugh. Then the younger girl starts giving me a hand job on stage while she is dancing around, Eppo says something rough and loud in Thai and she pushes the younger one away and starts giving me a blow-job, remember we are still on stage. The younger one is still dancing around me and Eppo is going like a trojan. I am feeling like a King, everyone in the bar is cheering and it’s all good fun. For some reason Eppo starts to lose interest, probably something to do with the enormous amount of alcohol she has drunk and makes a retreat for the toiled at the back of the bar. Bit disappointing and I am not sure what to do since I am standing on the stage completely naked with a hard-on. I think it’s a good idea just to dance a bit and then get off the stage without looking too much more like an idiot. This was not to be, the younger one grabs me on the dick and starts stroking it. I play along and I made a signal to John to get rid of her – I had had enough and I could see this getting ugly, particularly since Eppo was bound to return from the toilet. Instead, John hands me a beer and gives me a slap on the back and a big grin. The punters give me a cheer. A little while later the younger one stands up and starts rubbing her back against my chest. My dick starts going between her legs and she bends over and wants me to do her “doggy style”. This time John understands my signal and passes me a condom. We start having sex on stage in front of about 20 people, such an intimate moment between two people shared with so many. The younger bargirl seems to be enjoying it; I am just glad my mother was not there to see this. Once again I am thinking how clever I am. As I have spent the past few days with Girlfriend #1 and I had a lot to drink as well as wearing a condom, I certainly had some staying power…… So there I am screwing this girl on stage to the refrains of “Play that Funky Music – White Boy”, the punters having a good cheer and I am trying to drink my beer at the same time; I think I am doing my best to preserve the reputation of the Australian tourist! Now I am right into it and having a great time (I think I am an exhibitionist) and Eppo reappears from the toilet. She yells out something the Bargirl looks over at her and doesn’t want to stop; still naked she climbs back onto the stage and starts shouting at the poor bargirl. A short exchange takes place and Eppo tries to push us apart. The younger one falls over and I almost went with her – there is a groan from the crowd. I stand Up, still with a hard-on, to my surprise Eppo puts her arms around my neck and I thought she wanted a kiss. Instead she starts to hoist herself up and she wraps her short legs around my waist. Without going into too much detail, I am getting hot and sweaty and tired, but still happy to have sex. So she is attached to me like a baby monkey hangs on to its mother except I am inside her. I move around and I lean her against one of the poles, while still inside her, firstly to take some weight off my shoulders and secondly to give myself some room. This works and Eppo seems happy, I am happy, the punters are happy and the young bargirl comes over and still naked gives me a neck and shoulder massage, while rubbing her breasts against my back. This scene comes to an obvious climax and I get off the stage. Eppo stays up there talking to the other Bargirl. I get my clothes and sandals go off dispose of the condom, get dressed and return to the Bar for yet another beer. John has one at the ready pats me on the shoulder and tells me what a good show I put on. I smile and then John turns to me and tells me how I have just done a mother and daughter act on stage. For the first time I am shocked at my own behaviour.

wonderland clinic

Later Eppo and I leave and go to her apartment on Soi 1.

To be continued…

Stickman says:

More adventures in the realm…juggling girlfriends, always a dodgy act.

nana plaza