Stickman Readers' Submissions October 22nd, 2002

Second Trip


Howdy all. I just finished my second trip to the LOS. I learned a lot of new things this time around. I wrote a piece before about the five girls I had met the first time. It is amazing how how your perspective can change the second time around. I guess I wanted to write for the same reason that other people write. To show that everything is not always what it seems.

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During my first trip, the first girl I "met" was very nice. She was little and cute and we had a great time together. I met her in a bar where she was not working and we spent about four days together. She never asked for money and I never paid a barfine. I gave her money anyway of course. At the time I was new and thought nothing of it. This time I went back to the bar where she "hung out". The reason she was not officially working back then was because she was married to some poor bastard who thought she really did love him. By this point she had moved to his country to live with him. I felt like shit over it. I think nailing someone's wife is one of the worst things a man can do. Granted she did not tell me and even lied when I asked her if she was involved with anyone so it was on her. But still…

Another girl I met last time was a hello girl at Clinton Plaza. Last I heard she was up in Isaan raising buffalos. That was after a bout with ya baa (speed) and got pretty fucked up for a while.

I spent some time with a good girl who I thought was pretty cool. She of course did not have a boyfriend. The guy she brought out with us one night was just her friend. Right. This trip I found out that the guy was her man who was about jealous enough to Muay Thai my ass. I guess she liked going on the kind of dates that her boyfriend's 4,000 baht a month could not support. Like eating pizza and bowling.

I met several new girls this trip. Most of it will read like a script so I won't bore you. Two stand out in my mind. One was a bargirl and the other was a "good" girl. I was growing pretty impatient with the good girl I was dating. Dteu (persistence) is one thing but I felt like she was running me around and I had just found out about how the last girl ran me around so I kind of felt like giving up on her. I was cruising the bars and met this one really cool girl. She was cute, funny and nice. She spoke just taleung (dirty) enough to make me interested. I left and came back out of curiosity. I ended up taking her home and liked her enough to go back the next night. I probably overpaid her but did not really mind because she was nice and it had been a while since I had barfined a girl. I guess the money was burning a hole in pocket.

It bit me in the ass when she started paying her own barfine and moved into my apartment with some of her stuff. I thought to myself. Shit, now I've done it. This persisted for about six days. What made it worse is that I wanted to end it so I could resume attempting with my good girl. But after hearing her talk with my buddy's girlfriend about their (fucked up) lives I just didn't have the heart. I know they were being honest and not doing it for my benefit. She had a son in Isaan, a couple of siblings and a worthless dad who she was supporting. I know that everyone has a story but I also speak just about fluent Thai and am positive it was the truth. I must have looked like the ultimate sucker when I almost shed a couple of tears.

Anyhow, I was still trying to think of a way to get rid of her when I ran into the good girl I liked while I was with this one. I was like "oh shit". Luckily the good girl promptly left. On the other hand, my bar girl got pretty upset. When we got back to my room. She started crying and telling me that yes, she did work in a bar but she had a heart and she can love and hurt. She didn't understand why her life was full of pain when all she wanted was to be happy. At this point I was pretty torn. I knew I wanted to drop her but felt like I couldn't. I ended up taking the easy way out. I told her I was traveling somewhere else and sent her back to her bar. I moved to a new hotel and laid low the rest of the time I was there. I resumed with my good girl and am still talking to her.

What I learned while hanging out with this bargirl was two things. One trust but verify. Yes she was very sweet and fun, but, Thai girls can be very jealous and vindictive. One day while in my room alone she told me she was writing me a letter. What she was really doing was copying down all the numbers in my cell phone. I was infuriated when I found out but had to play it off. These girls are like children in many ways and acting mad, I was worried, might have inspired her to call the other girls on my phone. The other lesson is; the more money you give them the more they will waste. I don't know about you but if I had to sell my ass for a living, I would do a lot of it real quick, save up a bunch of money and then get out. Not these girls. They need their cell phones, DVDs, CDs, jewelry and whatever the hell else.

Oh yeah, the bonus lesson was that while you will probably run into former "friends" of hers and have to suffer through cell phone calls while she asks her sponsors for money, do not think that makes it okay to express interest in other girls. Do that and you will have a problem on your hands.

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I have some other various thoughts on what the whole Thailand experience. 1. Do not try to save these girls because the game was around before us and will be there after us. If you want in this game, take it for what it is. Pay for your fun and get the hell out. Do not forget that most of these girls are from the poorest part of the country. If you were to "date" the equivalent low class from your own country it would probably also be fairly depressing. 2. If you really want a relationship with a Thai girl, learn some Thai and meet a girl that does not work in a bar. It is more rewarding and they usually are much more fun to talk to. Also when a girl tells she she misses you, and no money was involved, it just feels a lot better. I admit I almost gave up but am glad that I did not. I really like the good girl I met and hope to see her again in the future 3. Speaking Thai is a blessing and a curse. I would say that while it is very fun and separates you from most of the tourists, you also have to hear about some of these people unimaginable life experiences.

I guess that is it for now. I'll write again next trip if anything interesting happens.

Stickman says:

Very nice report. Sounds like you experienced some of the triubulations of dating Thai girls.

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