Stickman Readers' Submissions September 13th, 2002

Women Are Women The World Over

By Lover Of Amazing Thailand

I read the frequent bleating in other readers submissions about the way our poor unfortunate countrymen (from our various countries) have been badly treated, heartbroken, wheedled and cheated by Thai ladies. I am neither unsympathetic, nor unbelieving of their complaints. I just feel that many of the unfortunate recipients of this treatment must have lived rather sheltered, or extremely lucky, lives back in their homelands, before venturing thus far.

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The main reason I am here now, is that 50 plus guys are not exactly ‘flavour of the month’ back home, especially overweight and balding ones, unless of course one is incredibly rich and / or famous. There are other reasons, weather, food etc. but that is not the point of this article.

Life back home, for some years, was a source of constant frustration, seeing all the lovely young things flaunting their wares around town of a Friday and Saturday night, in the sure and certain knowledge that I was too far past my ‘sell by date’ to stand an earthly. Personally I prefer a lady around 30 to a lady around 20, for many sound reasons, but getting any interest from a woman more than 20 years my junior in my homeland proved beyond me, no matter how smartly dressed I was and notwithstanding my expensive German car in the car park. And yes I did shower, and no, my breath did not smell.

Note: There were, and no doubt still are, a few ‘old things’ flaunting it around town also, but they have been reading too many magazine articles about such people as Joan Collins, and Cher, and are not looking for guys my age, even if I could bring myself to look at them. I believe ‘Toyboys’ is the operative word. In comparison, not many other guys my age were to be seen around, I think most of them had given up long ago and retired to the golf club or the dominoes table, or of course, Thailand for the lucky ones.

I love Thailand, and also like visiting many other Asian, Eastern European and South American countries. It has given me a new lease of life, especially when it comes to the availability of young or youngish, beautiful women. Hey, I don’t even need the expensive car, If I so desire, I can have 5 different ladies in a week, for what it used to cost me to fill the tank, never mind the insurance and servicing.

Out of the many different country options, despite some irritations which are commonly reported, such as touts, poor infrastructure, bureaucracy, to name but a few, Thailand is probably the easiest, safest and most pleasant out of the available ‘shagger friendly’ countries, in which one could live. I visited first on a business conference trip to Pattaya, back in 1984. I enjoyed 4 nights there very much, but at that time, I had a wife, a mistress and, very occasionally, others available back home, and it was a long time before I re-visited.

I cannot claim to be a 'super handsome guy' nor a 'smooth talking seducer'. However for reasons I will go on to explain, I have had my share of ‘back home women’. I have been, and remain, a randy so and so, ever since my balls first dropped. That randiness caused me to get married, back home, at a very early age; I had a choice I could have gone to jail, as my wife gave birth after 6 weeks of our marriage which took place within 1 day of her 16th. Birthday. I was just 18+21 days at the time. This, somewhat stormy, marriage did nothing to still my wandering eye, and after having sex with almost all of my female in-laws, not the mother-in-law, God forbid, and some of her friends, I finally obtained a job on a national government contract, at age 22, quickly followed by a divorce. This contract involved working alone inside private homes, mostly while the men of the houses worked elsewhere for their daily bread.

That life was almost as good as Thailand, every other week or so there was an obliging housewife to give me a wonderful time, as soon as I had done enough jobs that week to ensure my maximum bonus. (Priorities, guys, priorities) These (sometimes gorgeous) creatures, mostly had hard working guys, bringing in the dosh for them, the kids, and the dogs, (which, by the way, sometimes ate better than the husbands), while they were entertaining the contractor in the marital bed.

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The average 'Farangland guy', in my experience, goes around wearing blinkers, thinking that his wife is his property, and his alone, and that he is the only one with an eye to infidelity, should he ever get the chance. Is it any wonder, therefore, that when these guys finally find their way out here, the land of openness, where women are so far less skilled at covering up their peccadilloes, that they suddenly feel cheated and abused? I know some might disagree with the last statement, but crafty as the Thai ladies are, they cannot hold a candle to their farang sisters at ‘getting away with it’. That is why so many of Stickman’s submissions contain the words “I knew something was wrong”. Back in farangland the first idea most guys get that ‘Something is wrong’ is when the divorce papers arrive, or they find the ‘Dear John’ letter on the kitchen table and the house pretty much empty otherwise.

If most of these guys had the slightest notion how easy their Farangland wives are, or were, while they were out grafting, they would thank their lucky stars for the attentions of a beautiful Thai girl, who, again I can only speak from experience, will not usually stray, as long as she is getting enough. That means money, loving attention, and sex, guys. Don’t get me wrong, I know for some girls, there is NEVER enough, but it should not take long to spot those.

Furthermore, unless you are an absolute plank, how much can you be ripped off for in Thailand? A home in Isaan can be built for about 500,000 Baht, and Mama / Papa can live on about 5000 Baht per month.

I don't have figures to hand on the average value of homes that have to be handed over to Farangland spouses at divorce time, but I suspect it is much greater than the above. Similarly, child support, for even one child, could well be enough to support an entire Thai community.

So the message is, hey guys please do be careful in your choice of Thai lady, but if and when it goes wrong, please don't paint her as more of a devil than those you may have encountered in the, also somewhat tainted, society you left behind. And when you find you have no choice but to leave her, especially if there is a child or children, please don't forget, in Thailand, a little can go a long way. Then there is the good news, ‘There are plenty more!’ I know this is often said in consolation back home, but it is scant consolation when you don’t know how many weeks months or even years away your next shag is, never mind loving caring company. In Thailand however, it really does apply. A bit like “The king is dead, long live the king” Here you can say, “Bye, bye honey, hello honey”

Stickman says:

"What have you done for me lately?" Where do we hear this saying more often, Thailand or Farangland? As far as I am concerned, the jury is still out…

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