Stickman Readers' Submissions September 28th, 2002

These Women Do Have Feelings


I went to Thailand primarily for the muay Thai, but I am crazy about Asian women as well so that was also a consideration. What I found however was that I couldn't bring myself to chase the women there because I felt so sad for their situation. Despite this, I did go to a massage parlor in Bangkok and Pattaya during my 3 week trip.

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It was in Pattaya that I was going crazy because my body wanted to partake in the Asian delights, but I couldn't stand the women constantly screaming for me everywhere I went, day after day. One day I came across a beautiful Thai lady sitting at a bar who saw me and didn't say a word. Intrigued, I gathered my courage and struck up a conversation. She actually told me to go with another woman and that there were many beautiful women around. This only made me want to be with her more. She then told me she couldn't have sex with me because she was on her period. I sincerely told her I wasn't interested in that (honestly!). She finally relented and I bar fined her.

Thus began what would become a sincere relationship that developed between the two of us. I found her completely different from the other women in that she never called out to the men and wasn't playful when she was with someone. She was quiet and withdrawn, only seeming to come alive when it came to sex. I became captivated by her and did everything I could to bring her as much happiness as possible (sexually, financially). She was very appreciative of my efforts towards her and my general kindness and fell in love with me. Ironically, I came to Thailand thinking there was NO WAY I would fall for any of these money-hungry women, but like I said, she was quite different. I had to actually force her to accept the amount of money I was giving her as it was considerably more than the going rate.

Anyway, we maintained contact once I returned to Canada and our relationship blossomed while I was overseas. It would take several months before I could return to Thailand and we were anxiously awaiting our reunion. We spent those 3 weeks together and the relationship went through its ups and downs. She is very mistrustful and quick to assume the worst. I remained faithful to her during my second visit but when asked, I admitted to being very attracted to the other women. She felt hurt by this and very jealous. Nonetheless, we maintained the relationship after my departure. She asked me to be her boyfriend and I readily agreed. In case you're wondering, she NEVER asked for money while I was away and I again had to force her to accept the amount of money I gave her during the trip.

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We remained in touch every week after my 2nd trip. We spoke often and sent emails on occasion. I continued to feel torn by my desire to be with the other women and my faithfulness towards my girlfriend. I expressed my feelings to her and although she felt hurt, she understood that I was young (28) and horny. She tried to accept how I felt because she felt I was a very good person and she didn't want to lose me. However, the jealousy won out in the end and she ended the relationship. We've continued to stay in touch and remain very close. However, she forbids me to tell her I love her because it hurts her too much.

In her last email, she made the following quote: "You asked me many times why I was jealous. The most of Thai girls are. If you don't believe me, you can try. You just start to stay with a girl for seven days or longer. You should have 5-7 girls in the same time. You will know how much they are jealous. If you say something to show them that you are screwing around, you will see their reaction. If you say that you love her and want to stay with her but what you do is different…..she will get hurt. The girls are like beautiful flowers. You just enjoy with them. Then you can choose the best one you like. Keep your "love" for the one you really love her. Hope you understand. We can be good friends and I will never forget you. I always miss you. Take care of yourself."

I felt incredibly sad at reading that part because it just shows that the girls know how cheap their lives are that they're simply there for the taking, waiting for "the one" to come along and take them away from that degrading existence. It's certainly true that there are those women who care nothing for the men they're with and want only the money they provide. These women are clearly quite jaded by the business and have lost hope in their clients. There are others though that continue to hold on to the hope that some day they will come across that special man who truly does love her and will provide for her and her family. Despite the profession they're in, these women DO have feelings and will be hurt if the men aren't honest with them upfront. I just wish more people would take the human factor into account when handling these women and not just treat them like whores. Then again, I wish they didn't have to live like this in the first place…

Stickman says:

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It's a funny old world. The Western idea of prostitution and prostitutes is somewhat different from how the Asians see it. While many of these girls realise that working as a prostitute doesn't endear them to the masses, many are oblivious to this. Many girls seem to be "working" in the hope of finding their prince in shining armour to take them away. Seems to be a lot more girls like this in Pattaya whereas the Bangkok girls seem to be a bit more money oriented.

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