Stickman Readers' Submissions September 6th, 2002

Never Alone

This is a little advice mainly for the guys out there that intend to take one of Thailand's beauties back to "Farangland". I am surprised that this subject has never come up before as it occurs with every Thai lady I have met. I am talking about "Pee" which is "Thai speak" for what we know as "Ghosts". Now I know that there are lots of you out there laughing out loud over talking about ghosts and to us socially advanced people it is not a subject we put a lot of faith into but to the ladies it is a very serious subject. If you want to see your normal, happy go lucky girl turn into a pissed off raving maniac just try talking about "Pee" some night in some darkish place especially if you are soon to leave her alone.

Lots of guys take ladies back to Farangland and soon find themselves on the receiving end of complaints about the little lady being left alone for hours at a time. If you stop and think about it, and have been in Thailand for any length of time, have you ever seen a Thai lady alone for more than a few hours at the most?

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It starts at birth for all Thai people. They are never alone, there is always "someone" with them be it mother, father or any one of a number of extended family that lives with them or in the immediate vicinity. Most Thais have never had the opportunity to be alone. Their house is full of people that economic conditions force to live under the same roof and Thai families normally have several children in them. They probably slept in a "room" with several of their siblings and or cousins since birth.

Why do you think you see Thai roads full of pickups with 10 or more people riding in the back? They don't want to be uncomfortable any more than you or me but "conditions" force THE WHOLE FAMILY to travel together. No one wants to be the one left at home alone when someone in the family has to travel.

This closeness since birth continues into adulthood. It becomes ingrained into their mental makeup. Has anyone out there come across a Thai lady that truly lives alone? Even the ones that have some rich farang providing living quarters and they could finally have some time alone don't want to be alone, there is always someone else in the house, be it a relative or neighborhood friend that stays in the house until right before "the farang" comes back.

Look at all the bargirls, even the "stars" that make lots of money and could live anywhere they want. They normally live with at least one or more other girls. They become so used to being with someone all the time that when they are left alone they feel very uncomfortable.

Now don't laugh but they also hear about and watch on TV about "Pee" EVERY DAY. Just watch Thai TV shows for more than an hour and you will surely see or hear someone talking about "Pee". The most popular Thai shows have "Pee" as the main stars and if you switch between channels on any given night it is possible to find "Pee" shows on every channel at the same time. The girls have been conditioned since birth about "Pee" and they all truly believe in "Pee".

Why do you think that every Thai house has one of those small houses mounted on a pole somewhere on the property? It's for the "Pee" to live in. So if you are thinking about taking your new honey back with you please give some thought to what your honey will have to do all day when you are at work. If you want to see what it will be like for your honey try watching only Thai language TV and listening to Thai radio stations for a week and see if you feel a little left out, that is what she will feel like in "Farangland". Does your honey continue watching English TV when you leave or does she quickly change the channel to Thai TV? Remember she can not do that in "Farangland". Does your area in "Farangland" have a Thai community near by? When you get to "Farangland" try to bring her to meet some "local" Thais so she will have someone to speak Thai with when you are not around. Finally try to remember she is not trying to piss you off with complaints about being alone she is really afraid of being alone and has been for her entire life so put yourself in her place for a minute and remember that the love between you may not be enough to overcome her lifelong conditioning to avoid being alone at all costs so do all you can to try and avoid this and your life together will be much more trouble free.

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Scaring Thai girls about ghosts is a favourite pastime of mine when I am bored. The girls really do freak out…

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