Stickman Readers' Submissions September 6th, 2002


I write this letter having read in the Stick's archives a tale about how many working girls are HIV+. I cannot believe how many people are stupid enough to have unprotected sex with girls they have briefly known especially knowing that they work in a business where they are regularly getting screwed. It's dangerous enough in our own society never mind here where the disease can be spread so quickly and within a condensed area such as Pattaya. If one asshole prone to one night stands with no Jonny catches this disease the knock on effect could be enormous especially as there are others like him who will follow suit. In some ways it is hard to sympathise with guys that this happens to. If you want to have regular unprotected sex find a steady partner, take her to the VD clinic and get her checked out. If everything is OK then you can bang away to your hearts content.

Another bit of advice for whore-hunters is not to believe bars claims that all their girls are checked for STDs every month. My own girlfriend used to be a bar girl and when she was working she did go to the clinic every month even though it cost her about 1000 baht. However she told me that many girls, not wanting to pay this money every month could go to the clinic and for a smaller fee get there card stamped negative.

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My girlfriend also told me stories of girls who had STDs (not of a visible nature) who continued to have sex, at times maybe unprotected. I think some of these girls who have little enough respect for their own body any more are not really going to give a shit if they give some westerner a nasty ball scratching disease.

I just wonder if these people have never read about Thailand and the serious epidemic they have with regards to AIDS. It should be pointed out that in recent years the Thai government have gone to great lengths to educate people on the disease and it has definitely stemmed the flow. It should also be pointed out that this disease has not just come about because of the sex tourist industry. It is also due to the fact that many Thai men are extremely promiscuous and engage in the services of prostitutes regularly and then perhaps spreading the disease in their own village.

Just think on. Maybe you can't have the best sex of your life with a condom but at least you won't end up with something nasty growing on the end of your cock. Be responsible and just remember what you catch over in Thailand you will be spreading when you come home.

I don't like taking the moral high ground. I'm only 27 and I've had a few good years of "putting it about" but I've always been careful and I've never been scratching!

Another point to be noted is that if a bargirl / gogo girl is prepared to have unprotected sex with you, you can bet your life that you are not the first and it only takes her to have had sex with one carrier and you're fucked. Getting ripped off by a girl is one thing. You can always make more money but once you've got HIV, speaking for myself I would consider my life over.

I hope this message will get through to a few people and make them think twice about putting their life and others in danger.

Stickman says:

Oh, the stories I could tell. The bar with SIX girls who re HIV+ and continue to work, the number of my friends here in thailand who have found out there girlfriend is HIV+, the number of guys I did investigations for whose girlfriend turned out to be HIV+. There are zillions of stories. STD checks in most bars are a complete farce. My guess is that of the girls in the farang sector, somewhere between 5 – 10% are HIV+ and around a third carry an STD. And yes, I'd just about bet the farm on these figures…

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