Stickman Readers' Submissions August 7th, 2002

They Are All Liars Part 2

After carefully reconsidering my outlook on the Thai women and how they all lie so much, I decided to give myself another opportunity to try an meet a good Thai lady. By this, I mean one who would appear to come from a decent background and upbringing and not from the bars!

One night I decided to go to the Marina Club disco in the Iyara Hotel which is located in Korat. As I sat there sipping my Singha, I noticed this very attractive lady sitting with a group of friends next to me. Throughout the night we made eye contact and finally I leaned over and introduced myself. Wow! She even spoke English VERY well. I know that that can be a sign that a lady has been exposed to the nightlife industry, but it turned out that this girl was a full-time student majoring in accounting. She told me her name was "JACKIE" and after some chit chat, we exchanged phone numbers.

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I wanted to wait a few days before calling her, but when I finally did, she seemed very excited to meet me. I told her about this really cool bar called "Coco Beet" and we decided to meet there. I of course arrived an hour early and started to wonder if she would come alone or with a bunch of friends, family members, etc. It seems that on so many occasions in the past, when I have invited someone out for a drink or something to eat, they inevitably show up with two or three more guests. Personally, I find this extremely rude but it is something that seems to be the norm here in Thailand.

Jackie finally showed up and she sure looked a lot prettier than she did in the disco. I continued to sip on my Singha while she sipped away at her Vodka Cruiser. We talked about so many things and I was starting to feel that perhaps this is one of the good girls of Thailand that Stickman has talked about on his website. But being the skeptic that I am, I just had to ask her if she had a boyfriend. Her immediate reply was "No I don't." She made it very clear to me that she has no time for a boyfriend because of school. I asked her how she paid for her schooling as she made it clear to me that she has no job. She went on to explain that her sister was married to a man from Norway and that she sends her money every month. Red flag number one.

When the evening ended we both parted are separate ways. Over the next few days we called each other and talked about many things. Occasionally we would send each other SMS messages. Since she lived very close to me, we decided to go out again. Over the next few weeks we met at the same place to listen to music and talk. One of my friends is a guitar player at Coco Beet and he would occasionally sit with us to shoot the breeze. One night while we were sitting there all together, I noticed that she had a brand new Nokia 8250 mobile phone. This was not the same phone she had when I first met her. Keep in mind too that this 8250 phone runs about 8,500 – 12,000 baht new! At one point I started to reach over and asked her if I could look at it. She immediately grabbed the phone before I could get my hands on it. Red flag number 2.

The following week she informed me that she had to go to Nongkhai to visit her parents and get more money. Jackie told me that she lived with one of her other sisters but that she had to go to Nongkhai from time to time for money. She even gave me a SECOND mobile number to contact her while she was in Nongkhai. Red Flag number 3. When she returned from Nongkhai we saw each other again. Never once did we ever have sex. In fact, the closest I ever came to touching her was when she reached for my hand under the table at Coco Beet.

One night while we were at our favorite club, she asked me to change the "welcome message" on her phone. This is the message that appears when you first turn on a Nokia phone. Since the menu was in Thai, I asked her to get me to the section where you can change the message and that I would change it for her. Well, the message that was already there read, "you are in my mind forever." Red flag number 4. Keep in mind that I asked her on several occasions if she had a boyfriend and that I would in no way be angry if she did. She always insisted that she didn't. So, I continued to change the welcome message for her while she chatted away with my friend the guitar player. When I tried to save the message I inadvertently pressed the wrong buttons. Being that the menus were on in Thai I soon found myself in her SMS mailbox. This was indeed an accident but not one that I would regret. I noticed several messages with the sender's name "Auth." I managed to open one of them and was not at all shocked at what the message said. "Oh honey I miss you so much, I can hardly wait to see you, I love you blah blah blah." I calmly tried to exit and did manage to get back to the main screen. I also managed to remember the phone number attached to the message from Auth. I handed the phone back to her and she was pleased that I changed the number for her.

The next day I had a friend of mine call the number to find out who this Auth guy was. Well, it turned out that this guy was indeed JACKIE'S boyfriend of three months. My friend gave Auth my number and Auth agreed to call me. When Auth called me I thought he was from Europe. His English was very good aside from a slight accent. I told him who I was and how I had met Jackie. He went on to explain to me that he lived in Chiang Rai and that he was / still is Jackie's boyfriend. He was concerned that I might have slept with her but I made it very clear that I did not. Auth was very understanding on the phone and actually a very polite person. He also told me that he wondered how Jackie got her money since she had no job. He even went on to say that she wanted an even more expensive phone (17,000 baht) and how was she to afford it! At one point he began to doubt who I was and everything that I told him. I said that if he didn't believe me that I could call Jackie and record the conversation with my Sony Ericsson T68i mobile phone and play it back to him. He agreed. I called Jackie and started to record the call. I asked her very clearly "Do you have a boyfriend Jackie?" She replied "No!" I asked her again, "are you sure?" Again she replied "No I don't have a boyfriend." I then asked her who was Auth. She said "Oh some student guy that I know." She didn't even bother to ask me how I knew who Auth was!

I called Auth back and played the recorded call for him. I could tell he was shocked and a bit heart broken. I explained to him that Jackie was nothing more than a liar and that she was probably seeing other men besides me. We spoke a few other times after that and he told me how Jackie called him and apologized profusely for lying to him. In the meantime I started to get SMS messages from Jackie. The first one reading "How you get number Auth? No good you know! You look in my phone!" I replied with "No good for you but good for me because I find out you big time liar." What she was trying to do was divert her wrong doing by accusing me of being this bad guy for looking in her phone. What she never realized is that it was SHE that gave me her phone in the first place and it was by accident that I had stumbled into her SMS box. Her attitude was like, "How dare you find out that I lied to you and have a boyfriend."

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To make a long story short, I will NEVER trust ANY Thai woman. Be it a working girl, bar girl, non-bar girl, office girl, whatever. I am totally convinced that the majority / 99.9% of Thai women are liars. Thai people may tell you that they don't like people who lie, but they are basically telling you what they think you want to hear. Even if you think you have met a "good" Thai girl, think again….or better yet, do a background check on her or get her checked out. One big danger that really isn't mentioned much is the fact that these Thai girls with boyfriends are very dangerous. What happens when the boyfriend finds out that she is fucking some farang? The farang has no clue that she has a boyfriend and his life may well be in danger. Trust me, I've seen it happen already to some people. Some of these Thai women don't have a fucking clue as to what could happen if their boyfriend found out about their new farang friend. Then there are some who know and yet don't give a shit. Whatever the case, it pays to be careful. Not with just the bar girls, but the non-bargirls as well.

Stickman says:

It is harsh to say that all Thai women are liars, but when you have been lied to a lot, it is easy to think this (though it is in no way true). However, I certainly do concur that with Thai girls, you really do have to keep your eyes open. Perhaps the best indicators are how easy it is to meet the girl, and whether she drops her knickers quickly. These have proven to be the best indicators to me. Any girl who is too "easy", is perhaps not best suited to a long term relationship.

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