Stickman Readers' Submissions August 16th, 2002

The Perfect Place


In January 2002 I visited Thailand for the first time and soon realised this place was something special, a far cry from the warm Britain I had frequented in previous years. By this I mean Spain and other similar places. The culture, women the beaches and scenery were so impressive.

Free Party at Cloud nine

My friend and I stayed in Bangkok for three days and we loved the food and the nightlife, both of us felt perfectly safe walking the streets at all hours. The place was buzzing constantly and I could not believe how many girls approached us. Although you have to pay them you do not feel like you are with a prostitute because they act as if they really want to be with you. I do not like paying more than 1500 Baht (25 pounds sterling) for long time if it is a girl I really fancy. Believe me I have paid over three times that in England for little more than half hour with a fat freak.

Bangkok and Thailand for that matter are a single blokes paradise, pretty much every girl is available. All the girls are well presented and have a shower before and after if you know what I mean. If you get a good bird she will tidy the room and really look after you. I would call these girls opportunists rather than toms (prostitutes), if a bloke they fancy offers them money for the night they take it, and why not? This does not mean they are at it 24 / 7 as many people would have you think. Lets be honest guys if a girl you really fancied offered you the lions share of your a months salary to stay the night with her, would you say no?

If you hit it off with a girl and she enjoys being with you she may charge you less or in some cases nothing the following day. I had a girl stay with me for two weeks after I gave her 2500 Baht on the first night. This girl was very beautiful and very good company. Treat these girls like people and not prostitutes and you could make some good friends.

After three days in Bangkok we went to Patong, Phuket. Fantastic scenery, an excellent beach and unrivalled nightlife, a paradise. Again girls girls and more girls the word is Patong. There are so many bars to choose from and so much to do, an ex-pat took us to a local health centre with breathtaking scenery and good facilities. There was a sauna and a swimming pool, pool tables and a jacuzzi. There was a resident masseuse (no sex) who was very cheap.

All the features of this beautiful country would count for nothing if it were not for the friendly polite people. For service and hospitality it would be hard to beat this place.

The only down side was Koh Samui, the nightlife was dead. There was a serious shortage of good looking birds too. In short avoid this island like the plague unless you are taking a girl with you or you just want good scenery and no nightlife. We were planning to stay there for a week but left after three days and went back to my beloved Bangkok.

My first trip to Thailand was so good (apart from Koh Samui) that within two weeks of returning to the UK I booked another trip for May. Now that I have been there twice I am in love with the place and plan to move out there next year to teach English.

I would strongly advise all visitors to use condoms when going with these local girls, have fun but not at your peril. To use no protection is absolute madness, I cannot stress how important this is. One girl insisted that I did not wear anything, I said no condom no sex. You cannot put a price on peace of mind or your life for that matter.

Finally I would recommend Thailand to anyone, it is the promised land. Forget Spain and the like.

Stickman says:

Why do I get the strong feeling that if the naughty nightlife didn't exist, that you would not come back?