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Stickman Readers' Submissions August 20th, 2002


By Big Jim

Various travel literature and websites condemn the prostitution side of exotic Thailand but ramble on to preach that a few short hours at Patpong and the night market should be indulged just to casually experience the area and the exciting bustling Patpong night market. After all, it just a part of Thailand. Goes on to state that one night will be enough to get the bad boy out of your system and be you will off to other more productive activities. Purely a curiosity fetish. Obviously whoever wrote this type of literature was a 248 pound foreign female ice princess with hard core Christian beliefs and complete disinterest in any physical contact.

Free Party at Cloud nine

Would you like to test your willpower? Are you a textbook example of a disciple? Is your moral fibre invincible? Better men than you have fell victim to the tender trap. Seductive angels with little mercy will drop you to your knees with you begging for more. Reach down deep inside your moral fibre because the ultimate test awaits your self proclaimed virtues. Don't blame the destined outcome on alcohol, for the road leads to the same destination drunk or not.

Are you wondering what in the hell I am talking about ?

Visitors to Thailand already know and future visitors will surely find out. A blessing or curse to farang male residents of Thailand? If you believe in heavenly heaven or hellish hell, take your pick. In this case both may be the same.

There are only two ways to experience the true land of Thailand.

1. On your first trip, postpone the GO-GO / Beer Bar scene for a couple of precious days to do in Thailand what you originally planned to experience. Only a suggestion, this will obviously not happen.

2. Move permanently to Thailand to get the bar scene out of you system. It will eventually be purged but no guarantee. After that, the land is your private treasure.

Any compromise in between and your Thailand experience will be from the translucent bottom of a Singha bottle and from the lips of a lovely temptress. Future 1 week trips will only lure you back to what you have daydreamed about for endless hours of the day in your homeland. Can you imagine how many men all over the world at this very instant in time wish, wish, wish, and wish again they were in Thailand even for one evening. Truly enough to bring you to tears.

When your daily agenda is the bar scene till 4 in the morning, it is hard to enjoy Thailand's delights with your eyeballs hanging out of its sockets only biding time till the sun sets again. The only light you will see is the naughty neon. Take for example the story of myself. My first trip was both, the bar scene and the wonders of Thailand. The next 3 trips GO-GO BAR exclusive. Daytime's only purpose being to rest for the fantasy evening.

Then there is the veteran Thailand traveller who finally investigates the possibility of moving to Thailand. With unrealistic dreams of the high paying job coupled with spare time paradise. Oh what a shock he receives. To actually expect the best of both worlds. Tisk, tisk, what a foolish fool. To reach the age you have and not understand the rules
of reality. Shame on you!

Oh what comedy, the first time setting foot on Thailand's distant soil, Patpong, Patong, Nana only names that steer you in the right direction for a balmy nights pleasure. The next day will give an entirely new meaning to only words.

Confession time :

I love it. If I go back to Thailand again, I will camp at the GO-GO BAR. My only rescue is to get it out of my system and that is a mystery to how and when. A few men could read this advise and avoid the inevitable but unfortunately most will be brought to their knees whether it be piece by piece or like a crashing load of bricks. In any case, you've been warned! Good luck and good hunting! Is it really better to play it safe than sorry? Is it really better to want than have?


Stickman says:

Most folks who move to Thailand do get bored of it eventually. People who come on trip after trip, may or may not. Folks in Pattaya tend to be an exception with many partying all year round. I think too much time spent playing with fire ultimately leads to one getting burnt.