Stickman Readers' Submissions August 13th, 2002


By Big J

About three years ago a friend of mine went to the Living Room and met a young lady there. At that time the girls at that bar did not go with men. The lady in question actually resigned when the policy changed and they were required to go with farang.

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Anyway my friend chased her for a while, and eventually got her to go out with him. She now tells me it was love at first sight for her. Unfortunately my friend was married, and did not tell her. She was desperate to find a farang, get married and have a family. He led her on in this fantasy, and visited Thailand on a few occasions. She stayed with him every time, and he gave her hardly any money, To him she was n extremely cheap fuck. To her, he was her dream. She believed all his bullshit, and if you met her you would know it is true. she is a very nice lady, but maybe too naive.

Last April was the last time he came to LOS, and after that he did not contact her. He had friends to tell her that he was seriously ill with malaria, and was not expected to recover.

As you know, I came to BKK last month. I was walking along Sukhumvit daydreaming, when I bumped into her. What are the chances of that? I had met her before, but did not know her very well. She of course instantly recognised me, and asked about Mike. I was not aware of the malaria bullshit, and was lost for words when she told me he had been in hospital etc. Although I did not tell her the whole truth, she could tell there was something wrong. She dissolved into floods of tears, and I felt so very sorry for her.

She came to see me most days after that, and through talking with her and my lady friend she learned the truth. She was very sad – not angry – and said she forgave him, and could not stop loving him.

I came home, and have now been chatting with her over the internet. She now tells me that after meeting Mike an Australian man came to the bar, and she told him she would like to learn English in University to get a better job and have a better future. This guy took a liking to her, and supported her through university, where she got a degree in English. She tells me he wanted nothing in return, but he does want to be repaid the money he helped her with. This guy is a professor at a university in Bangkok and has a Thai wife. I think this guy needs a medal. What a wonderful thing he did for her.

It is incredible that this lady should meet two farang with such extreme morals. The one, being my friend, an out and out prick – the other almost a saint.

She now works for a firm which is involved in import and export, and also tours. She takes groups of people on tours around Thailand. She also teaches some farang Thai, and I have booked some lessons when I return to LOS in November. She tells me she is not interested in meeting guys any more. She is happy in her work, and with her family.

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The lady now owes the professor 40,000 baht, and she is working hard to repay him. However, I told her that Mike is extremely well off, and 40,000 baht would be just pocket money to him. I asked her if she would mind me asking him to help her out in view of his treatment of her. I don't think he would, but it would be worth a try. She absolutely refused to let me ask him!

Honestly, she is such a nice girl. Unfortunately she happened to fall for Mike, and she has now been put off guys I think. Such a pity because her dream was to be happily married and have children.

Stickman says:

I have always maintained that in relationships, honesty is the key. Big time lies or failure to reveal the truth often comes back to haunt you. Lies can be very damaging to the people they are told to.

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