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Stickman Readers' Submissions July 31st, 2002

Another Tirade

By Rockhard

Just yesterday I went into a restaurant with my Thai wife and child. I had been there once before. Now the last time we went for breakfast and although their menu claimed they served an American breakfast, omelets and other farang food that I was craving, the waitress stated they couldn't make an omelet. Me being me, I asked her to go ask the cook to make me a bacon, cheese and onion omelet. Surprise…it was on the menu and guess what, they even can make it! Now I remember the waitress as she was quite a bitch and of course, she was still working there and still giving us the same attitude.

He Clinic Bangkok

When I asked for an omelet, she stated they were out of cheese. Out of cheese??? Ok….no problem. Get my wife an American breakfast, my kid a bowl of soup and I would like an omelet, toast and a cup of coffee. She seemed to have a real problem with me ordering a la carte even though the menu showed items listed a la cart. She made it a point of telling me how expensive this would be (Oh, Paeng Maak!!!). I tell her I don't care how expensive it is, just bring me my breakfast! I mean, we're talking about a total of about 250 baht for the whole deal!

So…what do I get? One American breakfast with my omelet in it and a soup. Now…..the girl comes out and starts saying she is sorry that they accidentally gave my wife ham instead of bacon (which my wife didn't care). There was an egg that looked like a scrambled omelet and she really didn't care about this either. I sat and waited for 15 minutes before I finally figured out, they gave me nothing and put the "omelet" in her American breakfast. I didn't get my coffee or toast either. They assumed that I wanted the American breakfast because I'm a bloody farang even though I specifically told them what we wanted. Perhaps they couldn't fathom that someone Thai wanted her very own American breakfast?!

When I tried explaining this in Thai to the waitress, she wouldn't even look at me! She just kept talking to my wife. So I asked my wife to wait and told the waitress to talk to me. She rolled her eyes! I said "I am paying for the meal, it's my food you have the problem with, so talk to me!" Finally a manager came out and apologized profusely while my wife and I sat with our jaws dropped to the floor wondering what the fuck this girl's problem was. Maybe she was a farang hater, I don't know. What I do know is that this is not the Thailand I came to love when I first started living here and I don't have these sort of problems every day. The question I have from all of this is – HOW THE FUCK DO THAIS THINK THEY CAN COMPETE ON THE WORLD STAGE BUSINESS WISE WHEN THEY CAN'T EVEN MAKE A FUCKING OMELET?! There is something wrong here, something really, really wrong here!

I don't feel one bit sorry for the Thais, straight or whores, when they cry about their lack of money! A lot of their problems come from their 'rice farmer mentality', or not giving a fuck. This is why you see one shopping malls full of staff, no customers and when there is one they have to search for someone to help them. They're either too busy yakking with their buddies or they're like sharks and won't stay away even if you're buying somewhat personal items like UNDERWEAR! I don't want Somchai helping me choose my underwear.

Stickman says:

Chuckle chuckle again. Several lessons to be learned here. Thai staff are often badly trained, that is if they are trained at all. The service standards here range from very good to very bad. Indeed, the very best service I have experienced has been in Thailand – but so too has the very worst. Finally,. if you find a good shop or restaurant, frequent it!