Stickman Readers' Submissions June 19th, 2002

Something For The Boneheads

Anonymous Submission

I've been here for almost 6 years now and can speak and read Thai. I've lived all over the country at one time or another.

He Clinic Bangkok

There are plenty of things to do in Thailand besides chase whores. Go to the beach, go to the parks, movies, shopping, events almost every weekend, dinners out on the town. If you want to go places other than bars, you will find them.

Frankly when a Thai girl outside of a bar starts talking money, I tell them I don’t understand or I just walk away. My other response is – “Don't you work? Can’t you make your own money? I mean, why should I just give it to you? For your pussy? for your love? Why? I can have 30 different girls in a month if I want and there is no hassle from them (usually). Money doesn't = love. What makes you so special that I only want to give the money I work hard for TO YOU?”

For the reader who stated that any Thai girl who hooks up with a white guy and vice versa are slightly off the plot. I would like to tell you that you are in the minority. Look at all the Thais and Farang alike who end up together and happy.

CBD bangkok

No normal person wants to live with not only a different culture but a different race? What kind of horseshit statement is that? I would venture to say it is you who are not normal as there are indeed numerous couples around the world which are of different cultures and race.

After being here 6 years I can tell you that 6 months isn't nearly enough time to get to know the culture and what it’s about. You probably don’t speak a lick of Thai yet think you know the people and the culture.

Yes, indeed there are plenty of duplicitous, scheming dogs. I agree. But for every person like this there are just as many if not more who are on the other end of the spectrum. Even in Thailand.

While some people don't care if they end up with a bar girl, I do. I would much rather have a girl with a brain, who wants more and is a little more full of herself than some idiot rice farmer who lays on her back and tells you while laughing all the way to the bank that she loves you. I am confident enough to deal with an educated western woman and confident enough to deal with an educated Asian woman. BTW – who made you perfect? Are you flawless and such a catch yourself that you are running around with super models? I would guess not……I am neither but I am educated and I wouldn't marry a whore in my country and I won't marry a whore in Thailand. Can you see me bringing home my ex go-go girl to meet the parents and our friends and when a radio is played, she gets up on the table and starts taking off her top while clinging to a mock pole? Sorry – I want more.

wonderland clinic

I can tell you that I had slept with over 100 women in the US before coming to Thailand. Some average, some ugly and some very pretty. So to say that the only reason to form a relationship with a Thai woman is because a man cannot get a “white woman” is total bullshit.

You my friend sound like a person who has had his heart seriously broken. Good luck when you form your relationship with a “white woman.” I’m not going to say Thai women are better or worse than Farang. Thailand and it’s women are indeed changing and not for the better. But I can tell you that for the all around lifestyle, I prefer Thailand to my country. Perhaps this will change but for now, this is home.

You think I only live here for the cheap pussy? Again, you are wrong pal. I can get pussy that I pay for and pussy that I don’t pay for but at this point I’m here because I am comfortable here. I make over $100,000 US a year, don’t go out much and although the Thai mentality and lifestyle does get to me at times, it doesn’t really matter. Every place wears on you at some time or another.

Please tell me – Where on earth is perfect to live? Tell me because I want to go there. Thailand is like everywhere, there is good and there is bad. Perhaps if you stopped looking at Thailand so negatively, you could spot some of the good things.

Stickman says:

This was actually an email in response to the opening piece in the Stickman Weekly column of 16/6/2002. However, the author pleaded for me t o put it online, so here it is… I could not agree more about the bit about guys marrying bargirls… Why people do it still baffles me.

nana plaza