Stickman Readers' Submissions June 22nd, 2002

Deceit And Mistrust

I had a gut feeling that Thailand was my ideal holiday destination, and possibly somewhere I would like to live later on in life when I saw a programme, in late 2000, about Pattaya and it's vibrancy, which was really my first conscious sight of the country. I'm not writing to say that I've changed my mind, but to illustrate the experiences I've had since then; many positive but some frightfully negative.

I won't deny it. I have always had something for Oriental ladies, and was always on the lookout for one back in the nightclubs of London. My friends found this somewhat unorthodox, since I am only in my early twenties and 'could do much better than that'. But no one could deter me from my fascination and I had very soon met one just before I left an upper class club. The music was too loud, and she had evidently not studied English for more than five minutes, so all I could do was give her my eleven digits and head for the door. I was so pleased to receive a call from her early the next morning. Her manner was so pleasant, despite the language barrier. She was desperate to see me, and was coincidentally from Thailand. After one meeting I was hooked by her beauty, her humour and pure sexiness, and after the third the intimacy was fantastic. 'Ploenta' was in my life and hopefully to stay. During the next several months she introduced me to Thai cuisine, religion, culture and language. She gave me everything I had ever wanted including money…..lots of it too. Of course I was curious about where it was coming from (her being just a cleaner at a royal residence) but I guess I'm too polite to ask about something like that. However I ignored the curiosity and carried on enjoying the fruits of the East. Yes, she was generous and extremely caring, but possessive. Jealous and possessive, and after I had simply talked formally with a group of her Thai friends, she became angry. Not just angry, but irritated and enraged in her own eccentric manner. It was our first serious dispute, and with it came threats of violence and even death. "I kill you with my hand. I burn you house with fire". I laughed about it until she said that she'd done it before when her last husband cheated.

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She eventually got over it and we went on as normal seeing each other after work, parking down dark lanes and blowing her thousands at the casino. But my curiosity grew stronger and I decided to do some research with a little assistance from a friend in a government organisation. He came back with results of a number plate search, and her Merc was, not to my surprise – but to my extreme disappointment, registered to a 'Mr', as was her house. Way to turn my insides out. Having reluctantly confronted her about it, she admitted that she was married, but the guy was apparently hooked up to life support in hospital, and death was looming. Ok, you can forgive someone for hiding something like that, but it was if she was waiting for him to kick the bucket, and that was just one of many lies, big and small that she had told. I'm not the most humane person myself, so we forgot about it and continued.

Come January 2002, I accompanied her on a long awaited trip to her homeland, but she had to spend a week in a Bangkok hospital to undergo something like five different cosmetic operations. Just about every important part of her was modified! She had sorted out a junior suite for me at the Landmark on Sukhumvit for the week. (Now is that trusting or what??!) I quickly became accustomed to an environment which I somehow already felt so familiar with, and as you can imagine I made the most of the junior suite! Remember, I'm not the most humane person, and her previous barrage of lies justifiably gave me a 'get some pussy free card!' After a few days exploring the feast of Sukhumvit Road and its sois, and dropping down to Pattaya for another few, I had netted a sweet eighteen scores; some of which I didn't even pay for! I had never had so much fun in my life, all while my girl was getting enlarged and sewn up. Little did I know I was being watched the whole time. Yes, this girl wasn't just possessive, but clever and resourceful. She did not reveal this to me until I had returned to London, and expressed my desire to return to Thailand very soon. She knew about the fun I'd had (that's another story indeed!) and the beautiful ladies that I had met. She also seemed to know about my meeting with her Swiss brother-in-law in Soi 7 who proceeded to inform me that her husband was not ill at all…..he was well and truly dead. "How?", I asked, but he had no clue. I had my suspicions.

I thought that her mysterious excess of knowledge of my cavorting would certainly lead to our break up…seemingly not! It appeared strange that she acknowledged my love and desire for her country, and honoured it. She just wanted me to know that she was firmly one step ahead of me. Hence, I went straight back to Thailand with a friend and capitalized on the fun to be had in Phuket, and Bangkok once again (plenty of more stories to tell!). Upon my return our relationship was not the same as it used to be, as I expected but we still got on, intimately too!

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June 20th was the last time I saw her. She had cooked for me that day; brought little plastic boxes of spicy beef noodles, and green chicken curry to my house. She stared at me with a haunting glance as I put away the curry, and urged me to try the noodles. I declined saying that I was full and I would eat them later. She left in a hurry and I gave the noodles to my beloved little Labrador who is now about three feet under earth: consumption of rat poison. Am I paranoid?

I won't accuse the Thai lady in general of being like this, and I still want to live in Thailand. I love it, but the moral of the story: don't make a your Thai lady jealous, and don't eat her food when she is jealous!

Stickman says:

Great story. As so often seems the case in with relationships either in Thailand, or involving a Thai lady, there seems to be deceit from both parties. I'm not sure what causes this, but the cynic in me really believes that it goes back to Thai culture, where honesty simply isn't valued as it is in the west. Poor dog…I'd love to have known the results of an autopsy on the poor beast.

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