Stickman Readers' Submissions June 19th, 2002

Cheaper By The Dozen

I was in Thailand, and on my second stop on a one year whore tour around the world (1986) . As you know, if you screw more than one girl from the same premises in Thailand you are dubbed a butterfly. I certainly broke that rule in Chiang Mai.

With me, its usually a feast or famine. It was five years since I had last been whoring touring. Arrival in Thailand meant the famine was truly over and it was time to feast once again.

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On arrival in Chiang Mai a fellow countryman living in Chiang Mai introduced me to a new whore house in a back street which had just been stocked up with fresh cookies from the Provinces. My friend said the management could be trusted and relied on. Being a lazy person by nature, and preferring ‘home deliveries’, where I can lay on my back and wait for the girls to come to my door, I decided to order in bulk, and placed an order for twelve girls, Papa-san writing down their numbers as I selected them. The girls were not sure what was going on, me calling out twelve numbers. Was farang going to take them all at once ?

The highly efficient Papa-san wrote down the times and days the girls were to be delivered to my upstairs room in a Guest House located near the corner of Thae Phae road. The feast was to be four girls a day for three days, by that time I reckon I would have gotten rid of five years of ‘dirty water’. The arrangement was each day a girl at 8 AM then 12 noon, 4 PM and finally at 8 PM. I handed over the money for all of them then and there, and went back to my Guest House to prepare for my feast.

And sure enough they came, like clockwork and punctual, within a few minutes of the appointed time. I was amazed. When I heard the gentle little tap tap on the door I would call out from inside my room , "next please" and a meek little number would step into the lions den. One girl with gorgeous boobs (pre breast implant days) and who was able to speak English, queried me as to what I was up to. I explained to her that with my approach (almost) everybody in her whorehouse gets a piece of the cake. "No good giving it all to one girl". Even so, she wasn’t satisfied. I think she thought I was a ’butterfly’ : )

Anyway, everything went beautifully. The French owner of my guest house and his Thai wife were thoroughly amused with the goings on. In the evenings after my 8 PM shift had been completed I would come down the stairway and pass the owner's wife, who manned the reception counter. She smiled at me as if to say, not bad Thomas, four today, keep it up.

She must have wondered if I was on something. The only thing I was on was pent up testosterone! I had a full tank of it and it carried me through, right up to and including number nine, then disaster struck. My willy wouldn't rise for chick number ten and guess what, she cried ! What the hell for I do not know, and I'm still not really sure. A little whore who did not know me from Adam crying cause I did not poke her. Perhaps it was ‘loss of face’. I got it up for nine of her peers, but not for her or perhaps she was worried that I would go to Papa-san, complain and ask for a refund. I explained to her it wasn't her fault. Id had "too many girls", and to tell papa-san no need to send number eleven and twelve. Even so, she had a very sad face when she left my room.

I didn’t return to that whore house again (loss of face, cause I couldn't get it up) and didn’t take out any more whores for two or three days. I had feasted well and needed time to digest my ‘meal’ and recharge the batteries.

I found on my next trip to Thailand the Frenchman and his wife had folded tent and moved on. Pity, I really enjoyed dining with my chicky babes in their roof top restaurant and then walking downstairs to my room for ‘desserts’ with the choice of the day. Nothing lasts forever .

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Stickman says:

You really are a whorist, aren't you. You have much more stamina than I have ever had, but notwithstanding physical limitations, I just could not do this sort of thing….it wouldn't sit well with me. Still, each to his own.

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