Stickman Readers' Submissions May 16th, 2002

The Poor Bar Girl: Fact Or Fiction: Part 2

Anonymous submission

As a reminder, a 'farang' cannot own anything 'in his name' in Thailand, not land, house, cow, car, truck, etc. and there is no guarantee that he will ever get a 'visa' year after year to remain in Thailand. Everything he decides to buy must be put in his girlfriend's or wife's name. Why is this important to remember, keep reading!

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The following are TRUE accounts that have occurred during the past three years and can be verified. Each one took place within 40 km of my home in Northern Thailand and I have personal knowledge of several. I will not use 'nationalities' but 'farang,' with two exceptions as some readers might know the person whom is being referred to.

"A 'farang' returns to Thailand with his Thai wife and 2 young children. Within a matter of months the 'farang' is murdered. The Thai wife did not want to return to the country they came from and hired a 'hit-man' to kill the husband. The husband was leaving a movie theater with his 2 children in his arms when the 'hit-man' came up behind him and blew his brains out. Within 48 hours the 'hit-man' was found and confessed that the Thai wife had hired him to murder the husband and would be paid 'after she received the insurance money!' As I personally knew this man, I immediately sent a FAX to his parents explaining that his wife was under investigation and that they should contact his insurance company to withhold distribution of the insurance. The wife was convicted, the hit man was convicted, and the children are living with the grandparents."

"A 'farang' friend owns (with Thai partners) a computer business which he established more than 10 years ago. In establishing the business he purchased 2 vehicles, a truck and car, which he put in his Thai 'girlfriend's' name – to this day he is still not married! To make a long story short, the Thai girlfriend, 2 months ago, sold his car without his knowledge for 230,000 Baht and moved to Ko Sumui. This friend does not find out about the transaction until he returns home after work and receives a phone call from his girlfriend. Now, two months later, the girlfriend is back at 'her' house, and the money is gone. This friend has a 1,400,000 baht house with land, a truck, and apartment remaining – all in the name of the Thai girlfriend who he has supported, along with her two worthless son's from a Thai marriage for over 10 years! I'll let you guess what the future holds…"

"A 'farang' meets, falls in love, and marries a Thai katoey – yes, katoey. After living with this person for a year he decides or is convinced to build a 3,000,000 million baht home. Within 6 months after the completion, the 'farang' is dead – hung himself?? It seems that the Thai katoey had a Thai boyfriend who one day decided to move into the 'new' house. When the 'farang' returned from a trip he found himself locked out of his home so he decides to 'break-in'. The Thai boyfriend along with 2-Thai p-men proceed to beat the hell out of him. So the 'farang' decides to inform his Thai katoey 'wife' that he is going to go to court and get his house back. Within 24 hours of filing the documentation he is found 'hung'? The (P-men), of course stated that it was a 'suicide!."

"A 'farang' falls in love and marries a Thai woman. The five year marriage results in a son being born. This past year the 'farang' is called back, from his job in Singapore, to Thailand by the Thai wife's relatives informing him that she 'died.' I was visiting with my wife's relatives when I learned about 'this farang' all alone, with no one to speak to, so I went to the funeral home to provide whatever support I could. It was later that we learned that the Thai wife had a Thai husband who apparently had given her HIV/AIDS. The Thai wife finding out that she had AIDS decided to 'overdose.' The sad part of this account is that now the 'farang' husband has learned that he also has AIDS (and fired from his job) and the son has AIDS."

"A farang' falls in love and marries a Thai woman. The thirteen year marriage results in the birth of a daughter. The man cannot live in Thailand full-time because he has to work to support his family. As a result of his job he builds a home and accumulates over 4,000,000 baht which he places in a joint account with his Thai wife. Three weeks ago he
is called back to Thailand by his 13 year old daughter. Apparently the Thai wife had a Thai boyfriend whom she ran off with along with the entire savings, 4 million baht. The daughter was left alone and the father had no recourse but to return to the 'homeland' to continue working. The daughter, who is half Thai, was left begging for someone to take her in and help support her."

"A Thai woman goes to Japan as a 'prostitute' and returns with a Japanese husband. Because the husband has to work, he returns to Japan. The Thai wife, with passport in hand, also returns to Japan and comes back with 'another' Japanese husband! She then convinces the first husband to build her a 1,000,000 baht home. The first Japanese husband, after many months finds out about the other husband and disowns her. During this period of time (several years) she finds and marries a Thai male school-teacher (who
is fully aware, and joked about it, that she is still married to a Japanese man). For several years the Japanese husband returns periodically to Thailand to be with his wife and provide money for her living expenses. Several years later he finds out about the Thai husband and cuts her off but in the meantime she proceeds to build another house and once completed, sells the old house for 1,000,000 million. How did I learn about this account. She told me. I was renting her house when she decided to sell and offered to sell it to me. The fact that she 'milked' two Japanese husbands was of no importance to her!"

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"I recently met a 'farang' in the local 'market' and had a 30 minute conversation with him. I learned that he was living in a town approximately 100 km from me and made periodic trips to my town for supplies. It seems that he is raising and selling German Shepherds, married to a 28 year old Thai woman and has a 2 year old son (Humm!) and he is '73 years old'?"

"A 'farang' meets, falls in love, and marries a Thai woman. Unbeknownst to him, the Thai wife also has a Thai husband. Because this, again, is a commuter marriage the 'farang' husband builds up a supply of cash in the local bank to eventually build a home for his Thai wife. After several months of marriage, and the account being a joint account, the Thai wife cleans out the account and moves away with her Thai husband. I heard this from the 'farang' who was very much 'drunk' when he told the story."

"This one is hard to write because it is about 'my wife's sister': This Thai woman goes to Japan – yes, as a prostitute, and returns several years later with a Japanese 'boyfriend.' Once again, this is a commuter relationship where the Japanese boyfriend comes to Thailand for several months, until the money runs out, then returns to Japan for more
money. This relationship went on for 8 years. In July 1998 (my wife arrived in Thailand in September – I came during November) my wife's sister, during one of her 'drunken' states, had some kind of disagreement with her 'boyfriend', calls her brother, nephew, and sister over to her house and proceeded to beat the hell out of him! During this 'beating' he was hit quite hard on the head with a 'brick' which knocked him cold. When he eventually woke he was dizzy and complained about his head hurting! In September 1998 he returns to Japan for more money and a promise to marry the sister on his return. When he left Thailand he was not aware that his Thai girlfriend was pregnant! During November the sister calls the boyfriend and tells him that she is going to have his baby. Apparently this was great news to him and wanted to get back to Thailand as soon as possible. Now, I had never met this man and never spoke to him, but on 23 November 1998 he called my house (the other sister's house – the one that helped beat him up) and after the introduction, tells me that he would be coming to Thailand that day and to inform his 'girlfriend.' Two weeks later when he doesn't show up we are all running around trying to find out why! We later learn that, apparently, he had collapsed in the airport, rushed to the hospital, and died from a 'brain' haemorrhage! The sister had the baby, a girl, in January 1999. Three years later the baby, who I love dearly, spends more time with us than she does with her own mother. As a matter of fact, the baby 'screams' when we have to take her back to her mother which results, many times, with us keeping her overnight. This baby will never be in want of anything as long as 'we' live."

What do all these accounts have in common – MONEY. As I stated in my submission, The Poor Bar Girl, these Thai women are not in love with us – it's the MONEY! Yes, even my wife of 34 years is forever MONEY hungry – never gets enough. So, if anyone out there wants to become one of the statistics – MARRY A THAI WOMAN.

And now, ask yourself this question. Would I marry a 'prostitute' from my own country who speaks my language, eats what I eat, has the same cultural background, etc.? No!

Then why in 'hell' would you want to come to Thailand, fall in love with a 'girl' you just met' who 'squats' to shit and wipes her 'ass' with her finger, cannot eat what you eat or sit in a chair at a table, does not speak your language and is reluctant to learn your language, will cry and throw a tantrum when she can't find and eat her 'bugs', wants to go home to visit 'mom-ma' every year, gets extremely 'mad' when you don't provide MONEY for her family in Thailand, etc., etc.

I know – it is difficult to believe that the 'sexy', good looking Thai bar-girl would not make a greet wife! The fact of the matter is, NO THAI WOMAN will make a good wife and a long lasting relationship. It is a 'culture' thing. As the old saying goes: "if I was 20 years younger and knew then what I know now…", I would 'blow my brains out' before I'd marry a Thai woman. Oh, I'd have a ball with them, screw their puny little brains out, pay them, and then head for the next bar for the next 'lay.'

And no, I am not having a 'bad' day. I am having a great day. As a matter of fact, I do love living in Thailand (economics) and I do like the Thai people – but – the 'woman' are after your MONEY! I am 64 years old and although not one Thai woman has asked me to 'bed' down with them, there are many in my own village that would not hesitate for a moment if I offered MONEY – married or single, it makes no difference. As a further
FACT, one young 28 year old village wife asked my wife if 'she' could try me out and that my wife could 'bed' her husband! This is no bull – it actually happened. I get 'looks' all the time from 23 year olds up to 44 year olds in my village – do I need to explain the type of looks! Are there any that I would like to have a 'ball' with – Yep – but I do not want to live every day wondering when someone is going to come up behind me and blow my brain away.

As 'Joe Friday' of Dragnet fame used to say: 'Just the facts ma'am, just the facts."

That's All – Good Luck.

Stickman says:

It is stories like this that make one wonder… Are all Thai women like this? Obviously, they are not. But there are a good number out there who truly have a ruthless streak in them, who will take no prisoners, and who are driven to get just what they want. For a while I thought that it might have been an "Isaan thing", and even now, part of me really does think that this sort of nonsense carry on is far more common, though not exclusive, to the girls of Isaan. Girls from Northern Thailand do not seem to be so cut throat. More than anything though, this all represents the inherent dangers of pursuing a relationship with a prostitute in Thailand.

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